Somehow Satan got behind me online


“At the age of 30, through God's great grace, I found faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Before I came to truth and salvation, I had been a Marxist political activist for many years. After I had seen through the deception of Marxist self-redemption, a search for the meaning of life began, which first led me into the maze of Far Eastern "wisdom" teachings and meditation practices. I tried to fill the inner emptiness and darkness of my heart with the false light of religious "enlightenment" and mysticism, but by the preserving grace of God all these attempts were unsuccessful; the peace and senselessness of my life did not give way.

It was only late in my religious search for the Bible. The living word of God spoke to my heart; Especially in the Gospel of John I was able to recognize more and more Jesus Christ as the life sent by God. Nevertheless, it took a long time before I realized how a person can really become a Christian and in faith I gave my whole life over to Jesus Christ. A time of great joy and close relationship with my Lord followed; The word of God became very precious to me and I was allowed to grow spiritually. Early on I had a need for sanctification and total devotion, which, however, was still strongly shaped by a carnal life of its own and a desire to do things myself.

At first I joined a secular free church congregation in which liberal influences were noticeable. In my search for sanctification and spiritual life, this church was unable to provide guidance. Early on I came under the influence of Pentecostal "sanctification" circles such as the "Philadelphia Movement" and the "Sisters of Mary". Writings by Christian Röckle, "Mater Basilea" Schlink, Finney and Torrey shaped my understanding of faith and nourished the longing for sanctification as a deep, lasting experience of complete transformation.

After a while my wife and I (I had married nine months after my conversion) were made aware of a charismatic house group that met "non-denominational" and attracted Christians from different communities and backgrounds. We visited this house group regularly; to us he seemed "more alive" than the spiritually paralyzed, unbelief riddled Free Church.

Nevertheless, I was very cautious at first and was afraid of falling into something wrong and seductive. I had read a book that contained biblical warnings; I pushed these away from me because they scared me. In my immaturity I could not believe that Satan was allowed to produce such a deceptively similar falsification of true Christianity. Nevertheless, for about a year I kept a skeptical distance from the charismatic apparitions that I saw.

Eventually, however, I increasingly opened up to the fascinating false influence. I was of the mistaken opinion that in my carnal state I could judge for myself what was biblical and what was seductive. Significantly, the statements of a madly misled woman who appears to be a teacher contrary to the Word of God, namely Ms. Schlink's work on the Holy Spirit, made a decisive contribution to my giving up my distrust of the charismatics, who seemed to me to be quite secular and without fear of God.

If such a "sanctified" woman said that the gifts of the Spirit are real today, then I thought I could confidently open myself to the Pentecostal spirit. The selfish desire for "deeper experiences", for power flows and "authority", for prophetic revelations with which one could appear as a messenger of God, was stronger than the inner warnings that I had felt over and over again and now pushed aside.

In April 1986 we were baptized in a charismatic mission organization in southern Germany. That was the reason for me to receive the "baptism of the Spirit" with the laying on of hands. From there on, we oriented ourselves more closely to the house group, which was expanded into a local charismatic community. We left the free church and joined this fellowship. Shortly thereafter, I became one of five "candidate elders" who, together with a strongly charismatically "gifted" leader, formed the provisional church leadership.

About three years of intensive activity followed, controlled by delusional "visions", "callings" and "impressions". All of this satisfied my ambition, but my spiritual life, my relationship of faith with my Lord, suffered great damage. The word of God, which in the past had repeatedly given me deep knowledge about God, about Christ, was covered with a blanket for me.

My fellowship with the Lord became more superficial. I fell under the influence of the heresies of Kenneth Hagin and the Word of Faith movement. My prayer life increasingly consisted of "I-sentences": "I command, I resist, I confess, I claim ..." Requests seemed to me to be a low level of faith, and what grace is became increasingly strange to me.

If God's grace hadn't kept me, I would have slipped further into openly demonic, magical activities. But his invisible hand held me again and again. So I never had such pronounced enthusiastic experiences and currents as I longed for them at the time. I had not experienced falling backwards and "resting in the spirit", nor had I seen visions or experiences of "inner healing". Although I practiced prophecy, speaking in tongues and "spiritual warfare," I was spared the more dangerous direct influences of the false spirit.

The point came when the Lord called me out of my fanatical aberration. At the end of 1989 a crisis broke out in the church leadership; the "Spirit-baptized", prophetically anointed leader of the local church tried to separate "his" church from the missionary work and to form a "free" church based on the "word of faith" movement that was to be under his sole control. He soon revealed profound bitterness, insincerity, rebellion, a thirst for power and a very unspiritual attitude towards the likewise "Spirit-baptized," prophetically anointed leader of the missionary work and his leading colleagues.

