Google Voice, how to change recorded messages

HOW TO: How to Record a Call Using Google Voice 2021

Recording your voice calls is always fun, and in certain cases it is important. However, recording calls is not that simple and straightforward. With Google Voice, you can easily record the calls and access them later. So go ahead.

Enable call recording

You can record your calls on any device, be it your computer, smartphone or portable device. The special thing about Google Voice is that you can call a number of phones with one call. The option is therefore available on all devices. Since the recording mechanism is server-based, you no longer need hardware or software.

By default, Google has not enabled call recording. Users using touchscreen devices can accidentally start recording a call without even knowing it from the touch of a finger (yes, it's that simple). Because of this, you need to enable call recording.

  • Sign in to your Google Voice account online.
  • In the upper right pane, click a gear icon and a drop-down menu.
  • Select "Settings" in this menu.
  • Find "Calling Options" and click to check it out.
  • Although call recording is now enabled, your calls will not be recorded automatically.

Record a call

To record a call, press 4 on the dialing tab while the call is active. To stop recording, press 4 again. The portion of the conversation between your two presses of 4 is automatically saved on the Google server.

Access to your recorded file

You can access recorded calls very easily after logging into your account. Select the menu item 'Recorded' on the left. This will bring up a list of your recorded calls, each marked with a timestamp; H. With the date and time of the recording and the duration. You can play it right there, or, more interestingly, send the email to someone, download it to your computer or device (note that a call is not recorded but is stored on the server), or you can embed it within one side. The menu button in the upper right corner contains all of these options.

Call recording and data protection

While this is all very nice and simple, it does pose a serious privacy issue.

If you call someone with their Google Voice number, they can record your conversation without you even knowing. This is saved on the Google server and can be easily distributed to other locations. Enough to make you very worrying about calling Google Voice numbers. If you are that concerned, make sure you can trust the people you call or pay attention to what you say. You can also look up the number to see if you are calling a Google Voice account. This is quite difficult as a lot of people port their numbers to GV.

If you are considering recording a call, it is important that you let the person you are calling and get their consent before you call. In addition, in many countries it is illegal to have private conversations without the prior consent of all parties involved.