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What are the different drawing techniques?

Do you want to learn to draw properly and take a drawing course? Are you enthusiastic about painting?

Once you have learned the basics of drawing in the drawing course, you have to apply your knowledge and Practice drawing. The best way to do this is with various drawing techniques! Each area has its own characteristics and teaches you different skills.

So when drawing is often about füChoosing the right technology for a successful result. It's not always easy, especially when it comes to using it!

In this article we would like to introduce you to the different types of drawings that you should know if you want to learn to draw well ...

How can I draw a portrait?

Drawing a face is one of the most difficult tasks for a draftsman. Even if you are actually quite good at drawing, you will quickly notice that something is wrong or does not fit with the portrait you have just drawn.

So how do you get a realistic portrait? How to draw an eye or a mouth

In order to get into portrait drawing, you have to be able to recognize and observe proportions, as well as various specific drawing techniques. You should work through these steps to get the Basis for your drawn face to prepare:

  • Draw an oval shape.
  • Divide the oval into two equal parts with a horizontal line. The eyes are on this line.
  • Divide the lower half of the face with another horizontal line. This is where the lower end of the nose is located.
  • The mouth is in the lowest quarter.
  • The bottom of the ears should be level with the tip of the nose.
  • The distance between the eyes is the width of a third eye.

You have now prepared the most important proportions. Now it's time to get to the finer details of the face that you want to draw as a portrait - not to mention the hair!

The Expression of the eyes is without a doubt the most difficult to draw. In order for you to succeed, you not only have to be able to draw perfect eyes, but also pay attention to the eyelids, the pupil and the iris.

Once you've drawn an initial sketch for your portrait, you can add the subtleties to the face. The most important thing is that you learn, properly with shades and light to deal with. Blur or erase your lines or work with reinforcements. For example, you can give the mouth more volume with a shade under the lower lip.

How can i draw a hand?

After the face, the hand is another part of the body that is difficult to draw. 27 Bones, muscles, tendons ... The hand can also infinite positions take in. Before you can draw a realistic hand, you have to practice.

First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the hand, because this way you will quickly understand what you have to pay attention toif you want to draw hands. Then you have to adapt your drawing techniques in order to be able to put even the smallest details on paper.

  • First step: Concentrate on one open hand and draw simple geometric shapes to outline the ball of the foot and fingers. The thumb is initially disregarded because it is a little further away from the other fingers. Divide the ball of the hand in two with a vertical line. This dividing line separates the middle finger and ring finger.
  • Second step: Specifies the length of the fingers and the position of the joints. Each finger consists of three members, only the thumb has only two.
  • Third step: Now insert the thumb into your drawing. You start at the bottom of the ball of your hand.

The most important lines for your hand are now drawn. Time for the finer points! Improves the shape of the fingers, paying special attention to the joints. Add the nails when your hand can be seen from above. If the palm of your hand is to be shown, think of the many wrinkles.

Here are a few more tips to help you draw with your hands:

  • Remember that the fingers are not flat, they are cylindrical.
  • Gives the nails their rounded shape to add volume to the fingers.
  • Works with shadows to highlight the muscles and folds of the ball of the foot.
  • The folds of a hand must be drawn as you see them. They are not straight lines, but they appear in many directions and shapes.

Even if you want to draw a cartoon character, the hands present a very special difficulty. Therefore, comic heroes often have poorly detailed and unrealistic hands or wear gloves like Mickey Mouse, but you still have to pay attention to the proportions.

Hands are important for every drawing!

How can I draw in 3D?

3D drawings are another technique that you can learn in the drawing course. A drawing only looks really realistic when you gives her depth. The basis for drawing in three dimensions is to be able to work with perspectives.

The first thing you have to understand is that an element gets smaller and smaller the further back it should be in your drawing. Unfortunately, that's not enough to paint a realistic 3D drawing. You should be yourselves at first set to a point of view. In order to trace your model faithfully and to get the right perspective, you have to work with grids:

  • A horizon line: A horizontal line at the level of the beholder's gaze.
  • A vanishing point (or more): These points are on the horizon line.

