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Not a single perpetrator

People want to believe that I am the focus. You are wrong. "Words from Marc Dutroux in March 2004. The 47-year-old no longer wants to be the most hated man in Belgium. Since the trial of the child molester in the Ardennes town of Arlon began a week ago, more than 1000 journalists from all over the world have been waiting for evidence of the existence of an extensive network of pedophiles.

Dutroux's accuser, Prosecutor Michel Bourlet, already has it. In the investigation file 8257/01, which was leaked to WELT, Marc Dutroux's connections to the international child porn scene are documented. It was drawn up on behalf of Bourlet and is also available to the British New Scotland Yard and the Belgian Ministry of Justice. The analysis of the files only allows the following conclusion: Dutroux worked together with a pederast ring that was active throughout Europe. The center of the ring is the red light scene of Amsterdam, in which Dutroux was seen according to several testimonies. Together with those men who are also suspected of abducting Berlin boys. And not only that. Sex murders of several children are mentioned in the investigation file. The death of a German boy in a filmed rape near Amsterdam is described in detail. That would be proof of the existence of a so-called snuff video, i.e. killing in front of the camera.

The résumé of the files: Dutroux and his helpers kidnapped girls, the other ring kidnapped boys. The heads of the gangs knew each other as well as their henchmen. The theory of the lone perpetrator is invalid.

There are numerous indications of the existence of child molestation rings. Statements by perpetrators and victims as well as shocking photos and films of abused, raped and tortured children. 20 CD-Roms with such material are attached to the file. They are currently being evaluated by the public prosecutor in Turnhout, Belgium. The Belgian private investigator Marcel Vervloesem put together the dossier for Dutroux prosecutor Bourlet. The 51-year-old was heard several times by Bourlet's investigators.

Vervloesem had already reported on April 10, 2001: Three months ago he met a certain Robert Jan W. This man had been active in the Amsterdam SM scene for 15 years and was a regular visitor to the G-Force club. The interrogation reproduced the statements of the Dutch witness. The man had assured that Dutroux was always in the establishment According to the file, there is talk of two apartments in Amsterdam to which children are said to have been delivered. Marc Dutroux and a man named Robby van der P. were also visitors - as this witness assures.

This confirms the connection to Germany. Because just this Robby van der P. is the central figure in the network that extends to Berlin. He had assured this newspaper in Amsterdam that he had seen several Berlin boys in Dutch children's brothels. He himself was often in the German capital and, together with brothel owners, lured children to Rotterdam and Amsterdam. And in 1993 he witnessed the abduction of the then twelve-year-old Tempelhof boy Manuel Schadwald to the Netherlands.

The contacts of this man and his accomplices are detailed in Bourlet's investigation file. Also the fact that Robby van der P. is in custody for murder in Italy. In 1998, a few days after meeting the WELT reporters, he shot his accomplice Gerrit Ulrich in Tuscany.

At the trial against him, his father said: "If Robby spoke, the Dutroux case wouldn't mind." And he said that his son was in a movie where a child was dying.

We met the father of the man sentenced to 15 years later in Antwerp. "There is a snuff video on which a Berlin boy dies. I saw it and recognized my son as an actor on it."

And Robert Jan W. also depicts scenes from this film. In the investigation file of the Neufchâteau public prosecutor's office it is said that the video was shot in a bungalow near Amsterdam. The then 13-year-old boy from Germany initially refused to satisfy the perverse desires of several men. But then he was forced to do so and suffocated in the process. This statement is also available to the public prosecutor in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Prosecutor Michel Bourlet wanted to learn more from his Dutch colleagues about Dutroux's role in Amsterdam. He made a request for mutual legal assistance, the result of which is still unknown.

Another witness, who called himself Edward, had also reported on this snuff video on British television. In the documentary, which aired in April 1997, this man says that the boy thought he was getting good money for sex with men. "Then everything turned out differently. The boy suffocated, the camera fell over. There was panic," reported Edward.

According to Robby van der P.'s father, the boy was shot in the head afterwards. "This film was in Gerrit Ulrich's apartment in the North Sea resort of Zandvoort," said the man. And in fact it says in the investigation files of the Belgian public prosecutor's office: When Gerrit Ulrich was confronted by private investigators that he had to know the Berlin boy Manuel Schadwald, he lost his self-control. The private investigator Marcel Vervloesem explained that he had published CD-Roms and videos out of fear. Then Ulrich was murdered.

There were countless pictures of tortured children on the CD-ROMs. When these became public in the summer of 1998, a wave of horror rolled through Europe. Politicians promised to do everything to stop this goings-on.

The recordings are now in the possession of various police and judicial authorities. They were also given to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. The so-called Zandvoort material could be the key in the investigation against the international child molester network.

The author Nick Davies also reported on the existence of snuff videos on November 27, 2000 in the British newspaper "The Guardian". He writes that pedophiles allegedly killed several children. "A boy was just shot in the head," they say. Nick Davies was also the creator of the television documentary in which Edward talked about snuff videos.

Nick Davies visited us in Berlin in 1998. He researched the case of the missing boy Manuel Schadwald. With him was the psychologist Gina Pardaens, who claimed to be in possession of a snuff video. She is also interested in the Schadwald case. As we continued to work together, we met Gina Pardaens Robby van der P. in Amsterdam, shortly before he shot his accomplice Ulrich. The psychologist became more and more an expert in the Schadwald case. The Belgian judiciary wanted to know more about her. The boy's disappearance and whereabouts were the focus of an interrogation by the then Belgian Attorney General Serge Brammertz. A few days later, Gina Pardaens was killed in a traffic accident. She drove unbraked against a bridge pillar. The investigation was concluded with no results. She had told us shortly before that she was threatened with death. The woman who also worked on the Dutroux case for Belgian television was not the only one to have died mysteriously in recent years. Did Gina Pardaens and Gerrit Ulrich have to die because they knew the terrible truth?

The British Warwick Spinks could provide information about where and when snuff videos were produced. Undercover agents had met with the pedophile several times in 1996 and 1997. "I can look after children," he shouted. And he also knows about snuff videos. These statements were broadcast in the British television documentary in April 1997. He then managed to escape from prison for reasons that are still unclear. We spoke to him on the phone. He admitted that he had contacts in the Berlin child porn scene. Meanwhile, Spinks is wanted by Scotland Yard with an international arrest warrant. The accusation: He is said to have killed a four-year-old boy.

His name also appears in the Belgian investigation file. He is mentioned in connection with other people who are said to have brought little boys to brothels in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. And again and again the name of the missing Berlin boy Manuel Schadwald comes up.

After research in Belgium, it is not yet clear whether the truth should come to light during the trial. WELT has received a letter from Dutroux prosecutor Michel Bourlet, in which he announces the handover of the Zandvoort CD-ROMs to the Flemish public prosecutor in Turnhout. But how does it deal with the material? In response to a parliamentary question, Belgian Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx said on November 27th last year that the Turnhout prosecutor should have evaluated the materials by March 10th this year.

The prosecution has been involved in the investigation into the Zandvoort scandal since 1998. You should also take care of whether the Berlin boy Manuel Schadwald was kidnapped.