If I had previously followed the "line of the Spirit" given by the prophecies of this leader with conviction for years, my belief in false-spiritual "impressions" and "revelations" has now been severely shaken. Suddenly profound sinful attitudes that had been smoldering for years became apparent - and that in people who were supposedly so "spirit-filled" that God constantly talked to them and through them made great things known. Something couldn't be right! This spirit did not produce the biblical fruits of the true Holy Spirit.

But also in the leadership of the mission work itself and in other manifestations of the charismatic movement, we became more and more aware that behind the "spiritual" facade there was hidden exercise of power, manipulation and false prophetic deception. Step by step it became clear to me that a deceitful, manipulative spirit was ruling and at work here, which could not be the true spirit of God. In the summer of 1990 we finally separated from the church and the charismatic movement.

Now began a hard time of breaking and repentance. We were stunned, confused, and upset that we had clearly been the victim of a subtle deceit. Gradually God gave a gradual disillusionment and clarification; the delusional fog, the euphoric intoxication gave way, and my wife and I began to see the truth in God's light.

The Lord uncovered all the sinful motives that had led to the seductive wrong path - the ambition, the willingness to appear with prophecies and powerful miracles, the self-realization disguised as "spiritual zeal", which only too gladly accepted the whispers of the mistaken spirit that one was closed Great calling ... More than that, the Lord showed us how in all of this we had abandoned Himself, the source of living water, and let ourselves be distracted from simple-minded belief in Him. He showed us that our own false heart was the ground on which the enemy could sow his weeds, his forgery.

We stood before the ruins of our spiritual life and we had no choice but to seek Him and ask for mercy. And how graciously and mercifully did He answer! He taught us anew to ask instead of command and to trust in Him instead of our "techniques of faith". He led into deep inflection and humiliation and, step by step, cleared our hearts of the rubbish that we had accumulated. We saw anew the way of following the cross as the only true and right way of faith. Step by step the Lord released us from wrong attitudes and let us see more and more through the wrong teachings that we had absorbed.

In the beginning, the book played "Seduction of Christianity" by Dave Hunt played an important role. We saw more and more clearly that seductive spirits were at work in the midst of Christianity - a truth to which the false Pentecostal spirit had closed our eyes.

But we weren't really free from the fanatical influence yet. For me personally, this was expressed in the form of being drawn to false doctrines of sanctification, which had influenced me from the very beginning of my life of faith. I was no longer looking for the "baptism of the Spirit", but instead for the unique and final "sanctification" as an experience, as taught by Arthur Booth-Clibborn or Samuel Brengle, for example. Eventually I fell into a false mystical piety, nourished myself more on "pious" literature such as Madame de Guyon and Tersteegen's "Lives of Sacred Souls" than on Holy Scripture, and was in danger of rushing from one enthusiastic aberration to the next.

The basis for this was that, although we had withdrawn from the charismatic movement, we had not yet clearly broken with the mistaken spirit itself. We still thought that at least the "serious", "sanctified" Pentecostals had the true Holy Spirit and genuine spiritual gifts. Although we saw the seduction in this movement, we did not yet recognize the movement as an erratic current completely controlled by a seductive spirit. We tried to adopt a wait-and-see neutral stance that is simply not possible.

But the faithful and gracious Lord opened our eyes completely. He used, among other things, lectures by the former Pentecostal Karl-Hermann Kauffmann, which made us aware of the salvation-historical lines of Scripture for the congregation in the end times, and gave us a clear view of the beginnings of the Pentecostal movement, in which the spirit of this movement was demonic with the same effects that we had seen through to John Wimber and the modern charismatics as false-minded frauds. It was now clear to us that there was only one answer: to detach oneself completely from this demonic spirit.

Only this step brought a clear, distinct change in our life of faith. I was able to experience how the word of God became precious and alive to me in an entirely new way; For the first time in my life, I realized what healthy biblical teaching is and began to study the Holy Scriptures consciously and systematically. I was allowed to shed all mystical fog, all remnants of enthusiastic distortion step by step and grow in the precious, clear knowledge of Jesus Christ.

He, my glorious Redeemer and Savior, grew up all over again, and I learned more and more to understand His grace and to worship Him for it - this precious, saving grace which for years had been obscured and obscured by pernicious false "sanctification" teachings of self-righteousness was.

This book, which was initially intended to be a narrow brochure, arose from the process of biblical processing of the false teachings of the past, combined with in-depth Bible study and spiritual growth. Through God's gracious providence and guidance, it became an extensive work that the Lord may use to open the eyes of many more God's children - for the end-time seduction of the church as well as for the glorious, all-sufficient abundance that we in Christ and in Him alone Find."