Brothers fathers day whatsapp message

Father's Day sayings via WhatsApp: Funny sayings & poems for dad

Classic or short: Every father will be happy about these congratulations. And there are also funny sayings for men’s day for childless men.

In many families, Father's Day is the equivalent of Mother's Day. Wherever it is celebrated as a special day, children and their partner in particular like to take the opportunity to make their dad happy. In addition to small gifts, Father's Day poems - on a nice card or via WhatsApp - are nice gifts. They convey to your father how much you like him - and express what you might otherwise say too seldom.

Father's Day takes place in Germany every year on the Christian holiday of Ascension Day. It always falls on a public holiday - 39 days after Easter Sunday or 40 days after Easter. It is celebrated in very different ways. Childless bachelors in particular like to use the occasion to go out with handcarts, friends and a few beers. But they too are looking forward to congratulations and funny sayings on this day, which is also known as Men's Day, for example via WhatsApp. We have put together a selection of sayings and poems for fathers, but also for childless men.

Short father's day poems

  • Let yourself be today with all that is beautiful
    as you deserve pampering.
    And we wish you (not only today) everything
    what delights your heart.
    (Author unknown)
  • Our dad, what luck
    is our best piece.
    He is always happy and cheerful
    Hoppe Reiter also plays with me.
    I want to give him a kiss.
    Our dad should live high!
    (Author unknown)
  • Dear papa, be happy;
    because luckily you have me
    this day would be without me
    no fathers day for you at all!
    (Author unknown)
  • A little saying about your day
    because I like you so badly:
    Papa stay the way you are
    because that's the most beautiful way.
    (Author unknown)
  • I may not always have been the best kid in the world, but that hasn't stopped you from being the best father in the world.
    (Author unknown)

Traditional and funny fathers day poems

  • I wish you so much, my dear papa
    I wish you so much, my dear papa;
    and oh, how little I bring!
    So I put my wishes close to God
    the giver of all things.

    I wish that God would keep you
    as fresh and healthy as today,
    so that we often celebrate the day
    to your and our joy.

    He sends you the sunshine of happiness
    every new morning
    and for a good daughter -
    I want to take care of that myself!
    (Georg Lang, 1836-1920)
  • From the father
    From my father I have the stature
    life's serious leadership,
    from mother's joyful nature
    and desire to tell stories.

    The progenitor was the most beautiful,
    there is haunted every now and then;
    Ancestress loved jewelry and gold,
    that twitches through the limbs.

    Now the elements are not
    to separate from the complex,
    what's wrong with the whole thing
    To call original?
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832)
  • Becoming a father is not difficult
    Becoming a father is not difficult
    Be a father, however.
    The former is often practiced,
    because it is popular.

    Even the vicious shows
    that he is not averse at all;
    only he wants with his sins
    do not connect a good cause,
    but when the cost comes
    he feels anxious.

    This is why it is particularly shy
    he the pious clergy,
    because a silent horror tells him:
    these are people who trust.
    (Wilhelm Busch, 1832-1908)

Funny sayings for Father's Day

  • Thank you dad for always allowing me to do everything mom forbidden me.
  • Becoming a father is not difficult, unless mom doesn't want to anymore.
  • Papa, you were always like a father to me!
  • Congratulations on Father's Day! I hereby declare you to be the hero of my childhood. Thanks for always fighting all the monsters under my bed.
  • What do you call a man who has achieved something that has hand and foot? Father!
  • A father is someone you look up to - no matter how tall you are.

Funny sayings for men's day

  • You can't always be a hero
    but you can always be a man.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  • A clever man does not make all mistakes himself. He also gives others a chance.
    (Winston Churchill)
  • Men's day, men's day - it's going to be tough for the liver today!
  • If a man moves out of the house today,
    it looks a lot like Ascension.
    (Ute Nathow)
  • Enjoy the barley juice today
    he is supposed to awaken all forces in you
    have a lot of fun on your route
    I wish you all the best for that.
    (Ute Nathow)