What is R12A refrigerant

Q: R12 or R134a? Which refrigerant must be in the air conditioning system?

A: In the TransSport, different air conditioning systems were installed to use different coolants, depending on the year of construction.

  • The CFC-containing refrigerant R12a was used up to and including the year of construction 1992
  • From year of construction 1993 the CFC-free R134a.

As is so often the case, the term `` year of construction '' refers to the chassis number and not to the date of registration!

IMPORTANT: For reasons of environmental protection, R12a must no longer be filled! Violations are punishable by law!

  • R12 systems can be converted to R134a, but this is very expensive as all seals and filters have to be replaced, possibly including the air conditioning compressor and lines. Under no circumstances can R134a simply be filled into R12 systems (the connections prevent that too).
  • The good news: For the R12 system, there is a replacement refrigerant called R413a, no conversion is necessary, however, residues of the R12 refrigerant must be evacuated in a qualified workshop and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Then it can be filled with R413a.
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