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The Adventure of Link,
A link to the past,
Link's Awakening,
Ocarina of Time,
Majora's Mask,
Oracle of Ages,
Oracle of Seasons,
Four swords,
The Wind Waker,
Four Swords Adventures,
The Minish Cap,
Twilight Princess,
Phantom Hourglass,
Spirit tracks,
Skyward Sword,
A Link Between Worlds,
Breath of the Wild

Title (s)

(The Legend of Zelda)
Hero of Hyrule
(A link to the past)

Legendary hero
(Link's Awakening)
(Kodai no Sebikan)
Hero of light
(Ocarina of Time)
Hero of the time
(Majora's Mask)
Sir Link
Green caped boy
(Oracle of Ages)
Hero of the Essences of Time,
The hero
(Oracle of Seasons)
Hero of the essences of the season,
The hero
(The Wind Waker)
Hero of the wind

link (リ ン ク,Rinku?) is the protagonist of the video game series The Legend of Zeldawhich was invented by Shigeru Miyamoto. The name Link comes from the English (a link, to link) and means connection or connectbecause the player should see himself as the person in the game and link is the connection between the game world and the player. That is also the reason why you are in Zelda-Play can choose your own name.


In all games except Breath of the Wild, Link wears a green tunic with a green pointed cap. He usually wears brown boots and is armed with a sword and shield. The armor that Link wears is known as the hero's garb and has its origins in Skyward Sword. In the year Link passed his knight's examination, green was chosen as the color of the robe. Since then, every chosen hero of the goddesses has been given a green robe. The link is excluded from this Ocarina of Time, since he grew up as a Kokiri and therefore wore a green tunic as a child.

In addition, Link has the option of changing his armor in most games. In the early games, the armor differed only in color and strength. Wore Link, for example in A Link To The Past, the red armor, his defense was highest. With Ocarina of Time, new armor skills were introduced. With the red Goron armor, Link allows you to enter places with enormous heat, such as Death Mountain. The Zora armor grants Link the ability to breathe easily underwater. These armors make especially in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess their appearance. Furthermore, Link in Twilight Princesswho wear magic armor, by which he takes no more damage, but his rubies are less.

In the prologue of the actions, Link often wears different clothes that may only appear briefly in the game. In The Wind Waker Link wears his normal outfit from preludes. However, on his birthday he will soon be given the hero's robe. If you play the game a second time in hero mode, Link wears these clothes for the entire game. In Twilight Princess Link wears the Ordon armor, which also has no further appearance in the game. After Link has saved the light spirit Phirone, this Link transforms back into a human being and gives him the heroic robe at the same time. In Spirit tracks Link wears the train driver's uniform to match his title, which you can equip again later in the game. And also in Skyward Sword At the beginning Link does not wear the hero's robe, but wears his normal clothes from the cloud hoard. He wears them until he has passed the cloud rider ceremony.

In the prehistory Breath of the Wild Link wears the warrior's robe. In the main game, Link wakes up in the Shrine of Life without wearing any real clothes. As the game progresses, Link can buy and put on new armor. Individual pieces of armor have different strengths and weaknesses. But in the official artwork from Nintendo Link always wears the warrior's robe, along with the Hylia hood and the Hylia pants.

Link is in most games except the Wii version of Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild, Left handed. In Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword if he is right-handed, as most games hold the Wii-Remode in his right hand. In A Link To The Past Link is apparently two-handed, as his sprite strikes from both sides, sometimes from the right and sometimes from the left. Which hand Link uses the sword is determined by the direction in which he is looking.

Link has blue eyes in all games and is blonde in most games too. In the first few games Link had brown hair in the artwork, while he had brown hair in the Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons Play tends to have orange-colored hair. In Twilight Princess Link seems to have dark blonde hair. And the in-game sprite of A link to the past has pink hair for some inexplicable reason, while the artwork of the game depicts Link with blonde hair. In all other games, Link has blonde hair. In addition, the back of his left hand has the symbol of the Triforces. This was done in Ocarina of Time shown for the first time when the Triforce lit up when the three Triforce vehicles were in a room. This symbol on the back of the hand has other appearances in The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. However, the link has the symbol on the back of the right hand, as he wields the master sword with his right hand.


