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Edinburgh is Great But ... - Edinburgh

The Journey

I look out of the window - and there it is: the most beautiful landscape! Green hills, forests, the sea ...

I have to smile. Up to that point of the day I had been in a kind of trance, getting up in the very early morning, traveling to the airport, flying to Amsterdam, hurrying to the righ gate to catch the next flight ... but now here I am: On my plane high above the sunny hills of Scotland and I am so looking forward to the weekend with Julia!

A few minutes later I look out of my window again. But - what the hell ...?! No sun. No hills. No green Scotland anymore. It looks as if we are going down through the clouds and I wait for the white, unfriendly rain-causers to end so that I can take a glimpse of what Edinburgh looks like. But then - Rooom!
What was that ??

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Edinburgh! Please remain seated until the plane is in its final position ...". It wasn't the clouds that welcomed me so nicely to the city, it was the sea mist. And there are no indications that it takes any effort to move one bit the following hours. But you know what?

That is just the right atmosphere to visit Edinburgh!

Tea for Two
The perfect way to start a weekend in Scotland is with a cozy Tea for Two with hot chocolate, scones, sandwiches and pieces of cake! This huge portion for two is even available for as little as ten pounds.

After all, you have to strengthen yourself because there is a lot to see ...

... There is Edinburgh Castle, where you can not only learn a lot about Scotland's history, but also have a great view over the city.

The One O'Clock Gun has been fired every day, Monday through Saturday, at 1:00 p.m. since 1861. The idea for this came from John Hewitt, who had seen a similar "time cannon" in Paris. It was introduced to help the ships in Leith harbor reset their clocks.

Right next to the entrance to the castle is the Camera Obscura, a special kind of museum.
On the top floor is the "walk-in pinhole camera", the camera obscura, which amazed people 150 years ago. You stand around a large wooden table on which a picture of what is happening in the city can be seen: Cars park, people stroll through the alleys ... What may not seem so exciting to us today, still had 150 years ago for many Lost language.

A few attractions have been added on the lower floors, so you can let your senses be fooled in the World of Illusions, admire yourself in special mirrors and, above all, try out everything for yourself!
The roof terrace again offers a great view including explanatory signs. Camera Obscura is really worth seeing!

Another museum worth visiting is the National Museum of Scotland - free entry!

On six floors you can learn about the geographic origins of Scotland, the first inhabitants, the kings and queens and marvel at huge machines from earlier times. In between there are costumes that are meant to be put on and feel like a real Scot!

The third floor is the venue for various exhibitions. For example, "Salt of the Earth", a photo exhibition by Craig Mackay, could be admired until January 10, 2010. The photographer has portrayed famous people from Scotland or with a connection to Scotland.

Leith, a district on the harbor in Edinburgh, is also worth a visit.

Leith used to be a town in its own right, and over time it has developed from a place of the drug scene (the setting for the novel "Trainspotting" by Irvine Welsh) to a touristic and innovative part of the city of Edinburgh.

Today you can find the former yacht of the Queen, Her Mayesty's Yacht Britannia, next to shopping centers.

After a visit to the harbor, it is particularly nice to walk along the course of the Water of Leith and get to know a slightly different part of Edinburgh in this way. Here you get the feeling of being in a north German place than in the city of castles ...

cozy end ...
... after enjoying one last view over the city from Calton Hill ...

... the best way to end the weekend is in Greyfriar Bobby's Bar with a glass of cider and live music! If you want, you can also learn a story here, namely that of Greyfriars Bobby, a very loyal dog who lived more than a hundred years ago. But since it is already late, the best thing to do is sit back and watch the hustle and bustle, accompanied by Graeme E. Pearson's chants ...

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