Who makes Charlie and Lola votes

Christoph receives a letter from Linus who wants to know how pins are made. To get to the bottom of the question, the Maus team set out on a long journey to the Czech Republic. There is a factory here that makes such pins. First, wire has to be processed into a needle, which requires a lot of pieces of wire, sandpaper, salt water and a lot of machines. But how exactly do the different colors get on the pins?

  • Charlie and Lola: plant

Charlie grew a tomato plant. It even bears a fruit. Lola now also wants to grow a plant. But unfortunately she doesn't know what kind of plant it is. And above all, she doesn't know how to grow a plant in the first place. Lola has a lot of patience and takes the flowerpot with her everywhere, to bed or for breakfast, but nothing grows. Several attempts with too much water and too much sun fail. But in the end Lola got the hang of the watering.

How do the weather experts know which pollen is on its way and when? In spring, the wind blows a lot of pollen out of the blossoms of the trees, grass and flowers. Felix has hay fever and has to sneeze heavily when pollen is puffed up. Ralph reveals what pollen looks like, what a pollen trap is - and how a pollen forecast is made.

  • Shaun the sheep: molehills

The sheep enthusiastically swing their hips to Bitzer's music. A mound of earth piles up under the herding dog, which catapults him and his radio over the wall. The music is over and the sheep suffer the same fate as Bitzer: They are suddenly knocked over by mounds of earth that suddenly pile up. Shaun encounters the culprit. But the mole does not see that its mound disturbs, on the contrary: it continues and all attempts to catch it fail. Fortunately, the mother mole finds her little runaway again.

How do the holes get in the cheese? Who will paint the strips in the toothpaste? If you want to know something and your parents don't know what to do, "Die Sendung mit der Maus" helps with their factual stories. And of course there are also the laughing stories with the mouse stars. There is the likable mole, the little blue elephant or the little yellow duck. At the "Sendung mit der Maus" there is always something to laugh about.