In almost all games, Link begins his journey as a child or as an adolescent Hylian. Only in Skyward Sword like Zelda, he comes from the hoard of clouds, a floating island in the sky. He is the owner of the master sword, a weapon with which he defeats evil, usually also Ganondorf. He also carries the Triforce Fragment of Courage on the back of his left hand. It serves as a sign of his election by the goddess.


The Legend of Zelda (NES)

Link is a hero who was commissioned by Impa, a royal court zöffin, to save Princess Zelda from the evil king of darkness, Ganon, who wants to find the fragments of the Triforceframent of Wisdom. Link finds the pieces before Ganon did and finally Link defeats Ganon with a silver arrow and saves Zelda. Link's character is little explained in the game and it appears that he appears to be just a general fantasy hero, but he is described in the prologue.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

There was a sequel not long after the game and in The Adventure of Link the same link from the previous game is shown. Although Ganon was killed, his group is still active. They plan to revive Ganon by spilling the blood of his murderer, Link, on his ashes. Impa finds a Triforce mark on Link's hand. She explains that he is the hero chosen to wake Princess Zelda from her deep sleep. Link lays six crystals in the palaces of Hyrule and finally he defeats the dark Link. He receives the Triforce Fragment of Courage and awakens Princess Zelda.

A link to the past

Link was traveling when he received a telepathic message from Princess Zelda. Zelda told him that she was locked in the dungeon at Hyrule Castle and was afraid of her fate. When the news ended, his uncle was ready to fight and went out of the house. Link followed him secretly. When he arrived at Hyrule Castle, he found his uncle seriously wounded underground. The uncle told Link that he had to save Princess Zelda from the dungeon and he gave him his sword and shield. After his uncle dies, Link goes into the castle and saves Zelda from her cell and the two escape into a secret passage through the sewer pipes that leads to a cathedral. Link learned from the priest at the cathedral that Agahnim, a sorcerer who had usurped the throne of the king of Hyrule, was planning to break the seal placed on Ganon hundreds of years ago by the Seven Wise Men. In order to break the seal, he must capture the descendants of the Seven Wise Men and banish them all individually to the shadowy world, the former golden kingdom. The only sword that can destroy him is the master sword. In order to hold the sword in his hands, Link has to find the three amulets. Through the three amulets, Link was able to draw his sword and he received another telephatic message from Zelda, stating that she had again been captured in the cathedral by the obsessive soldiers controlled by Agahnim. Link went to Hyrule Castle to save her. But he was late. Before his eyes Zelda was sent into the shadow world by Agahnim and he fled. Link could almost kill Agahnim, but he took advantage of the few seconds of carelessness and banished him to the shadowy world.

In order to save Hyrule, Link now has to free the seven girls, descendants of the Seven Wise Men, from the palaces and dungeons in the shadowy world. Once the seven virgins were freed, they were able to generate a force that broke the barrier around the tower of Ganon. Above in the tower Link did not meet Ganon, but Agahnim. After Link defeats Agahnim the second time, Ganon rises from Agahnim's body and disappears. Link chases after him and has finally arrived at the shadow pyramid in the shadow world. After a fight against Ganon, Link touches the Triforce, wishing that Ganon's actions would be undone and that everything that was harmed by Ganon and Agahnim would be restored. So the king of Hyrule and Link's uncle, also the priest, were revived.

Link's Awakening

Link sailed out to sea with his boat and got into distress. His boat was wrecked and his body was washed up on the coast of Cocolint Island. A little later, Marin, a girl from the seagull village, found his body and brought Link to her home. He woke up, got his shield from Tarin, and looked for his sword on the coast. Immediately afterwards an owl appeared and asked him to visit the magic forests. There Link found out that he is on an island that cannot even be found on a map. He can leave this island by finding the instruments in the dungeons and playing them in front of the windfish. In the course of the game Link learns that this island is not real, but is a dream world of the wind fish. However, this island can also be his undoing.

