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Learning palmistry: this is how you interpret your palm lines correctly

Do you want to find out more about yourself, your love happiness and possibly even about your future? Palmistry can give you answers to your questions. Statements about the personality and one's own life are made on the basis of the deep lines in the palms of the hands.

Anyone who thinks of a fortune teller at the fair when interpreting the lines of the hand is mistaken. Rather, palm reading is like analyzing a person's handwriting and requires good intuition. The art of palmistry can even be traced back to ancient times.

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Palmistry: Chirology and Chiromancy

There are two palm reading techniques: chirology and chiromancy. In chirology, hand and finger shape, fingernails, skin texture and hand lines are examined. From this statements are made about the character, health, hidden potentials, strengths and weaknesses, talents and even about possible challenges in life.

The hand-held reading technique chiromancy is more about a kind of future interpretation, because it adds a time factor. Based on the individual lines and textures, one believes to be able to manifest different phases of life and past and future events. Curious? You can teach yourself the most important basics of palmistry. We tell you how!

The basics of palm reading: which hand?

It is known that our right brain controls our left half of our body and our left brain controls our right half of our body. The right hemisphere is responsible for emotions and the unconscious. The left for the conscious and logical thinking. This can also be seen in the hands. In palmistry, therefore, both hands are analyzed. The left hand, also hereditary hand, stands for the unconscious and shows our original disposition and what awaits us in life. The right hand, the so-called development hand, stands for the conscious and shows what we have experienced from the past and present and our plans.

Learn palmistry: this is how it works!

Sit at a table in good light, place your hand on it with the back of your hand and look closely at the palm of your hand. Tip: To see the broad lines, you should spread your hand. You can see the fine lines of the hand better if you bend your hand slightly. You won't miss any of the important lines.

What do I have to look out for when reading palmistry?

Palmistry is not only about the length, position and direction of the individual lines, but also how clearly they stand out, i.e. how deeply furrowed they are. Branches, interruptions or other abnormalities are also decisive, because everything has a meaning in palmistry. For example, the depth of a line can indicate how intensely that factor will play a role in your life.

The most important lines in palmistry

  • Lifeline
  • Head line
  • Heart line
  • Fate line

Palmistry: lifeline

Don't worry, the lifeline doesn't reveal when someone is going to die. So it does not show the length of life, but rather stands for vitality, physical fitness, well-being and vitality. If the line is particularly pronounced and long, it shows good health and constitution. If it is wide, it means someone with a good immune system who rarely gets sick. A short line indicates a poor vitality and predisposition to certain diseases. Gaps in the line can also indicate major changes or serious illness.

Palmistry: head line

At the head line we can read information about intelligence, concentration, thought processes and rationality. If it is particularly pronounced, it shows good concentration and high intelligence. If it has branches upwards, that speaks for creativity and creative ability. A straight line means that someone is more of a head person who thinks and acts very rationally.

Palmistry: heart line

As the name suggests, the heart line is about feelings, happiness in love and relationships. The clearer the line can be seen, the happier possible relationships will be. Interruptions mean breakups and complicated relationships. A deep, very red line represents passion and a big heart. The longer the line, the easier it is for the person to be guided by feelings. Jealousy, on the other hand, has a very long, deep, straight line.

Palmistry: Line of Fate

The line of fate provides information about characteristics that make up the personality, such as one's own job, determination and perseverance. If the person is disciplined and assertive, the line is particularly strong. Gaps in the line indicate changes in the job. A long line of fate indicates that the person got on their own two feet early on. In some people, however, this line can hardly be seen, which shows that they do not want to commit themselves, are more likely to drift and go through life without a specific goal.

More, less important lines in palmistry

  • Sun line
  • Venus ring
  • Love line
  • Razors

Palmistry: sun line

Those who have the sun line are lucky. This line stands for attraction, warmth, success, popularity - in short: people who are on the sunny side of life. Not everyone has this line. If it is missing, it in turn means that the person has to work harder in life to be happy. But if the sun line already begins on the outer edge of the hand, it can also stand for a capricious and unstable person or for different places of residence in life.

Palmistry: Ring of Venus

The ring of Venus runs like a curve between the index and middle fingers. This is about partnership, marriage and sex life. Thus, several lines also stand for several marriages or relationships, a clear, straight line, for a happy marriage. A broken line represents breakups. A chain-shaped ring of Venus represents complicated relationships. Turnouts for someone who is often very dependent on their partner.

Palmistry: love lines

The love lines represent the number of real love relationships that one has in life. The closer the line is to the heart line, the earlier this love begins. The closer it is to the little finger, the later this partnership comes about. For those who find that too vague: The 30th year of life is in the middle of the heart line and the little finger. If the line is broken, it indicates breakups, divorce or a new beginning.

Palmistry: Raszetten

Statements about life in general can be read on the raszettes. If they are long and well developed, they indicate a happy and healthy life. Gaps stand for challenges in life, weak lines for a battered physical condition. Interruptions in the Raszetten can also indicate crises and challenges in life. If the Raszetten lines run in the direction of Venusberg, i.e. the ball of your thumb, you are one of the particularly passionate people. Branches in the direction of the outer edge of the ball of the thumb (moon mountain) indicate that you will go on many journeys.

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