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Sonny Head Edition - 1: 1 - 37 cm

When “I, Robot” came to the cinema, I didn't really know what kind of film it was, so I didn't pay much attention to it at first. Later I saw some trailers that piqued my interest, so I bought the DVD to watch the film. But only a few months after the release, when it got cheaper. The DVDs were also available in 2005 as a “Special Edition” in a 1: 1 model of the head of the “Sonny” robot - limited to 3000 copies. But since I wasn't a fan and the price was quite high back then, I didn't buy it. Especially since I already had the DVDs.
In 2012 the film came out again as a 3D Blu-Ray, which I bought. The fact that they were also available again as a limited Sonny head, however, passed me by, as I no longer really dealt with DVDs / BDs and the different versions and also no longer looked at the forums as I did before.

In May 2017 I saw photos of the head in a forum and thought to myself that I would actually like to have it on the shelf ... But for a limited edition that had been sold out for 5-12 years, the market prices also looked accordingly out. The cheapest offers on eBay started at 140-160 euros, there were also offers around 300 euros and on Amazon it only started at 400 euros! By way of comparison: the BD edition on offer from Italy cost around 75-100 euros at the time. But I only found that out in retrospect. Of course, you could no longer order them.

So back to eBay again. There was an auction there from 1 euro. A few hours before the end of the auction, the price was 39 euros and I put a reminder on my mobile phone so that I could still bid shortly before the auction ended. Unfortunately, I overlooked the memory and the final price of 69 euros was paid by someone else. Damn! But well, who knows where the price would have ended up if I had also bid ...
My personal limit was around 90 euros, so I would have stayed in double digits with postage.
A few weeks later I found another private offer. For 89 euros buy it now - but only for the head and the original packaging. The DVDs were missing. That didn't bother me, though, because I did
a) already own the DVDs and could insert them in the head if necessary (are exactly the same discs)
b) I didn't intend to do that anyway, because I wanted to put the head on the shelf as a decorative item
So I struck ...

The model is really very beautiful. Especially when you consider that it is actually just the "packaging" for the DVDs. There are sometimes ugly models for a lot of money. But a lot of effort has been made here. The back of the head is also slightly transparent and gives a clear view of Sonny's positronic “brain”. You can also “disassemble” it to take a closer look at the inside.

The only drawback of the figure: My wife cannot “bear” the sight, because she finds it “creepy” for some inexplicable reason, so that Sonny is unfortunately not allowed to stand in our living room ... Instead, he'll probably come into my garage. It is rarely there 😉