Ocarina of Time

The fairy child from the woods

At night in the woods of Kokiri, Link, a fairy child of the woods, had a nightmare and slept restlessly. Navi was sent to Link to wake him up. The Deku Tree wanted to speak to Link and asked him to destroy the evil creature inside the Deku Tree. Link put this into practice and then learned his heroic destiny and he received the Kokiri emerald. Before the Deku Tree died, he sent Link to Hyrule to visit Princess Zelda. Link snuck into Hyrule Castle and met Zelda and learned that Zelda also has a purpose. Both agreed that both would take action against Ganondorf, the leader of the Gerudos, and want to prevent Ganondorf from finding the three holy stones in order to enter the holy realm and steal the Triforce. Ganondorf also asked for the ocarina of time. So Link wanted to help Zelda and he looked for the other two stones. After Link found all three stones and wanted to visit Zelda, Hyrule Castle was attacked. Impa and Zelda fled from Ganondorf. At the last moment, Zelda threw the Ocarina of Time into a moat. Ganondorf attacked Link and rode off to find the princess. So Link took the ocarina of time and got a telepathic message from Zelda and she taught Link the hymn of time in this message.

The hero of the time

Since Link now has the Ocarina of Time and the three sacred stones, he could now visit the Citadel of Time. Link played the hymn of the times before the holy realm and the gate to the master sword was opened. Link drew the master sword and the gate of time was opened and in the process he made a fatal mistake. The holy realm was open and Ganondorf was able to penetrate and steal the Triforce. Meanwhile, Link slept for seven years and his soul was trapped. When Link woke up, Rauru, one of the seven wise men, spoke to him and told him what was happening while Link was sleeping. Ganondorf enchanted the temples of Hyrule, imprisoned the other sages there and turned Hyrule into a refuge of doom. Rauru commissioned Link to desecrate the temples in order to save the other wise men. Now Link took his mission seriously and traveled across Hyrule and visited the temples. In the Kokiri Forest, Link's home, he learns from the Deku offspring, the new Deku tree, that it is actually not a Kokiri, but a Hylian who was taken in by the Kokiri. That's why he grew up, Kokiri don't age. He met Shiek on his travels and often met him on his resie. Link couldn't find out anything specific about Shiek. When Link saved all the wise, he went to the Citadel of Time and met Shiek again there. Shiek told Link something about the Triforce. Now the truth came out that Ganondorf did not steal the entire Triforce, only the Triforce fragment of the Force. The other two fragments, the fragments of wisdom and courage, were gone. Shiek revealed that Link is the bearer of the Triforce Fragment of Courage. Finally, Shiek showed his the fragment of wisdom and he transformed. Link could hardly believe it, because Shiek was Princess Zelda the whole time and she was standing in front of him. The moment came when Zelda handed Link the light arrows. Both believed they were protected from Ganondorf in the citadel of the time, but Ganondorf interfered in the conversation, locked Zelda in a crystal and she was kidnapped into the castle of Ganondorf. Link wanted to defeat Ganondorf forever and save Zelda. When we arrived at the castle, there was a fight. After Zelda was freed, Ganondorf could not bear his defeat. With his strength, he brought down his own lock. Zelda and Link then fled. At first glance it all seemed to be over, but Ganondorf appeared from the rubble and turned into Ganon. Link was able to defeat Ganon. So the wise men opened the gate to hell and imprisoned Ganondorf there. By defeating the Grand Master of Evil, peace returned to Hyrule. In the future, Zelda apologized to Link because she pulled Link into the action. She took Link's ocarina of time and sent him back in time. Link brought the master sword back and Navi said goodbye to Link. When it was all over, Link visited Zelda again with Epona.

Majora's Mask

After the fighting in Hyrule, Link and Epona left the country and started a search for GPS. Link rode deep into the lost woods and reached the land of Termina. Link looked around and suddenly Taya and TaelEpona were frightened. Link fell from Epona and passed out. The Horror Kid appears and steals the Ocarina of Time and Epona. When Link and the Horror Kid met, Link was transformed into Deku-Link by the Majora's mask. Again the Horror Kid escapes and goes to Clock City. On the way to town, Link met the mask dealer and learned that the Horror Kid had stolen his Majora's mask.

