How do I find a DHCP server

DHCP: This is behind the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

The problem of a completely occupied address range is with the Use of dynamic address assignment rather unlikely. In principle, this procedure is largely the same as the automatic assignment, but there is still a small but subtle difference: The one transmitted by the DHCP server IP configurations are namely not valid for an indefinite period, but with a lease time defined by the administrator (German Loan period) Mistake. This indicates how long the device can access the network with the respective IP address. Before this time window expires, standard-compliant clients must request an extension by sending a DHCPREQUEST packet again. If this does not happen, the so-called does not occur DHCP refresh and the server releases the relevant address again.

While administrators do not have too much to do with either the automatic or the dynamic assignment variant, the situation arises with the manual address assignment completely different. With this method, which is also known as static DHCP, you assign the available Manually assign IP addresses to specific MAC addresses using the DHCP server. There are no restrictions regarding the period of validity.

Due to the high administrative effort, which contradicts the actual meaning and purpose of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, this type of assignment is only useful for very few application scenarios. Static IPs are necessary, for example, if server services are hosted on the computer in question that should be accessible to the other network participants at all times. It is also important for port forwarding that the IP address remains unchanged.