Howard imitates his mother's lover

Susanne Uhlen


Susanne Uhlen was born as Susanne Kieling on January 17, 1955 in Potsdam in the GDR. Her parents were the actor and voice actor Wolfgang Kieling and the actress Gisela Uhlen. Susanne moved to West Berlin with her mother at an early age, where she attended high school and the ballet school of the internationally known dancer Tatjana Gsovsky.

Through her mother's circle of friends, Uhlen was allowed to take on an important role in "The Murderer with the Silk Scarf" at the age of ten. In it she played a girl who witnesses a murder, which is why the killer is chasing her. Then she got a role in Rudolf Jugert's television film "Der Fall Angelika". After further television productions, she returned to the screen in 1969 with "When the moonlight sleeps sweetly on the hills", a film adaptation of the novel by Eric Malpass and directed by Wolfgang Liebeneier. The following year she played the leading role in the controversial youth drama "Angels Burning Their Wings" by Zbyněk Brynych: a girl who tied up with a youngster even though he had killed his mother's lover.

After the lead role in the comedy "Birdie" (1971), in which she plays a minor in search of the ideal husband, as well as several appearances in television plays and the series "Der Kommissar", Susanne Uhlen was in the 1975 international literary film "Bis to the bitter end "to be seen as the lover of Maurice Ronet. Uhlen won the Bambi for this role. In the same year she played with Mel Ferrer, Elke Sommer and Klaus Kinski in the thriller "Das Netz". In "Abelard - Die Entmannung" she took bloody revenge on her lover, in the grotesque "Seitenstechen" she played Mike Krüger's friend, who unexpectedly becomes pregnant.

In the following years Uhlen turned her full attention to television and in 1987 became a star with her role in the highly popular series "Das Erbe der Guldenburgs". There, as the daughter of a brewery owner, she messed with the noble family that gave the title. In the comedic series "Der Hausgeist" from 1991 she played the title role of a baroness from the past who, as a ghost, messes up a man's life. In the following years she was seen in four episodes of "Tatort", among others, in "Derrick", "Der Alte" and "Ein Fall für Zwei" Uhlen also had several appearances. She also played regularly in light entertainment films such as "Rosamunde Pilcher", "Das Traumschiff" and "Das Traumhotel". In 2015 Uhlen starred in the Inga Lindström film adaptation of "My Sister's Children".

In recent years Uhlen has withdrawn from film and television and increasingly concentrated on the theater, she played in Munich and Berlin and most recently worked as a theater director herself. In 2017, she announced that she no longer wanted to work as an actress.

Susanne Uhlen was married to the cameraman Charly Steinberger and the actor Herbert Herrmann and has two sons. She is committed to the projects of the World Vision Association and supports the World Animal Protection Society.