How to make Kilju clear

How do you make clear ice cubes at home?

Clear ice cubes look much better and more appetizing than milky, cloudy ice cubes.

If you make ice cubes at home in ice cube molds or bags, they usually become milky and cloudy. On the other hand, they look completely different in bars or restaurants, because there are usually crystal clear ice cubes floating in the drinks.

But how is that possible? After all, all you have to do is let the water freeze. What do bartenders and landlords do so that they get clear ice cubes?

We will show you how it is possible with a few tricks to make clear and transparent ice cubes yourself - in your own four walls and without any witchcraft.

Do ice cubes clear if you use distilled or boiled water instead of normal tap water?

Even if the rumor persists, ice won't clear just by using distilled or boiled water. The reasons why ice cubes become milky and cloudy are not in the nature of the water, but in how the water freezes.

Why do ice cubes turn milky and cloudy?

There are two reasons that prevent ice cubes from clearing when they freeze.

The first reason is because of the way ice freezes in ice cube trays or bags. Water always expands when it freezes and in a normal ice cube tray in the freezer compartment, the water freezes from the outside in. The outer layer of the ice cube is the first to solidify and is still clear. However, when the middle of the cube begins to freeze and the water expands, it presses on the already frozen outer layer and this becomes cracked and brittle and thus appears milky.

Another reason ice becomes cloudy when it freezes is because of the air in the water. This air tries to escape when it freezes, but since the outside of the cube is already frozen, it does not succeed. Therefore, it collects in the form of air bubbles inside the ice cube and these air bubbles also make the ice cube appear cloudy.

How do you make clear ice cubes at home?

To get clear ice cubes, you have to consider two things: firstly, the freezing process must be slowed down, and secondly, it must be prevented that all sides of the cube freeze at the same time.

Before freezing, you should therefore turn the temperature of the freezer compartment higher to around minus 4 to minus 1 degrees. Now the ice cube container is placed in a separate cooling container, which must be so small that it still fits in the freezer compartment. Next, fill the cooling container with water up to the top edge of the ice cube mold and then place it in the freezer compartment.
The water will freeze more slowly this way and only from the top, giving it the opportunity to expand easily. In addition, the existing air bubbles can escape.

By the way: Even homemade crushed ice looks much more elegant if you use clear ice cubes to make it.

Use of an ice machine

For those who often need a lot of ice cubes, it is worth purchasing an ice cube machine. These devices have cooling cones around which the water is located. So the water also freezes from the inside out and the cracks causing the cloudiness and the inclusion of air are avoided.