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The 7 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world

In this picture gallery you will find a list of the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers by sales in 2019. The sales of the entire company were taken into account for the placements. Source: Handelsblatt; Image: Evgeny Rannev - Fotolia

This year, pharmaceuticals group Glaxo Smith Kline (2019: USD 43.92 billion in sales) and French manufacturer Sanofi (USD 39 billion) just missed the top 7. In the previous year they reached places 7 and 6, and it is mainly due to two newcomers in the top 7 list that they now reach places 9 and 8 (GSK). Image: Sanofi

7th place goes to the research-oriented pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. The Americans increased sales from USD 42.3 billion to USD 46.8 billion in 2019. Merck's product range includes drugs, vaccines and biologics to fight cancer, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's and infectious diseases such as HIV and Ebola, as well as preparations for animal health. Image: MSD

With sales of USD 47.5 billion, Novartis dropped from fourth to sixth in 2019. Revenue in 2019 was down $ 2.7 billion year over year. The Swiss company researches, develops and sells products for the treatment and prophylaxis of respiratory and eye diseases, infectious diseases, oncology and hematology, neurology as well as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Image: Novartis

The cumulative sales with the acquired crop protection giant Monsanto catapults the life science group Bayer into the top ten pharmaceutical companies this year. Bayer had sales of USD 48 billion in 2019. The plant in Wuppertal shown in the picture is an important location for pharmaceutical production. (Image: Bayer)

The US company Pfizer landed down from the podium in fourth place in 2019. The company had sales of $ 51.75 billion. Pfizer focuses primarily on the development and production of prescription drugs for cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the central nervous system, rheumatism and pain, infections and HIV diseases, urogenital diseases, respiratory problems, eye and metabolic diseases and cancer. Pfizer was the largest pharmaceutical company in the world until the baby food division was sold in 2012. Image: Pfizer

For the first time, the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm is among the top places, increasing its sales in 2019 from USD 48.8 billion to USD 60.2 billion - and thus finishing third on the podium. (Image: Giordano Aita-Fotolia.com)

In second place, with sales of USD 63.9 billion (+ 7 billion), is F. Hoffmann - La Roche AG. The Swiss healthcare company is actively involved in researching, developing and selling innovative healthcare solutions. Roche is the world's leading supplier of in-vitro diagnostics, anti-cancer drugs and transplant medicine. Image: Roche

First place goes once again to the US company Johnson & Johnson. The Americans generated sales of USD 82.06 billion in 2019. Johnson & Johnson manufactures and sells health products and pharmaceuticals and is one of the largest suppliers in the market worldwide. The portfolio includes both prescription and over-the-counter products, including active ingredients against fungal infections, ointments, cosmetics, eye drops, pain relievers and contact lenses. Image: Johnson & Johnson