Where are Chatango chat logs stored

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Where are the map ports stored?
03/16/2013 - Metin2 Private Server - 5 replies
Hello everyone, I wanted to ask where the map ports are stored. Would you be grateful for someone. Could help .. LG
Minecraft where are Pw stored?
09/01/2012 - Minecraft - 2 replies
Heej, I wanted to ask if anyone knows where Minecraft's passwords are saved when you click on Remember password (etc.) when you log in? If you think you have to roll around here again, please leave it straight away .. & go to the RTL fan club .. Mfg .. Benny!
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Hello I took a webcam photo with msn and I wanted to edit it where can I find the photo? in which folder? thanks
[HELP] PSC are not saved
10/29/2011 - Metin2 Private Server - 11 replies
Hide sorry for spelling mistakes I'm on the iPad So on my root the cash is saved in the donated cards in the PSc log But since noon today these are no longer saved in the PSc log so they are nowhere gone Is the dB maybe overloaded or what: o. ???! (nothing was changed in the script)
Where are the macros stored?
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Moin, I have a question. I recently downloaded a UI and now want to set it. However, I have a lot of important macros and don't feel like rewriting them all. Which folder do I have to copy in from the old interface in order to take over the macros? (I am making a new thread because in the large macro thread all posts without macros are deleted)

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