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R.Weiss packaging technology

Group products - Erect the carton - Fill the carton - Close the carton. All these work steps are combined in a single module, the UNIROB case packer. Due to its complex design, we are able to realize complex packaging processes in limited space.

The UNIROB Case Packers are designed for the packaging of stackable products. Within the machine, trays and boxes are efficiently and safely erected, filled and sealed. In addition, the processing of pre-glued sleeves is also possible. Through the individual configuration of the case packer modules, we offer a wide range of different packing solutions, such as case packers, box packers, tray packers, tray & hood packers for displays, bag packers and stick packers.

This results in numerous possibilities for the design of your individual final packaging. Laying or standing product arrangements, line or layer formations, boxes with front flaps, top flaps or 3 side closure - diversity of the packaging applications is enormous. We design our individual packers according to your specific requirements.