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Saudi Arabia climate

Saudi Arabia is one of the hottest and driest countries in the world. in the north are only annual in winter in mountainous regions Rainfall up to 200 mm possible, the from November to January fall. The rest of the year is drought. Towards the center of the country they are reduced to just 50 mm.

In the capital, Riyadh, an average of 14 ° C is measured in January and 33 ° C in July. In the Rub al-Khali desert, the rains sometimes stop completely for years. Maximum temperatures of over 50 ° C are not uncommon in the interior of the country in summer. Here and in the higher regions in the north, the thermometer can drop to freezing at night in winter. Considerable temperature differences between day and night and between summer and winter are therefore normal in Saudi Arabia's desert climate.

The Asir highlands in the southwest, however Rainfall of 600 mm per year. These fall in summerwhen the foothills of the southwest monsoon from the Indian Ocean roam the area. The temperatures are between 30 and 35 ° C.

At the Red sea there is a hot and humid climate with temperatures up to 45 ° C in summer. It gets cooler here between December and March, although you can still expect temperatures of up to 30 ° C during the day. The humidity is here up to 80%. In the interior, however, it hardly shows 10%, so that the heat seems a bit more bearable.

In the desert can be right all year round unpleasant winds occur. They always bring a lot of sand with them.


Weather saudi arabia

Weather in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia

Weather in Saudi Arabia: The temperatures and rainfall for Riyadh in Saudi Arabia are taken from the yr.no website and provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Norwegian Broadcasting. The forecast is updated four times a day.


Best time to travel to Saudi Arabia

The ideal time to visit Saudi Arabia is now between November and February. Then the summer heat is over and the average temperatures during the day are a pleasant 23 to 27 ° C. It is true that there is a little rain in most areas in winter and temperatures can be very low at night; But these small restrictions are nothing compared to the unbearable heat that dominates the other months with temperatures of over 40 ° C during the day and makes traveling in the country - with the exception of the cooler Asir mountains in the extreme southwest - very uncomfortable.

If you really want to go on a visit during the hot months, travelers should make sure to drink plenty of fluids and always carry sufficient amounts of water with them.

Here you will find detailed information on the climate and weather on the Red Sea.


Climate table Saudi Arabia

Climate in Saudi Arabia (north): Turaif

Climate Saudi Arabia (center of the country / east): Riyadh

Climate Saudi Arabia (West / Red Sea): Mecca

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