After Link was able to get his Time Ocarina back from Horror Kid, Link was sent back three days by the Anthem of Time. Through the song of liberation, the magic of Link's Deku shape was transformed into a Deku bowl. The mask dealer told him the story about the Majora's mask and asked him to look for the mask before an acocalypse drowned Clock City. Taya agreed to help Link to prevent the downfall. Meanwhile, she apologized to Link for the bad behavior and that Epona was stolen as well. In the north, east, south and west, the Horror Kid wreaked havoc that also caused natural disasters. Because of the disasters, conflicts were sparked.

During his quests he was able to heal the souls of Darmani and Mikau and they were turned into magical masks. Mikau died of his injuries. With the magical masks, including the Deku bowl, Link can transform himself into a Goron and a Zora. Link can also use her skills in these forms. At Link's adventure his Kokiri sword was forged and became an elven sword. The elven sword was further processed with gold dust and the sword became a golden weapon, the emery blade. Link was able to recover the legendary treasure under the fountain of the Ikana Canyon and found the golden mirror shield. With the emery blade and his mirror shield, Link was able to destroy the evil in the areas outside of Clock City and free the four giants. On the clock tower there was another encounter between Link and the Horror Kid with the Majora's mask. Link called the four giants to stop the moon. The Majora's mask peeled off her puppet and flew into the moon. Link followed and fought against the Majora's mask. The fight was over and the mask's evil soul was destroyed. Thus the magic escaped from the mask. The mask dealer was able to get his valuable mask back and continued his journey. Link had no choice but to say goodbye to Taya and leave EponaTermina together.

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

Link was made in by the power of the Triforce The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages to Labyrnna and in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons teleported to Holodrum when entering the holy realm in Hyrule. He was chosen to save both countries from evil. In Oracle of Ages Link had to watch how Nayru (Oracle of Time) was kidnapped by Veran. Veran, the master of shadows, occupied Nayru's body and used the powers of Nayru to confuse the past and present in Labyrnna. Link searched all of Labyrnna for the essences of time and had to travel back in time every time. He used the harp of the time of Nayru. Ultimately, he defeated Veran on top of the Black Tower and was able to save Queen Ambi and Ralph.

In Oracle of Seasons Link was also teleported to another country by the power of the Triforce. In Holodrum, Link's job was to destroy the evil that came from the North Summit and to save Holodrum from General Onox's power. Onox kidnapped in Oracle of SeasonsDin (Oracle of the Seasons) and messed up the seasons by Din's power in Holodrum. So there were different seasons in the different places. Here, too, Link had to find all the essences of the seasons throughout Holodrum so that the Maku tree in Holodrum can create a Maku core to destroy the dark barrier around the castle of Onox. Through portals he could enter the land of Subrosia, an underworld, and visit the Temple of the Seasons. He took a few short cuts to do duties in other locations in Subrosia. Link was able to defeat Onox at the northern summit in Holodrum and save Din. This is how Link saved Labyrnna and Holodrum from the fall of evil forces. There was peace, but Twinrova and the evil resurrected Ganon both returned to Holodrum (Oracle of Seasons) and in Labyrnna (Oracle of Ages) back. Now came the reason why Link was sent to the countries. One part of his mission was done, however Link was chosen to kill Twinrova and Ganon, as his ancestor did. After defeating the two, Link saved both countries.

Four swords

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The Wind Waker

Link lives with his grandmother and little sister Aril on their home island of Preludes. On his birthday he gets a green robe from his grandmother, as there is a custom on the island to give every boy such a robe when he reaches a certain age. After Link received it, he was sent to get his little sister. Aril gives Link her telescope and they both see a giant bird being attacked by a ship. The bird has a little girl with her who falls into the forest of Preludes during the attack. Link sets out to help this girl. As it turns out, this girl is the ship's captain, Tetra. The bird came back and took the place of Tetra Link's little sister. Link, along with the pirates, then set out to save Aril. This plan does not succeed because the Mask King takes Link to the open sea. Thanks to the Red Leuenkönig, a talking boat, Link is not at the mercy of the sea but has arrived at an island. After Link regained consciousness, the Red Lion King explains the situation Link is currently in. He offers Link to help save his little sister and asks Link to get a sail so that the two of them can begin the adventure. First, Link and the Red Lion King arrive on the island of Drakonia, which is inhabited by the Ornis. Hardly on land, the Red Leuenkönig hands Link the wind baton and teaches him how to use it. After this briefing, Link sets out to visit the Orni people. He is asked by the tribal leader to hand over a letter to his son Komuri. He received the letter from the Orni girl Medolie, who asked Link to meet her in front of the Drako Sanctuary. After Link Kumori gave the letter to no avail, he went to meet with Medolie. Medolie explained to Link that she wanted to talk to the honorable Valoo and soothe him. Link followed her into the sanctuary and after rescuing Medolie from the monsters, she handed him the grapple and asked him to take care of Valoo's problem. Hardly asked, already done. When Link had defeated the monster that annoyed Valoo, the Orni, Kumori and Valoo people thanked him and he gave him the first Deamond. Then Link went to Tanntopia, where he met the Deku Baum and the Krogs. The Deku Tree asked Link to rescue little Makorus from the Forbidden Grove so that they can hold their annual ceremony.

