Radio Times Dr. Who competitions definition

Conditions of participation

3. Eligibility
Any natural person over the age of 18 and permanent residence in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein is eligible to participate. As an exception, different participation authorizations can be defined for a competition. Deviations from these conditions of participation will always be communicated in writing on the promotion page of the competition.

All employees of Radio 24 and affiliated companies as well as their first- and second-degree relatives and their partners in a marriage-like relationship are excluded from participation. This regulation also applies to cooperation partners involved in the competition.

4. Rules of the game
The game mode of the competition will be announced in the Radio 24 program and / or on the Radio 24 website -

If participation by telephone is possible in the competition, the person taking part may incur costs for the call.

In Radio 24 competitions, the participant never enters into contractual or other legal obligations towards Radio 24 or other third parties that go beyond these conditions of participation.

Radio 24 expressly reserves the right to extend the playing time of a competition, to change the game mode or to end the game earlier. This applies in particular in the event of force majeure and if the competition cannot (no longer) be carried out or continued for other organizational, technical or legal reasons. Radio 24 will announce this - as far as possible - in advance in the program and / or on

5. Exclusion from participation
Radio 24 is entitled at any time to exclude participating persons from the competition, in particular if there is a suspicion of manipulation, violation of the conditions of participation or influencing the competition. This also includes disturbing, threatening and / or harassing employees of Radio 24 and / or other people who take part in the competition. In such cases, Radio 24 is entitled to withdraw any winnings paid out retrospectively and, if necessary, to reclaim them.

6. Recording, broadcasting, publishing
By participating, each person taking part irrevocably and free of charge declares their consent to Radio 24 making sound recordings, photographs and film recordings of the person taking part. By participating, she gives her irrevocable consent that Radio 24 or the media companies associated with Radio 24 may publish these recordings of any kind.

Radio 24 reserves the right to shorten recordings and to repeat or republish them in whole or in part for the purpose of programming. Radio 24 also has the consent of the participating person to edit, shorten and publish in whole or in part the photos and film recordings made in connection with the competition and to publish them in whole or in part on the Internet and other media.

In the event of a win, each participating person undertakes to be available to an appropriate extent for a media-effective prize transfer and other press and media activities by Radio 24.

The participant gives express permission to publish their name, age, place of residence and, if applicable, occupation in the context of reporting on the competition.

7. Facebook / Instagram
The organizer of the competitions and therefore responsible is CH Regionalmedien AG. In competitions on Facebook / Instagram, participants can take part in the competition by commenting, liking or sharing (if nothing else is explicitly mentioned). Only people from Switzerland can participate and win. The winners will be selected at random. Facebook has nothing to do with the competition and is also not a point of contact for such competitions. This also applies to competitions / sweepstakes in the Radio 24 app. These were not created in collaboration with Apple. Apple is not a sponsor of the sweepstakes, nor is Apple otherwise associated with the prizes or with sweepstakes of various kinds.

8. Payout of winnings
The prize described on the campaign page and / or in the Radio 24 radio program will be raffled.

The prize will only be sent to the winner. The winning person will be informed of the exact prizes when they are notified of the prizes.

Prizes are usually sent by post or, if possible, by email. Radio 24 is no longer liable for any prizes once the prize has been sent.

Cash prizes can only be paid out to a Swiss bank account. A cash payment is not possible unless otherwise stated.

Any follow-up costs (e.g. taxes, fees, fuel, food costs, etc.) incurred as a result of the prize are to be borne by the winning person, unless otherwise stated.

A cash payment or a replacement of winnings is generally not possible. The profit claim is non-transferable.

In particular, tickets for events and concerts are always subject to the general terms and conditions of the organizers, over which Radio 24 has no influence. Radio 24 is not liable if a profit cannot be claimed due to cancellation or company liquidation.

9. Liability
Participation in the Radio 24 competitions is always at your own risk. Radio 24 declines any liability for direct or indirect consequences of participation.

Radio 24 is not liable for defects in the prizes donated by a prize sponsor or for any insolvency of the prize sponsor and the resulting consequences for the winner.

Radio 24 assumes no liability for any malfunctions or technical errors that make participation temporarily or permanently impossible.

10. Severability Clause
If one or more provisions of the Conditions of Participation are wholly or partially void, ineffective or unenforceable, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions remains unaffected. In this case, the ineffective or unenforceable provisions will be replaced by an effective and more practicable provision, the effects of which come closest to the objective.

11. Legal Recourse
The judges' decision is final for the implementation of the competition, the decision to win and the payment of the prize.

These conditions of participation are exclusively subject to Swiss law.

No correspondence will be conducted.