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She plays the manic who annoys so many

The last season of "Homeland", the agent series, begins at the end of the week. Your main character remains controversial to the last.

Opinion Jean-Martin Büttner

She rushes through Washington, flies to Beirut and Kabul, rushes from Berlin to Amsterdam and back again. She is captured several times, injected with drugs, and taken to unknown places. She is injured and almost dies. She betrays and is betrayed, is dismissed and brought back to the CIA, the secret service organization whose most dangerous enemy is itself.

At least that's what «Homeland» gives us, the American remake of an Israeli series. The first episode of the eighth and final season begins on Sunday in the USA. With New York actress Claire Danes in the lead role as Carrie Mathison, the highly intelligent and highly disturbed agent. And although Mathison staggers from one catastrophic situation to the next, she has been spared what happened to the actress for years: ridicule and scorn, hateful comments, demands for dismissal.

Because Danes ’main character suffers from severe bipolar disorder, which used to be called manic-depressive. Carrie Mathison either speaks machine gun speed. Or she sits on the bed of a psychiatric clinic, shaken by crying fits. She is self-obsessed, almost incapable of empathy, at risk of addiction, oscillating between paranoia and megalomania.

Emancipation of expression

Both extremes of her character have already been parodied countless times in the USA, and of course the feminist accusation arose that this excess of feelings was sexist because once again a woman was reduced to the irrational. Actress Robin Wright had been accused of the opposite in "House of Cards", for playing the US president with ruthless coldness. Which already proves that women can never please everyone, not even women.

Because basically actresses like Claire Danes, Robin Penn, the Swedish actress Sofia Helin ("Die Brücke") and other actresses in political and crime series of the last few years are merely celebrating the overdue liberation from those roles in which she stages attributes of men were.

The fact that women also appear cold, manic, depressed or psychopathic can be seen as an emancipation of expression. Glenn Close, who had a tendency towards diabolical tendencies at an early age, demonstrated with the lawyer series "Damages" the undisguised joy with which she played a cold careerist after she had been devalued as a parody of a psychopath in "Fatal Attraction". Only if you like a character precisely because they appear so abusive, unreliable and inconsiderate, only then does a script give an actress the opportunity to show off her talent.

One can accuse “Homeland” of a lot: shrill plot jumps, Islamophobic generalizations, dramatizations without need and a thoroughly Americanized view of the world. But the plots and twists make your pulse race, the ensemble plays excellently. And most of all, we love Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison. Not despite their extremes. But because of them.

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