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Hall of Fame with Bavaria

Bavaria statue: best view of the Theresienwiese

The Bavaria statue at the Hall of Fame overlooks the Theresienwiese elegantly and confidently. All information about the meaning and why your head offers a perfect view.

The Bavaria: who is the bronze lady?

Bavaria is a sought-after woman and has been for centuries. Today it adorns postcards and souvenirs and is a popular photo opportunity for tourists.

But it is also a symbol and secular patroness of the Free State - in short: the face of Bavaria. She served as an inspiration to artists and many created a monument to her in their art with pictures and figures.

However, none of these representations is as well known as the huge statue on Theresienwiese. she got between 1843 and 1850 from Munich artist Ludwig Schwanthaler Designed on behalf of Ludwig I and cast from bronze - a technical masterpiece. The Bavaria measures 18 meters and is therefore guaranteed to be the largest Munich girl.

Attention: not open until further notice

The Hall of Fame is closed due to construction work, the Bavaria until further notice due to Corona.

Bavaria statue and hall of fame: our tips

The Bavaria sits enthroned as an 18 meter high bronze statue over the Theresienwiese. This is what you can expect when visiting Munich's perhaps most famous statue:

  • The Bavaria statue as a popular meeting point for Munich residents and tourists.
  • The Head of the statue as unique viewing platform over the Theresienwiese.
  • The Hall of Fame as impressive Column hall with busts of important Bavarians.
  • The Theresienwiese as a location for big events like that Oktoberfest, the Spring Festival or the Winter Tollwood.
  • Having fun with I.nsider events as well as tobogganing in winter on the Bavaria.

Viewing platform in the head of the Bavaria

What many Munich residents don't even know: You can also take a look inside the statue. A spiral staircase leads to the head of the Bavaria, from where you can get one unique view of the Theresienwiese and the neighboring districts.

From October 14th to the end of March the Hall of Fame and the Bavaria are closed for traffic safety reasons.

In general, the interior of the Bavaria is an excellent place to photograph the spring festival or the Oktoberfest and to get an overview of the hustle and bustle. You should be patient, however, because during this time the Bavaria is particularly popular: as a meeting point, as a place for a short break and as a viewing platform ...

Entrance fees for a visit to Bavaria

  • Regular: 3.50 euros
  • Reduced: 2.50 euros
  • Please register groups by phone: 0162 4121726

From October 14th to the end of March the Hall of Fame and the Bavaria are closed for traffic safety reasons.

Behind the Bavaria is the colossal building of the Hall of Fame. With a stroll through the wide corridors you take a trip into Bavarian history.

The three-wing portico line Busts of important Bavarians from the last centuries - including the stone heads of the writer Ludwig Thoma, the composer Carl Orff, the painter Albrecht Dürer or the brewer Joseph Pschorr.

In 1853 the wing was designed by the former star architect Leo von Klenze designed, the order also gave here Ludwig I. The building was intended to commemorate the merits and fame of Bavaria.

Impressions from the Bavaria

On the Theresienwiese - at the foot of the Bavaria - there is something going on almost all year round. If Oktoberfest, giant flea market, spring festival or winter tollwood - It's never really deserted on the Theresienwiese.

  • The best known is of course the Oktoberfest, which always begins in mid-late September and lasts a little over two weeks. At the same time, the Central Agriculture Festival takes place every four years on the southern part of the Theresienwiese.
  • The spring festival is celebrated at the end of April / beginning of May.
  • In winter the tents and stalls of the Tollwood are set up, then the month-long cultural festival awaits you with many events, exotic food and handmade products.

Current events on the Theresienwiese

Ex-fictional character: Mama Bavaria on the Nockherberg

From 2010 to 2018 there was also a talkative and very humorous version of the secular patroness of the Free State of Bavaria: Once a year, for the traditional strong beer tapping on the Nockherberg, she embodied Comedian Luise Kinseher the fictional character "Mama Bavaria".

As soon as she had a word, she preferred to interfere in daily politics and read the riot act - very self-confident and elegant, like her bronze sister on Theresienwiese ...

Her successor was Maxi Schafroth in 2019.

More information, pictures and videos from the strong beer tapping on the Nockherberg

Insider tips: Events and free time at Bavaria

In winter the Hang on the hall of fame to the toboggan hilll. The short and not very steep descents are guaranteed to be fun for kids.

But there is also a steep slope where one or the other even dares to go down on skis. Although obstacles are secured with bales of straw, Tobogganing here is at your own risk.

Pictures of tobogganing fun on the Bavaria

The Bavariapark is located behind the Bavaria and the Hall of Fame. You like to go take a walk and have your peace of mind? Then you are right here! Mainly families and joggers you will meet on the paths. And as a reward, on sunny days there is a light meal with a snack in the beer garden, where you can sit beautifully under the chestnut trees ...

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  • by app user on 07/23/2017
  • from Anonymous on 03/06/2015

    Great view! Caution: Children can go up for free, but an adult must be there. We were alone and then had to wait for our parents to come after ...

  • by AstridO. on December 10, 2014

    An impressive statue from which you have a gigantic view of the Theresienwiese. Especially when the Oktoberfest, Spring Festival or Tollwood takes place here, this is a great view. You should definitely go inside the Bavaria, there you can look out of the head of the Bavaria. You shouldn't have claustrophobia though, it's pretty tight in the head! Even in winter it is wonderful here, you can go sledding and some children even dare to go down the slope on skis.

  • by trudo on 08/17/2014

    a man from munich doesn't go up, he goes up. today great view to the Zugspitze, Wetterstein, Karwendel. children up to the age of 18 can nauf for free.

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  • by dreamsoOOoo on 06/24/2014

    Who needs the Statue of Liberty when you can also have the Bavaria;) Anyone who has ever stood at the foot of the Bavaria knows what I'm talking about. It is simply impressive and breathtaking. She resides on Theresienwiese all year round. Especially during the spring or Oktoberfest, it is worthwhile to climb into the walk-in head of the Bavaria. There is a viewing platform there and you have a wonderful view of the rides and marquees. It is open every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • by Wolfi on 05/05/2014

    Only if you never live in Munich do you lose it, the Bavaria.

  • by anonymous on 04/28/2014

    It's boarisch!

  • by Münchner on April 28, 2014

    Anyone who has never been up there as a Munich resident is not a Munich resident. I always like to go up there.

  • by Dr. Berlinger on April 11, 2014

    The Bavaria is very beautiful and just really Bavarian.

  • by anonymous on 01/13/2014

    Super!! Really recommendable to do this !! You shouldn't have claustrophobia !! :)

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