To find your vanishing points, you have to look at the surroundings of your drawing, e.g. a street, a house, a river, trees in a row ... You draw from them Lines to the horizonthat intersect in one or more places. These are your vanishing points.

Once you have drawn your grid, you can start with your sketch. You have to make sure that you pay attention to the proportions and the perspective effects. This technique is called linear perspective. In addition to this, there are other techniques, e.g. the cavalier perspective and the color perspective.

If you can work with perspectives, you can use anamorphoses to build optical illusions into your drawings. In this way you can create an effect that makes your picture look incredibly realistic.

How can I draw a logo?

Let's move from drawing to graphic design. Graphic designers are often hired to create logos using their drawing skills and experience with illustration.

But what is the difference between a logo and another drawing?

The entire creative process is different and different graphic skills are required. However, you should also use the Basic principles of the art of drawing understand and consider rules for colors.

Drawing a logo is not an easy task. After all, a logo should be the same at best convey multiple messages in just one small graphicthat has to be as simple as possible. A logo serves as the visual identity of a company or a brand. It is the element that should make you think of the name of the company at a glance.

In order for a logo to have a targeted effect, you need a good idea. that is probably the hardest step. You have to think seriously and create several drawings. For the basics of the logo you have to be clear about the shape or the symbol. Then it comes to the other elements:

  • Colours
  • Effects
  • text
  • font
  • Negative space

Logos may seem simple at first, but the closer you look, the more hidden subtleties and messages you can discover. Every detail is carefully considered and deliberately designed. And always remember, a logo must be simple, timeless and adaptable be!

How can I draw a tattoo?

You are good at drawing and you want yours design your own tattoo template?

There are of course specific difficulties that you have to be aware of. Before you can start, you have to think for a while about what your motif and your style should be. Tattoos are a very versatile art. There are many different styles and each tattoo artist gives the tattoos their own unique touch. Take a look at several tattoo studios and discuss your ideas with an expert who can help you with inspiration.

Japanese tattoos, Chinese characters as tattoos, tribal tattoos, old school or 3D tattoos, script tattoos or realistic tattoos ... There is a suitable tattoo for everyone. Once you've decided on a style, you can Choose your motif. A tattoo should be a personal work that represents a deep meaning for you.

Then it's about Draw your tattoo. Here, too, you should think about the feasibility:

  • Where do you want to get a tattoo? (Upper arm, back, shoulder, ankle ...)
  • How big should the tattoo be? The more details, the bigger it has to be.
  • Black and white or colorful? Think carefully about whether you will like the colors in the long term ...

Don't forget that tattoos are permanent. So before you get under the needle, you should take enough time to think about your tattoo.

How can I draw comics?

Are you absolute comic fans and have brilliant ideas in mind? Then draw your own comic book! But how does a manga or a comic book succeed?

You definitely should specify several key elements. Imagine your comic and put your ideas on paper. You should follow these steps:

  • Outlines a rough plot with the beginning, the end and the most important events.
  • Divides the plot into lots of different scenes a, with which the story is told.
  • Draw up a storyboard: Draw the fields for your comic drawings and place the different scenes.
  • Make any necessary adjustments: Add or remove a field, resize it, etc.
  • Create a main character and supporting characters: who are they, what are their characteristics, their names and their story.
  • Draw your cartoon characters and pays attention to facial expression, appearance and look.

Once you have completed all of these steps, all you have to do is get started and draw your comic. Most of the time it is the best moment for comic artists: To give life to his story and his characters. Either you design your comic with pen and paper or you use software and a graphics tablet.

When drawing, you have many different options and perspectives. This form of art is very creative and requires skill and the mastery of various techniques. In order to learn to draw properly, you should think about taking a drawing course.

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