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(2001) Encyclopaedia of Wrestling - Dr. Harpool Singh

Dr. Harphool Singh


Dr. Marphool Singh

Ex- Chief Wrestling Co a c h (Delhi Admn.)


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Dr. Harphool Singh, 2001

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Wrestling is not only one of the oldest human sports in general, but also, thanks to the clear rules, a clear set of rules, a classic example of a fair sporting contest in competition. I was able to make this experience again by looking after world-class wrestlers at numerous championships, including the 13th Olympic Summer Games. From the point of view of sports medicine, the special value of wrestling lies in the multifaceted psychosomatic training of wrestlers and the relatively low risk of injury. This also means that wrestling, as the average age of world class wrestlers shows, can be carried out for a very long time. Last but not least, a special value of the wrestling sport lies in the education for an effective self-defense, which is connected with the sport training, which is especially valued today.

Dr. Ludwig Prokop, Member IOC, (Austria)

I wish this book, written by an internationally experienced and recognized specialist with decades of personal experience, to be distributed accordingly, especially for those who do sports and young people. Univ. Prof. med. Dr. phil. Dr. rer. nat. Ludwig Prokop, Member I.O.C. Med. Commission Past President Internat. Fed. of Sportsmedicine.

I am happy to look the English Edition of Encyclopaedia of Wrestling an International Standard large wrestling book written by our International Wrestling coach Dr. Harphool Singh on the occasion of the Sydney Olympic 2000 as the Hindi Edition of the same is being published side by side as he have written many books before this publication. This edition has created an u n p r e c e d e n t e d u p r o a r, as never before such a comprehensive book was written with a professional, scientific and systematic basis. His previous book Modern Wrestling won many awards in India and abroad is practical as he produced many National and International junior as well as senior wrestlers as a
COach. Fig- 1 Acharya Vijaypay Shastri Gen. Secretary wrestling Asso of India welcoming

The need of this large scale book in English has been Mr. Partap chand Deewan long left which is the largest book of the world. I am sure that English edition of the book will fill up this gap. The writer has touched various topics in a systematic way, divided into chapters and sub-chapters viz. Health for lay people. How to become a Olympian Wrestler? Practice, automatic exercises, Balanced diet, proper rest, recreational games, National International competitions, world and Olympic history of wrestling, various types of combats of the world, warming up, weight control, injuries in wrestling, recreational games, 500 International holds and counters of free style holds drill, Greco-Roman and Oriental Style Wrestling of men and women. Moreover a complete rules book of International Wrestling copy of FILA and FIWA (Oriental Style) has been attached with the same. Thus no doubt, the book will work as a guide for the wrestlers as well as coaches and lay people also to develop their fitness and health which fully explains all aspects of the wrestling topics by topic. I hope this book will prove useful for the world wrestlers and coaches as well as the lay people.

