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2020‘해치지 않아’ Directed by Son Jae-gon


A lawyer is given the mission of revitalizing a bankrupt zoo that has no animals. When he and a group of zookeepers come up with the idea to dress like animals and his fake polar bear goes viral, the zoo becomes a hit, before his law firm’s real intentions are revealed.

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  • americans: we bought a zoo

    koreans: we are the zoo

  • i needed this to be way more fucking outrageous. downfall was trying to also be a tearjerker but then being a touch too silly to tug at the heart properly. 1-2 good gags but dare i say the movie was almost ... boring?

  • Korean Collection # 36:

    Secret Zoo (해치지 않아)
    By Son Jae-gon

    OK. I cheated. But you know what? Time to have some enjoyment again for the Korean Collection.

    So ... yeah. It's not that bad. I love Secret Zoo and I feel like it deserves a lot more love than it has any right to.

    Based off a popular Korean webcomic called "I Don't Bully You", while Secret Zoo isn't a story built around a deep allegorical comedy, it is constructed off very clever plotlines developed around stupid ideas, such as disguise, an idea widely used in comedies about social status. At the same time, it brings a deep root about the issues of capitalism and corrupted greed, given that this is from a movie ...

  • German title: Save the zoo
    FSK 6 💛

    I was taken with the idea immediately after the trailer and it is also implemented in a creative and funny way.
    Dressing up in animal costumes and imitating them because there are no real animals in the zoo
    Of course, this leads to weird situations without a way out.
    The story has already been seen a few times, however, and it is largely predictable. Nevertheless, precisely because of the idea, I had my fun and one or two laughs couldn't be suppressed.

  • 해치지 않아 is a very likeable comedy for the whole family, as the saying goes. The humor doesn't strike, it's tame, but nice. The cast does its job well and picks you up emotionally quickly. As expected, Korean staged high quality. In addition, some social criticism and a little kitsch. You can't be angry about that. But there is also no feeling that you have seen anything special. I would say 해치지 않아 is a good movie for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    해치지 않아 is a thoroughly likeable comedy for the whole family, as they say. The humor doesn't bump, is tame, but nice. The cast does a good job and picks you up emotionally quickly. As expected, the Korean production is ...

  • Finally back to the cinema! And with a film that I've been in the mood for since the first teaser, it can't go wrong, can it? Unfortunately I have to say that Secret Zoo was only half as fun as I suspected. There were a few funny scenes, but the film drags on after a while. Always charming, but nothing really special either. I am benevolently adding another half a star, because I believe that the German dubbing, in which I had to see the film, ruined a lot. It was just bad. So whoever has the opportunity should Secret Zoo definitely see it in the original sound (like every [Korean] film actually). I am of the opinion that it will definitely work better this way and I will see for myself when I get the chance.

  • A South Korean comedy that also contains a bit of social criticism, but which unfortunately falls short. The story of a budding lawyer trying to save a zoo is quite interesting in and of itself. Because there are no more animals in said zoo. So some other remedy has to be found. It is decided to dress up as animals. (luckily, because the CGI is pretty modest) That makes for some really great, funny and quirky scenes.

    I was hoping that the story wouldn't turn out as 08/15 as it unfortunately did. There, especially in the last 30 minutes, all the clichés that you can imagine in a film like this are spread. That evaluates Save the zoo unfortunately something ...

  • To prove himself, a young lawyer has to make an insolvent zoo successful again. Since the animals were transported away by the creditors, the employees in animal costumes have to take on this task.
    Sounds pretty stupid, but it is told in a charming way, works and even feels believable.
    The gags are well distributed and don't drift too much into slapstick.
    Too long and very predictable overall, but I was also less entertained. And I was finally able to see a movie on the big screen again.

  • Korea selatan berhasil mengejutkan kami dengan idenya yang menarik dan sangat segar. Tidak terkecuali Secret Zoo ini.

    Boleh dibilang Secret Zoo ini build up nya agak kerasa kelamaan. Rada njlimet dan berasa lama banget. Untungnya kesabaran kalian kelak akan berbuah cukup manis setelah bagian perbinatangan-nya muncul. Pecah dan kocak fears.

    Scene kebun binatangnya ini sukses banget jadi pemecah stress sih. Kukang, Singa, Gorila dan Polar bear-nya punya kelucuan masing-masing. Para pemainnya ga didesain untuk melucu, tapi bisa jadi lucu. Ini yang bikin lucu.

    Yang sedikit disayangkan adalah kegilaan dan kelucuan di "tengah" film tidak awet sampe film berakhir. Secret Zoo jadi berasa solid di tengah doang, awal dan akhirnya berasa kurang nampol aja.

    So apakah Secret Zoo wortit untuk ditonton? Sebagai pelepas stress, Secret Zoo tetap sangat kami rekomendasikan. Tapi kalo harus dibandingkan dengan film komedi korea yang muncul di tahun lalu, Secret Zoo ini sedikit di bawah ekspektasi kami.

    Rating: Chewbacca / 10

  • Dari dulu cuma nonton ⅓ doang. Akhirnya hari ini lunas dan slowing meluncur ke Knowing Brothers yang bintang tamu nya mereka dong ihiy capcuuuss dahhh

  • Comedy-nya hit and miss, tapi sekalinya kena, LPM-nya lumayan tinggi.
    Scene Chewbacca yg paling koplak sih, ga bisa berhenti ngakak.
    Overall, ga wah banget, eksekusi endingnya juga gitu aja.

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  • 동물 을 활용 한 유머 라기 엔 지나치게 가학 적인 것들이 섞여 있으며, 주인공 들을 포장 하는 흐름 이 타당 하지 않다.

  • For which target demographic is this movie?
    The main story is too complicated for kids and also way too long, but the rest of the movie is too childish and harmless to be for anyone over the age of 4. To be fair the actors are trying their best and some of the costume are good looking (mainly the gorilla suit) but man this film didn't need to be 2 hours long and goddamn this is one of the dumbest cases of the liar reveal trope i have ever seen (he didn't even lie why was everyone pissed at him aaaargh i hate that trope sooo much)

  • This happened to my buddy matt damon

  • Funnier and with more heart than I was expecting. Really hoping America doesn't try to remake this because it will just end up being a lot cringier

  • German title: Save the zoo
    FSK 6 💛

    I was immediately taken with the idea after the trailer and it is also implemented in a creative and funny way.
    To dress up in animal costumes and to imitate them because there are no real animals in the zoo
    Of course, this leads to weird situations without a way out.
    The story has already been seen a few times, however, and it is largely predictable. Nevertheless, precisely because of the idea, I had my fun and one or the other laugh could not be suppressed.

  • Watched this with some friends. Definitely a fun movie with some hilarious scenes but everything outside of the zoo felt unecessary and took away time for more comedic moments.

    ⭐⭐⭐✨ For Korea coming up with unique plots again

  • The longest Coca-Cola commercial of all time

  • Honestly the whole thing was pretty boring. The cast was fine, but I feel like the story wasn't developed enough.

  • The film could have been 20 minutes shorter, it would have been good for him, despite the length, Save the Zoo is an entertaining and heartfelt film, but not everyone will be able to relate to Korean humor.

  • I feel cheated by this movie. It was marketed as a comedy film, but the only funny scenes in the entire thing were the same scenes they already showed in the trailer. Everything else felt a little mediocre / lackluster for me, even the drama aspects. I couldn't fully sympathize with any of the characters.

  • one star for jeon yeo-been and one star for jeon yeo-been dressed as a sloth

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