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Mao Kun card

Mao Kun card

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Four researchers from the Dark Dynasty



In the Mao Kun card it is a special navigation map that goes up to the events of At the end of the world was owned by Sao Feng. Unlike commercially available nautical charts, it leads to mystical places like the end of the world, to Source of eternal youth or to the land of the dead. Since there are no fixed points on the map, it is impossible to set the course on purpose. Luck, fate and supernatural powers must stand by the card's user.[1]

The designation Mao Kun card appears for the first time in the accompanying book On stranger tides, "Jack Sparrow's New Adventures". Before that it was known simply as the Sao Feng card.


The map was made after 1523[2] made for the famous Chinese navigator Wu Ling when he was the mysterious Most distant gate wanted to look. The map also shows paths to spiritual realms and the legendary land beyond death, known as the hereafter for short. It was the four Dark Dynasty researchers who gathered the information for the map.[3] The Mao Kun card is passed down from generation to generation.

At the end of the world

After Sao Feng received the card, he gave it to his revered uncle to keep in his temple. He wanted to protect the precious painting on the map from the salty and humid air of his headquarters. When he used them, he usually carried them rolled up on his back. The card in Feng's possession was opened only to determine the course immediately.

However, the card and Will Turner are brought to Sao Feng's bath house after Will tries to steal it from Uncle's temple for Barbossa. During the battle for Singapore in At the end of the world Will makes a deal with Sao Feng, which gives him and his companions, in addition to a ship and crew, the map that will take them to the end of the world and eventually to Davy Jones ’loose leads.

With the Shark peng, the ship made available by Sao Feng, Barbossa and his crew use the map to make their way to the end of the world. You travel through icy waters and arrive at a night sea that reflects the stars so perfectly that it is almost impossible to distinguish between the sky and the horizon. Only the water dust of the enormous waterfall, which forms the end of the world, gives them an indication that they are on the right path. When Will notices that they are heading for the waterfall, he wants to save the ship and crew, and the ship can turn around, but the current is too strong and rips them Shark peng over the cliffs that hit in Davy Jones ’loose gets destroyed.

Barbossa can return the card intact to the coast of the Lockers save himself and his management crew on the Black Pearl secure a passage back into the world of the living, although Jack Sparrow is actually him, Will, Elizabeth, Pintel and Ragetti Relaxed wanted to leave behind.

The Mao Kun card proves difficult to read when it comes to the Relaxed to leave again. The mysterious slogans such as “Over the edge, a green glow” or “Above is below” repeatedly confront Will Turner and Joshamee Gibbs with unsolvable puzzles. Only Jack Sparrow, with his somewhat eccentric logic, succeeds in discovering the secret that the ship has to be turned upside down at sunset in order to return to the world of the living. Sparrow gets the crew to rock the ship and capsize it just before sunset. The sun goes down, a green glow surrounds the ship, which reappears with its crew in the world of the living.

After the death of Lord Cutler Beckett in the Battle of the Maelstrom and after Will Turner as captain of the FlyingDutchmanhas become immortal - which Jack Sparrow actually aspired to - both Jack and Hector Barbossa still want immortality. Both see the one marked on the Mao Kun map Source of eternal youth another way to achieve them. Barbossa, still in possession of the card, steals it Black Pearl again, leaving Jack Sparrow and Joshamee Gibbs in Tortuga. Jack anticipated the betrayal and secured the center of the Mao Kun map, leaving the now useless rest with Barbossa. With the center removed, he goes in search of the dinghy on the Ponce de León course source of eternal youth.

On stranger tides

A few years later, Jack Sparrow and Joshamee Gibbs meet again in London when Gibbs is brought to trial in which he is mistaken for Jack Sparrow. When Gibbs notices that Jack still has the map with him, he asks him if he has found the source. Jack says no, but tells Gibbs that he swears to taste the source. Just before they are arrested again at St. James’s Palace, Gibbs Jack steals the card and spends the time in jail studying the card and memorizing it. After all, he internalized every route and every destination on the map.

After Jack fled and Barbossa threatens Gibbs with the gallows, Joshamee reveals that he is in possession of the Mao Kun card. Hector tries to convince him to give the card to him, but Gibbs throws it into the fire; he is now the only one who can find the way to the source without further aids.

Appearance and design

The Mao Kun card probably consists of washi, a handmade Japanese rice paper. The rice paper is applied in various concentric rings that can be rotated against each other on a bamboo mat, which also serves as an outer protective cover. By turning the different rings, paths become visible on the map that lead to a number of mystical locations. The Chinese characters give such mysterious information as "Spirits of souls lost at sea, who are led through the wet passage", "Forgotten sailors dream with open eyes of seawater death", "The rich man finds no hope of a continued life - death is always one step behind him ”. Images of dragons (harbingers of good fortune in war) and tigers (which eat the evil spirits) can be found on the map. A traveling junk surrounded by skulls is depicted in the center, the first circle depicts the various phases of the moon.

Turned into the right position, the way to Source ofeternal youth can be read from the card. D.he route leads over Whitecap Bay and an island overgrown with dense jungle. The pursuit of eternal life is symbolized by a tug of war between a skeleton and an angel, which is aligned with the symbol of the source itself: The Chalices of Cartagena.

In fact, the map is more valuable than any other map ever made by the way it depicts the routes to many fantastic locations. However, whenever it is used, dates and distances can change and mislead those who use it improperly.


In the At the end of the worldand StrangerstideThe Mao Kun card used was specially made for these films by concept consultant James Ward Byrkit.

Three versions of this card existed, the first of which appeared several times in At the endof the world appears. The second is first in the last scene of At the end of the world to see and show Florida, Cuba and the symbol of sourceof eternal youth. The third version is in On stranger tides can be seen and is supplemented by the jungle island.

Some mythological figures as well as characters from the Disney universe are hidden in the map, including a hidden Mickey (lower right quarter) very similar to early Mickey and Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow in the lower left quarter.

The Mao Kun Historic Map is a collection of navigational maps published in the Wu Bei Zhi, the military encyclopedia of the late Ming Dynasty. It was probably based on the voyages of Zheng He and showed sailing routes between the ports of Southeast Asia and the northern Indian Ocean as far as Malindi.

A date of manufacture to 1523 results from the fact that the journey of the Ponce de León with the date 1523 is entered on the map.

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