Pratap Chand Dewan Ex-Secretary General Wrestling Federation of India


The ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF WRESTLING is a revised edition of my previous book Modern Wrestling (Adhunik Mallyuddh) as I have received the National reward and appreciation letter from Hon'ble Mr. Milan Ercegan the FILA President during Atlanta 1996 I rember that sometimes I felt asleem at night by hardwork as sometimes, I took a sound sleep on the chair during writing. The matter the book have been extended up to 416 pages from 273, pasting new photographs, with the up-to-date International Wrestling Rules booklet of FILA & FIWA (newly formed body). As the book contains the topics such as; Health for lay people-health and fitness, How to become an Olympian Wrestler? Practice-Natural and Scientific Exercises, Balance Diet, Proper Rest, Competitions, National and International Wrestling, World History of Wrestling and various types of combats of the globe, Automatic Exercises for the wrestlers and recreational games, reducing fatness, weight control, warming up and cooling down, injuries of wrestling 500 National and International holds of Free Style, Greco-Roman and Oriental Style Wrestling, holds drill, immetation, Psychology and career of the wrestlers and so on. Thus lastly on the occasion of Sydney Olympic 2000 I could prepared this encyclopaedia of wrestling after writing some 15 books of Hindi & English such as: 1. Kushti Ke Daav Pench, 2. Free Style Kushti, 3. Pahalwan Kaise Banen ?, 4. Judo, 5. Yogasan, 6. Adhunik Mallyuddh, 7. Chatpate Chutkale, 8. Modern Wrestling, 9. Panch Mahayagya (Pooja), 10. International Wrestling Rules (Oriental Style), 11. Memorandum of FIWA, 12. History of Olympic Wrestling, 13, 14, 15, and aforesaid 3 books in Hindi too. In starting I was afraid of writing English and was hesitating thinking how I will plant my ideas in English but slowly & steadily the practice of my writing made me habitual to convert my expression in English and thus the flow of pen became natural and soft to write English matter. I admit that neither am I a scholar nor a writer as the grammatical as well as appropriate wording mistakes are possible in my language but my motto is to express my ideas for Fig .: 2 Author the health and wrestling topics for the readers through my subject matter as an audio visual film with sound also have been prepared by me to develop oriental style wrestling in the world. Moreover, the publisher also compelled me to prepare English manuscript who promised to publish it before Sydney Olympic Games September 15, 2000. I am highly obliged to Hon'ble President FILAMr. Milan Ercegan who has always been encouraging me to write and to do something in the field of wrestling. Nextly I am thankful to Late Dr. S. A. Pisolkar the founder of WFI, Mr. Pratap Chand Dewan Ex. General SecretaryWFI and I am thankful enough to the Press Reporters also who admitted my skillLate Sh. Sushil Jain, Mr. Manoj Joshi, Mr. Yog Raj Thani and his son Mr. Lokesh Thani, Mr. Ajay Bhalla, Mr. Rajender Sajwan, Mr. Kishore Nathani, Mr. Vijay Sharma, Chaudhary lagat Singh, Dr. S.P. Sharma, Mr. Mahesh Tyagi, all wrestling coaches of Chhatrasal Stadium, Ramdhan Pahalwan, Bhagat Singh Pahalwan, Bhim, Mahender Singh, Mr. & Mrs. Yudhaveer Chauhan. All friends and pupils like Deepak Manro Naresh Chand, Rajendar etc. for possible help. Moreover, I can not forget the top most Olympian of the Era Mr. Medved Alexandra (USSR) who inspired me to prepare a fine book containing much more photographs. Thus I am grateful also to the Wrestling Federation ofSweden, U.S.A., Austria, Canada, Germany, USSR, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Czechoslovakia, Malta etc. for sending good wishes and photographs for the said book. Moreover I am thankful to all those persons who helped me in connection with this book whose names either I could not write or I have forgotten. I hope this book will prove useful for the world wrestlers, referees, coaches, health lovers, and lay people whose valuable suggestions are always awaited. Dr. Harphool Singh International Wrestling Coach




CHAPTER FIRST 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. How to / become a wrestler? World history of wrestling? Various types of combats. Indian History of Wrestling. Free style and Greco-Roman wrestling and brief rules. Useful exercises for the wrestlers. Useful PT. exercises for the wrestlers. Injuries in wrestling. Useful recreational games for the wrestlers. Weight control. Warming up. Free Style and Greco-Roman, Wrestling International 500 holds and the counters.

CHAPTER FOURTH Pinning holds of International standard from face to face positions and the counters, conditioning exercises for application of holds. Leg variations, duck unders, cross buttocks, arm hook holds, fire mans currys, leg pick, neck drags leg trips, inner outer leg bars and other leg bars, leg picks, leg bars, saltos, flying mares, blind hold, tiet grip , backward spin, front snap etc. International holds and the counters given in the book. CHAPTER FIFTH International standard pinning holds from face to face positions and the counters. Ankle squeezes, ankle knot, leg hit, combine holds, back falls, backslip, forward snap, tiet throw, backward spin, sitting lifts, neck lever body press, leg picks, single pulls double thigh tackle, leg split, thigh snaps, thigh pulls, ankle tackles. Standing sarothas, power hold, leg craddles, cross hips, kabootar band, rakabi, turning Nelsons etc. International holds and the counters. CHAPTER SIXTH International standard pinning holds from upward in sitting positions and the counters, conditioning exercises for application of holds. Various arm locks, Nelsons, floating holds, sarothas, 3/4 Nelson, Bharandaj, suck buck, Rolling throw, cross arm hook and half Nelson, cross armhook, lifts, cross arm and Nelson, Double Nelson, double trouble, lower duck under , konde, arm hooks, cross wheels, neck arm grip, arm lock and far side crotchs, rolling turn etc. International holds and the counters given in the book. CHAPTER SEVENTH International standard escapes from standing and sitting positions and counters. Conditioning exercises for application of holds.

CHAPTER SECOND Various types of stances. Tie up referees positions plus the counters. Conditioning exercises for application of holds. Ideal, square, Hanuman and many types of sitting stances. Various types of standing and sitting grips, leg tackles and arm drags, under arm sweeps, shoulder pulls, fingers wrist locks, drives, leg picks, head drags, arm drags, arm holds, wrist grips, standing switches, short switches, ankle picks , head drags, short lift, saltos, turning neck lever body press etc. International holds and the counters. CHAPTER THIRD controls, breakdowns and rides of international standard holds including the counters, conditioning exercises for application of holds. Sitting grips, standing and sitting rides, scissors, grind mills, step over, hook rides, hand bars, belly scissor, cross body rides, cross face bars, standing guillotine etc. International holds and the counters given in the book.

