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How long should a sperm cell be pregnant, and when the number of all matters?

Every woman is concerned about fertilization issues. It occurs in different cases. If the fair sex is not yet ready to give birth, it worries about what could become pregnant. We want parents to become the way everyone else. Women often wonder how many sperm it takes to get pregnant. This is what is discussed further. You can find out how much cum you need to become pregnant girls. There are also some characteristics of the viability of the male cells in the female body.

How long should the sperm take to conceive? Rule a

If you ask such a question to the experts, you will get a very logical answer. With that, fertilization took place, and pregnancy is enough to produce just a single sperm. Everything happens very simply.

Men's cell approaches the female gamete and invades its wall. Then start getting set to share. For further development it requires implantation. Is the introduction of the egg into the uterine lining is loose. Then the embryo will grow and be transformed during the long months of pregnancy. It should be noted that the rule of an in vitro is effective. It happens so called in vitro fertilization. In order to conceive naturally, you need a larger amount of sperm.

Standard rules

How long should the semen the woman become pregnant, according to gynecologists? There is a certain rule stated in the medical records. Studies have shown that a man can produce up to 6 milliliters of semen in one sexual act. Most of the time this rate is equal to four.

It was concluded that normal pregnancy can come in a natural cycle of semen counting 4 milliliters. It should be noted that subsequent sexual contact over a small period of time is bound to lead to a decrease in volume. However, this amount of sperm is enough to get pregnant.

In unfavorable conditions

How long should sperm cells last for pregnancy? Before answering this question, it is worth saying a little about the hormonal background of the female body.

During the menstrual cycle, production and isolation of certain substances called hormones occurs. Through their activity of cervical mucus and vaginal transformation. Thus favorable conditions for the existence of sperm are around the middle of the cycle. The closer to ovulation time, the better the male cell will be in a female body. If sexual contact takes place long before the supposed rupture of the follicle, most sperm cells simply die in thick secretions from the genitals. They cannot move freely and stay in one place, too, and have not achieved their goal. On this basis, we can conclude that the more sperm there will be in a woman's vagina, the greater the chance of pregnancy at the time of intercourse.

The effects of the microflora

How Long Should a Sperm Get Pregnant? The more the better. That was the answer from experts, considering the effects of vaginal flora in male gametes. Let's examine the situation in detail.

Women's flora is represented by an acidic environment. This is completely normal and complies with the rules. However, sperm cannot survive under such conditions. That is why in addition to the sexual gametes male body simultaneously creates a secret assigned, which has an alkaline structure. Getting into a woman's vagina, the fluid washes the way for the sperm. Most of them die in the process. However, the most stable and strongest achieved its goal. As you already know, it is necessary for the conception of a single sperm. However, without all the electricity, he couldn't get on the egg and fertilize it.

Look of women

How Long Should a Sperm Get Pregnant? The fair sex has its own opinion on the matter. They say that the number of male ejaculate should be around two tablespoons. That is how much standard size vagina displaces a woman.

If we translate the above amount per milliliter, it can be said that a woman needs over twenty milliliters of semen. So little can a man play sexual contact as a single person. Despite this, the fair sex is sure to become pregnant and bear children.


How Long Should a Sperm Get Pregnant? Many women and experts say that just a few drops are enough for fertilization. This conclusion was based on the following situations.

Many couples use contraception to break sexual contact. In this case, the male ejaculation takes place outside the woman's body. However, often such cases lead to pregnancy. All due to the fact that a certain minimum amount of sperm can be released at the same time just before intercourse with the fat. It is worth noting that the longer a man abstains, the greater the likelihood that the slimy fluid will invade sperm during foreplay.

Does it matter just the sperm count?

How long should the sperm for fertilization that you already know. Is it just important this index? Certainly not. To prove this statement, it is worth quoting a small example.

When a man decides to sterilize, he tied off the ejaculatory. After that, his sperm will be released without the presence of sperm. Whatever the number in the woman's body may be released during ejaculation, she cannot get pregnant. On this basis we can conclude that it is not only important to the quantity but also to the quality of the sperm.

If you summarize the results of the article upwards

You will know how much semen is necessary for conception. To answer this question very precisely and to call a specific number, you need to consider many factors. One should always look at the individual couple. Necessarily take into account the compatibility of the partner status of women and the microflora of the mucous plug consistency in the cervical canal, the day of the cycle in which there was sexual intercourse, and the motility of the men’s sperm. Also affect fertilization and other factors. For definitions of all these indicators should seek medical advice and conduct an in-depth investigation. Good luck!