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Nights On Broadway: translations in spanish and lyrics - Bee Gees

We introduce you to the text and the translation of Nights on Broadway, a new song written by Bee Gees from the album 'Main Course'taken published on Sunday 2 May 2021.

The 6 songs that make up the album are the following:

Here is a little list of songs that one might decide to sing, including which album each song comes from:
  • Edge of the Universe
  • All This Making Love
  • Come on over
  • Songbird
  • Country Lanes
  • Baby As You Turn Away

Other albums of Bee Gees

Nights on Broadway Audio and video
of Bee Gees

Nights on Broadway Lyrics
of Bee Gees

Note: The material is NOT available on our server. The following table provides an updated list of direct links to pages on websites that contain the text and, in some cases, the translation of Nights On Broadway.


The song "Nights On Broadway" was written by Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb e Maurice Gibb. Support the writers and labels behind its creation by buying it if you want.