What is the fifteenth wedding anniversary

15th wedding anniversary: ​​crystal wedding

Origin and interpretations

The fifteenth wedding anniversary is not called a crystal wedding everywhere; depending on the region, it can also be called a glass wedding. But crystal and glass are related to each other and a glass stone can be cut into a crystal. However, crystal is fragile. And this fact is probably partly responsible for the naming. Because even after fifteen years a marriage is by no means safe from fragmentation, just as a crystal can shatter through rough treatment. But this interpretation for the interpretation of the name crystal wedding does not seem to be the only one. Because there is also the assumption that a transparent object has to serve as a name giver, because after such a long time you know each other well. Weaknesses and strengths reveal themselves at some point, you just have to be connected long enough to discover them. And fifteen years should be enough to get to know each other - even the more hidden part of your partner. But of course that doesn't mean that you live with a transparent partner. Everyone has to keep a minimum of secrets to himself, otherwise living together would be boring. So don't take the transparent and translucent too literally, but stick more to another quality of the crystal, namely its sparkle and radiance. This could also become an excellent theme for the celebration of the crystal wedding. Make it radiant and sparkling, spare no effort in the preparations and let yourself and your partner really celebrate with your loved ones. This is brilliant advice for a sparkling anniversary celebration that you won't soon forget. The name crystal wedding legitimizes any effort.