Four Swords Adventures

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The Minish Cap

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Twilight Princess

Link has lived peacefully since childhood with Ilya and Epona in the village of Ordon. For years he has supported goat breeding, agriculture and the production of goat cheese there. Every day was peaceful for him in Ordon. After working with Moe, they went back to their village and he still supported Phard. But one day everything changed. In the forests of Phirone, evil creatures and monkeys appeared and invaded their village. Taro, a young hero, discovered a monkey in their village and chased him. His little brother, Maro, and Betty came along. So Link quickly took chase to make sure everything was okay. He saved Taro from captivity by the monsters and his horse Epona was injured in the process. On the last day he got closer to Ilya, but Bulblins attack both, including little Collin. They overran the village and kidnapped the children. Link was knocked unconscious and later woke up. When he came to, all the children, including Ilya, had disappeared and he entered the realm of shadows in the forest of Phirone. There he turned into a wolf and passed out again. The creatures captured him and locked him in the dungeon at Hyrule Castle.

In front of his cell was a goblin-like creature whose name is Midna. She helped Wolf-Link to escape from the dungeon and underground and visited Princess Zelda in the castle. After that Wolf-Link was able to re-enter the village of Ordon with the help of Midna. It was already night and some creatures lurked nearby. Because Midna needed weapons, Wolf-Link sneaked into the houses of the village and got an Ordon shield and an Ordon sword. Since Midna cannot use the weapons, she gave the weapons to Link. Now both entered the forest of Phirone, which was occupied by the realm of shadows. Link helped the light spirit and killed all shadow beetles and so the light came into the woods and Link could be transformed back. Midna previously explained to Link that she was looking for shadow crystals. Link helped her and on the side he killed the shadow beetles and their queen in the other areas of Hyrule, which were also occupied by the shadow realm. The light came there too. In the two shrines and in the mines of the Gorons both could find the shadow crystals. But Zanto appeared in Ranelle and stole the shadow crystals from Midna. Ranelle (light spirit) wanted to attack Zanto, but he attacked the light spirit with his magic, turned Link into a wolf and controlled Ranelle to attack Midna. He disappeared and Midna and Wolf-Link were teleported to the Hyrule Plains near Hyrule Castle. The light spirit spoke to Wolf-Link and he should visit Princess Zelda in the castle. Midna was lying on his back, badly injured.

Wolf-Link found a secret entrance to the castle in the sewers of the city of Hyrule. From there he penetrated the dungeons and ran to the top and visited Zelda again. Zelda realized that something was wrong with Link. She saw Midna injured and revealed to Link that she, too, is a carrier of a Triforce fragment. Zelda explained that the master sword in the forest of Phirone can restore Link to its original form. She healed Midna with her power of wisdom and gave her life force to Midna. Now both had to go to the woods to look for the holy sword. But suddenly a gold colored barrier appeared around the castle of Hyrule and this meant that only an evil force could be behind it. The sword was found quickly after Link chased the Horror Kid in the sacred grove. Link was turned back and now he could be turned into Wolf with the help of Midna. You were looking for the shadow mirror, but when you find it, the mirror is already destroyed. Her three shards are hidden in Hyrule. Both learned the story of Ganondorf and now it became clear how Zanto came to power. Link was able to find the broken pieces in the mountain ruins, in the time shrine and in Kumula. The shadow mirror teleported Link and Midna into the real realm of the shadow realm