Rajdhani Express from Mughalsarai to Howrah India

Howrah Rajdhani Express

Howrah Rajdhani Express:

Howrah Rajdhani is the first fully air-conditioned train, as well as the first Rajdhani train. Arguably the highest ranked train of the Indian Railways based on priority, it is affectionately known among rail fans as "The King". It is the most senior of all the Rajdhanis. At any given time the Howrah Rajdhani always gets the highest priority, on any line, over any train. It is also the first train in India which provide free wi-fi access.

The Howrah Rajdhani Express left New Delhi station for Howrah station, on 3 March 1969, to cover a distance of 1,445 km in 17 hours 20 mins. At that time, it only had an AC Chair Car seating. Also, it reduced the travel time from Delhi to West Bengal from 24 hours to 17 hours. The train is the 5th fastest in India. It is regularly hauled by a WAP 7 locomotive of Howrah and Ghaziabad. Sometimes as an off link it is hauled by WAP 4 locomotive of Howrah.

The Rajdhani Express was introduced on March 3, 1969 to provide high-speed connections of up to 145 km / h (87 mi / h) (speed varied depending upon the particular track section) from New Delhi, the national capital, to different state capitals . In a few cases, the Rajdhani also ran to other important locations in the state.

Based on the popularity of the Howrah Rajdhani, the Sealdah Rajdhani Express was made functional. Sealdah is another railway station in Kolkata.

The trains have high priority on the Indian railway network and are fully air-conditioned. Passengers are provided with complimentary meals during the journey. Depending on the timing of the train, lunch, high tea, dinner, morning tea or breakfast are served. The trains offer three classes of accommodation: First Class AC with 2 or 4 berth lockable bedrooms, Second Class AC 2-tier with open system berths (bays of 4 berths + 2 berths on the side) but provided with curtains for privacy & reading lamps , Second Class AC 3-tier (bays of 6 berths + 2 berths on the side) with privacy curtains in some newer coaches. Interestingly, this Rajdhani boasts of the maximum number of AC 2-tier coaches among any other train of Indian Railways, with 5 AC 2-tier coaches. Generally it has 2 First AC, 5 AC 2-Tiers, up to 10 AC 3-Tiers (both of which may be increased according to demand), 2 AC Hot Buffet Cars (ie Pantry Cars) & 2 Luggage / Parcel cum Generator cum Brake van one of which is provided with the guards' cabin.