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What really happens to your WhatsApp on May 15th

First they should come, then WhatsApp users ran away and they were postponed, but now they are definitely coming: The new General Terms and Conditions for WhatsApp will come into force on May 15, 2021. The effects are so far not dramatic. In the coming days, every WhatsApp user will receive a message in the app that they should agree to the new rules. This looks like this:

Of course, you can simply click away the message, it will then appear more often when using WhatsApp. But: From May 15th it will be over. Whoever ignores the message by then will only be able to use WhatsApp to a limited extent from May 15. According to the company, you should still receive calls and notifications, but they cannot be read in the app. You will also no longer be able to send text messages yourself.

It will end on May 15th

The terms of use should still be agreed after May 15 and then be able to use the full functionality of the app again, it says. However, if you do not agree with the new guidelines and no longer want to use WhatsApp, you should export the chat history before the account is deleted and use another messenger service. There were many changes to Threema, Signal and Telegram.

According to mother Facebook, nothing should change in terms of WhatsApp's terms of use when it comes to chatting with friends or acquaintances. Because private messages remain encrypted and private even under the new regulations, it is said. The new terms and conditions relate primarily to communication between companies and their customers, but all users, including private users, must agree.

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