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Drosten: Rejection of the corona vaccination is a decision for infection

Christian Drosten estimates that the population in Germany will become immune to the corona virus in about the next one and a half years. Everyone will become immune, through the vaccination or through natural infection, said the scientist from Charité Berlin in the podcast "Coronavirus-Update" (NDR info) on Tuesday.

"This virus will become endemic, it will not go away. And anyone who now actively decides not to be vaccinated, for example, will inevitably become infected."

Nothing could be done about it, as the measures would be reduced further and further over time.

Then the virus circulates in the population, for example unnoticed in the throat of vaccinated people and in smaller children who cannot yet be vaccinated. "The virus will spread undetected under a blanket of immune protection. And then it always hits people who are not immunized by a vaccination, who are fully receptive." According to the virologist, there will still be COVID-19 cases in intensive care units in the coming winter.

"Those who actively decide against the vaccination must know that they are also actively opting for the natural infection. Without any evaluation," said Drosten.

"Re-vaccinate generously"

Drosten confirmed that he was already assuming that certain groups should be generously vaccinated against COVID-19 in the autumn, depending on age and risk. He intends to combine this with immunization against flu. "Someone who is at risk for influenza is also at risk for COVID." It is to be feared that the next flu wave will be severe if one does not counteract with vaccinations, so Drosten. The background is that the influenza wave failed in the past autumn and winter in Germany, but also in other countries - also because of the measures taken against the pandemic.

According to the virologist, the prerequisites for the spread of such variants are likely to change in Germany as the vaccination progresses towards autumn. It is not possible to predict which variant will then prevail or which will appear again. The mutants then no longer brought a new pandemic, "but we will also be protected against these viruses in terms of symptoms," said the scientist. There will also be booster vaccines.

"The virus has a bit more fitness, but that doesn't mean at all that it poses a huge immediate threat to us," said Drosten about the variant from India. "We can inoculate against it. We are no longer as defenseless as last year at this time."

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