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The pacharan

The Pacharán or Patxaranis a liqueur made from soaking sloe liqueur is created, an aniseed schnapps. The sloe liqueurs are the berries or fruits produced from the sloe, a prickly shrub with a quick and easy recovery, often forming a thick density. Since it is a shrub, we can find examples that are up to 6m high.

Between January and April the sloe begins to form from a small white flower and its fruits, the sloes, we can see growing with a green color at the beginning of summer. When summer ends, the fruit is ripe and ready to harvest. So their appearance is similar to the grape, although it is much smaller as it does not exceed 15mm. They are between dark blue and black, round and with a velvety skin.

These sloes are soaked, as we have already reported with aniseed schnapps and it is they who give the Paxtaran its taste and its fruity aroma, as well as its characteristic red color or its intense pink. It is exactly 250 grams of ripe sloe per liter of schnapps and should be left to soak for between seven and 8 months and kept in a fresh place where there is no light.

If the time is up, will simply everything in bottles bottled and you don't need to add anything more. Although there are some who want to give the Paxtaran a special touch and who add a product during the soaking process, e.g. B. Coffee beans or a little cinnamon sticks.

It's better that Paxtaran at a temperature between 3 ° and 7 ° C to drink, of course in a crystal glass or a long glass in case we add ice. Paxtaran is said to have high digestive properties and that it was made with this aim in mind, so it is advised to consume it after lunch or dinner.

Another detail to keep in mind is the advice to drink the Paxtaran within two or three years of its manufacture, because it is a liqueur that will not improve over time.

The origin of this liqueur lies in the mountains of Navarre who have a Denominación de Origen and a place where people have been drinking Paxtaran for many centuries. It is impossible to say with certainty from what date the liqueur began to be consumed, the first date going back to the XIV century, when it was served at the wedding of Don Gonofre de Navarra, son of Carlos III.

Shall we drink some sloe liqueurs and play a round of cards?

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