Parker color like


are the soft colors of nature that we often see as blossoms. They embody idealism, order, and compassion. Magenta is a protective color and is used as "first aid" for physical and mental shocks. It ensures inner freedom and conveys security.

is a symbol of purity, clarity and innocence. The color of ice and snow is also a sign of inaccessibility. White is a magical color that can be used for any other color because its light spectrum contains almost all colors.

is the color of complete neutrality and restraint. It's unremarkable and has also been associated with boredom, insecurity, and fear of life. In rooms, gray should only be used as a combination color.

Black is the color of darkness. It expresses sadness, unfathomability and something shrouded in mystery, but it is also an expression of dignity and prestige and can have a particularly solemn character. In fashion, too, black looks classy and solemn. It conveys seriousness and generates respect. Black walls should be avoided as they appear gloomy and heavy.

is the calm earth color. It conveys a feeling of security and material security. In color therapy, brown is used for balance disorders. Brown rooms have a rustic, calming and balancing effect. Earth tones such as ocher or sienna can be used in almost all rooms.

Silver is a color of courtesy and stands for wisdom, independence, security and punctuality. The shine of the silver does not suppress, it reflects other colors unadulterated, the silver itself fades into the background. Silver is a color of the modern, unconventional, original.

stands for sun, power and wealth. Gold gives strength and inspiration. It helps against fear, insecurity and indifference. Gold is the color of great anniversaries. It is one of the quiet virtues that prove themselves in the long run: loyalty and friendship, truth and helpfulness.