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Very last picture books from Bali from the 355th and 356th cycling world travel day

“Sanur is a lido near Denpasar in the south of Bali. The tourist resort with numerous upscale hotels is located southeast of the island's capital and stretches from north to south over 5 km along the sea. The busy bypass road Jalan Ngurah Rai runs around the town in the west, so that the town center with the main shopping street Jalan Danau Tamblingan is spared from through traffic. "
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[https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanur; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanur%2C_Bali]
How can the conditions change within 2 years or just the perceptions?
I guess: The “Ngurah Rai” runs a long way parallel to the “Danau Tamblingan” (from which the “Kusuma Sari” branches off at the corner with the ARTOTEL towards the sea) and since it can hardly take any more traffic, many insiders give way on the "Danau Tamblingan". Many in the sense of hundreds. I call this relentless through traffic.
Well, if you are still reasonably good on foot, you can get around safely to the left and right of it on the higher bumpy sidewalk, unless there are 500 motorcycles parked on it, which you can unfortunately only avoid on the road. No risk, no fun. 😉

We reside in the nice ARTOTEL. The concept has something and everywhere in the house there are works of art to be discovered. The nice little clouds hang over the bed in our room and fortunately THEY NEVER rain.

The part of the island here is of course fully geared towards tourists. "Taxi, sir?" "Would you like massage"; "Hello Mister. We offer excursions for low prices “… etc. pp
The approx. 4.5 km long "Beachwalk" attracts on the one hand with sea and beach and very long lounger "galleries" (currently not very busy) and on the other hand with countless stands that mainly want to sell "art". In between, other offers for diving, snorkeling, fishing, paddling, paragliding flights and what else do I know. The current target group is unfortunately no longer young enough for many of these adventures and the families with smaller children on average are still too young. The shopping mall is permanently interrupted by restaurants and hotel lawns with integrated restaurants. The greenest and quietest sections are marked with "private area" or something like that.

One thing you can be sure of: relax, read, enjoy hot and cold drinks, let your legs and soul dangle ...
In the greatest afternoon heat - between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., from 3 p.m. it's cocktail happy hour 😉 - a shady spot by the hotel pool under the roof is ideal.
Almost nothing is missing, right? Yes, of course, one thing: cycling. Along the Beach Walk it is really relaxed if you keep an eye on the above-mentioned target groups flanneling there and turn around in good time. Those with the rental bikes are a special species.

I cycled the round and found it nice, including the way back via the “Danau Tamblingan” including a detour to the post office (we need cardboard boxes to relieve the suitcases of “unimportant” things and to send them home by parcel). So if you should need the route yourself, see the track record below. It is also good to see in which corner of the island we are traveling.

Astrids and my unbroken curiosity about cultural highlights lured us to a completely different corner of the island.
A flyer in the hotel advertises the DEVDAN SHOW (https://www.devdanshow.com/) and the nice woman at the tourist information desk on the 1st floor can get tickets for it. Transfer from the hotel to the venue included. Well fine.
Everything works fine. The taxi even picks us up earlier in the evening as a precaution, because the President of Indonesia has been in Sanur since today to open a traditional market. Unfortunately, he did not come alone, but accompanied by many important people, police officers and cars. As it is supposed to be everywhere for heads of state.
The feared traffic chaos is fortunately limited and we cover the almost 40 km in a good 45 minutes. It's just faster everywhere on motorways. Incidentally, it was built right there where there is still space - quasi "on the water". That had withdrawn a bit because of the “low tide”, but on the way back to the hotel it came back hectoliters from above with the usual thick evening curtain.
I have "recorded" the way back just in case - see below.

We even had time before the show to take a look around the “tourist toy land” there and enjoy a little snack. Three checkpoints ensure that the tourists and their subservient spirits can experience "Indonesia" undisturbed in this huge area. How nice that we were really cycling in the country and among "the people"!

But then the show was really great art!
Astrid noted the following:

So far we had mostly watched traditional dance shows. The DEVDAN show in the evening in Nusa Dua takes us on a journey into the history and the different regions of Indonesia and interprets the traditional dances in a modern way and combines them with acrobatics.
In the framework story, two teenagers from a tourist group find a chest with typical objects from the different islands and each make a detour there:
- Bali is represented by the Udeng, the traditional men's headgear, and village religious dances.
- Songket, the fabrics traditionally woven in Sumatra, represent this island - plus a village weaver dance, a rain dance and acrobatics on long lengths of fabric.
- The kris is the traditional weapon in Java. For this region we see war dances but also the elegant “Bedhaya” woman dance and shadow and stick puppets. As a reference to today's pop culture, there is hip hop.
- The conch shell stands as a musical instrument for the water world of Indonesia as a whole. In this part we see more acrobatics and water and fishing dances.
- As a symbol for Papua, the two fish a koteka, a penis protection, out of the chest. Now it gets really hot again with vigorous, rapid steps to Tifa sounds (Tifa is the traditional percussionist instrument of Papua and Maluku).
Finally a fire dance - it was worth it. We are enchanted!