Microfluidic automation for 3D printers everywhere

BMF 3D printer for micro precision manufacturing

The high-precision 3D printers from BMF for micro-production are now also available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (Image: BMF Precision Inc.)

The 3D printers of the microArch series were developed on the basis of the 3D printing technology PμSL Projection Micro Stereolithography, which enables rapid photopolymerization of a layer of liquid polymer by means of a UV light flash in microscale resolution. Customizable optics, a high-quality motion platform and controlled processing techniques are suitable for numerous applications in the micro-production of prototypes and small series.

Ultra high resolution

The product range begins with the entry-level model microArch P150, which produces detailed parts as small as 25 μm with a resolution at low investment costs. Three printers achieve a resolution of 10 μm and are aimed at companies and universities that require ultra-high resolution, accuracy and precision in a desktop package. This also includes the new microArch P240, which can print parts with a larger construction volume from numerous technical materials. This printer was specially developed to meet the requirements of industrial small series production.

With the highest resolution of just 2 μm, the third series 3D printers are perfect for applications that require ultra-high resolution and low tolerances. The 2 μm series processes a wide variety of materials and is the best choice for creating CAD-accurate prototypes that should look exactly like the finished product.

The area of ​​application

The micro 3D printers are used in the development and production of medical objects from stents to prostheses to surgical implants. The addition of biocompatible materials offers numerous possibilities for better and more individual patient care.

In electronics and mechatronics, consumers and companies are increasingly asking for smaller devices with higher performance, which can also be achieved with microArch 3D printers. With micro 3D printing, connector manufacturers gain new opportunities to produce complex constructions profitably.

In microfluidics and micromechanics, micro 3D printing is suitable for valves, pumps, sensors, microphone components and many other applications that require small and high-precision components. With the microArch series of 3D printers, product development receives new possibilities and geometric freedom.