Where's Ahkari Skyrim

Ahkari, where did you go?

Ahkari is not with the caravan she normally travels with. There are only the two guards and the other character. What happened to her?
hopefully she is dead

probably she is just glitching and will turn up at some point

you could go wait at rifting to see if she turns up there
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I followed them from Dawnstar to Windhelm once, she tends to walk while the others run, and she also led the whole caravan down the wrong path at one point so she's probably wandering around somewhere nearby having pathfinding issues.
Go to dawnstar and wait inside one day then go out and check ,, she should show up in a day or two ..
I actually did everything that has been suggested already. I did find her though, she was a little ways south of dawnstar, and for some reason is not traveling with the caravan, and is standing in the same spot all the time. Odd.

Thanks for the help though guys. Much appreciated.