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Actor Siegfried Rauch ("Traumschiff", "Bergdoktor") died in Untersöchering. The fire chief was still fighting for his life.

Update from March 16, 2018: Not only the TV fans have meanwhile said goodbye to Siegfried Rauch, who died on Monday - his closest relatives also took part with an obituary notice Munich Mercury and tz Farewell to the Bergdoktor actor.

Update from March 12, 2018, 6:20 p.m .: At first it seemed as if Rauch had died as a result of falling down stairs.

On Monday evening, however, it is clear: Siegfried Rauch died of heart failure. As his manager Michael Jodl reports, the autopsy revealed this. The fall of the stairs was not the cause of death.

Siegfried Rauch died: On Monday he was in the fire station

The training room in the fire department equipment house in Untersöchering is something like the unofficial economy of the place. "Mostly on Sundays our comrades meet there for a drink," says the mayor of Obersöchering, Reinald Huber. The neighbors from the tiny district are of course also invited. Actor Siegfried Rauch, whose house is right next to the fire department, was also a regular guest of the fire fighters.

So also on Sunday evening. "He had stopped by for a glass of wine to chat a bit," reports Huber. When the 85-year-old wanted to make his way home, fire brigade commander Sebastian Leis sent a comrade with him. The training room in the recently renovated tool shed is on the upper floor, "the stairs are not without," says Huber. The firefighters noticed that Rauch was "a little wobbly on his feet".

Siegfried Rauch dies: fire chief initiated resuscitation

Despite being accompanied, Rauch fell down the stairs. "Our fire chief immediately initiated the resuscitation himself while the ambulance was alerted," reports the mayor. But any help came too late. The Rosenheim Criminal Police has started the investigation, but is currently rejecting any statement: "We see no reason to provide information on the subject," it said on Monday morning at the request of the Weilheimer Tagblatt / Penzberger Merkurs.

Meanwhile in Obersöchering there is astonishment. Rauch was an extremely popular villager, says Mayor Rainald Huber. The actor has lived in the house right next to the fire department since 1973. And although world stars like Steve McQueen went in and out there, "he was a really uncomplicated citizen. He was just the Sigi and good," says Huber.

Great sadness also in Murnau: The actor had a close relationship with the market, as reports.

Great mourning for Siegfried Rauch in Obersöchering

When the community recently bought a Golden Book, dream ship captain Siegfried Rauch was of course the first to sign up: "That was a nice celebration," recalls Huber. He had met regularly with "Sigi" to chat, and on the mayor's 50th birthday they comfortably smoked a pipe together. The topic of conversation was often nature: "Siegfried Rauch was very close to nature. He was regularly out in the woods - he owned a piece of forest near Söchering".

It is still unclear how the community will commemorate its most famous resident: "It's too early to make plans," says Huber. He assumes, however, that Rauch will be laid to rest in his beloved lower ring.

Siegfried Rauch leaves a gap in the region

But not only in Untersöchering, in the entire region, Rauch leaves a large void. Because he was not only the film and television star who has worked in over 500 productions in Germany and Hollywood, but also a welcome guest at many events. Only at the end of last year did it inspire more than 500 visitors in Murnau with a reading of Christmas stories, and in summer it put the cheerful end to the “Weilheim reading break” in the parish hall “Together”. Rauch was much more than just an actor, however. One of his countless passions was music. Many Weilheimers will still remember his appearance at the “1. Weilheim Shopping Night ", when he demonstrated his talent for singing and carried her off into the era of swing with" It's wonderful ".

Born in Landsberg, who spent his childhood days at Lake Ammersee, he also loved to swing his paintbrush when he had the time. The resulting watercolors were often auctioned for a good cause.

Rauch, an Upper Bavarian through and through, did not shy away from using clear words when something went against the grain. In 2004, for example, he clearly criticized the reform of the state forest administration initiated by Erwin Huber, the head of the state chancellery at the time, and coined the term “ministerial desk ranger”.

In an interview with the local newspaper, Rauch revealed a few years ago that he always had a few pictures of his home with him on his week-long, sometimes month-long trips, which he had to complete for the "dream ship" shoots and which took him all over the world have. When the longing for the "blue land" got out of hand, he locked himself in his cabin and looked at the photos.