(viti) Peeling hands, sitting sit-outs, standing and sitting switches, step overs, side turns, standing turn outs, head lever roll, free hold etc. International holds and the counters given in the book. CHAPTER EIGHTH International standard pinning holds from underneath position to the upward rider and the counters. Conditioning exercises for application of holds. Standing and sitting leg grapines, head lever, far side roll, b ^ ck spin, side swing, leg tackle, back stack, leg craddle, colundun, side swing, reverse fire mans curry, scissors, opposite lock roll, leg bar and turn , turn out, head roll, grapine, upside roll etc .. International holds and the counters given in the book. CHAPTER NINTH Face to face from underneath to upward, from upward to underneath, the pinning international standard holds and the counters given in the book. Double leg tackle, double leg pick, dummy hold, back hit, neck lever, body press, side salto, hands around, wrist grips, opposite ankle, fartak, neck body grip and floating turn, neck body hold and turn, double wings, single wing, single wing, elbow squeeze, inside leg trip, leg wrist grip, thigh tap, leg and neck tie hold, head grip and knee tap, ankle grip, leg twist, legs apart, front pin, cross arm lock, neck crotch , leg apart fall, single leg hook, release hold, forward snap, single leg pick, pulling holds, leg picks, leg trip, head press pinning lift, leg crush, around throw, body drag, press down, leg hit double ankle pull , cross leg hook, cross leg drive, konde, Nelson and forward press, forward press standing grip, free throw, forward pull, leg pick and cross leg-cross scissor, single leg pull, double leg pull, head trouble roll, ring hold , creatures hold, rolling scissor etc. The International holds and the counters given forward in the book. CHAPTER TENTH Part A 1. 2. 3. 4. Wrestling coaching camp. Daily routine. Yearly chart. Organization of a wrestling tournament.

Part B
INTERNATIONAL WRESTLING RULES (Greeco-Roman, Free style & women wrestling). Preamble: Objectives, applications, interpretation, competition method, competition procedures. First Part: Material structure; Weight cate-gories, age categories, competitions, competitors license, dress, The Mat, Medical service, involvement, doping. Second Part: Officials; compositions general duties, the referee, the judge, the Mat Chairman, decision and vote, decision table, procedure, Weighin, drawing of lots, distribution into two groups Initial classification, the formation of groups, pairing off, elimination from the competition Preliminary rounds , finals, special cases in the finals, formation of the final in the event of elimination of the competitors who too heavy at the weigh in or who did not attend the weigh in team, classification award ceremony. Third Part: The bout, duration of the bout, call, starting the bout, stopping and continuing the bout, determining the winner in the event of a tie, bout at the end of regulation time, the coach. Fourth Part: Passivity, definition, fight against passivity, wrestling and penalization, elimination for passivity, evident fleeing the mat or fleeing a hold active wrestlers option of accepting elimination ot his opponent for passivity. Fifth Part: Points of actions and holds, evaluation of the importance of the action or a hold, the value assigned for the gutrench, danger position, scoring the points, major technical hold, value assigned to actions or hold. Sixth Part: Classification, points awarded after a bout, positive scoring, points in the case of elimination for passivity, scoring in the case of disqualification, technical superiority, the fall. Seventh Part: Prohibition and illegal holds, general prohibitions, illegal holds, prohibited holds for the school boys and cadets, categories, special prohibitions, consequences for the bout. Eight Part: Written protest modification and contingencies. Ninth Part: International rules specific to womens wrestling, application basic rules, age categories and weight classes, dress, weigh in, length of the bout, general technical rules, illegal holds, appendix, basic vocabulary.

(ix) BROAD CONTENTS CHAPTER FIRST 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. How to become a Olympian wrestler? World history of wrestling Various types of combats. Indian history of wrestling. Free Style and Greeco-Roman wrestling brief rules. Useful exercises for the wrestlers. Useful P.T. exercises for the wrestlers. Useful recreational games for the wrestlers. Injuries in wrestling. Weight control. Warming up. International Free Style and Greeco-Roman wrestling holds and the counters. 3.B. 4.B. 5.B. Fix left stance (Banyan Paintra) Fix stance (sthir paintra) Double ankle hold (Dohari Mujje)

4.A. Left fix stance (Banyan sthir paintra) 5.A. Square stance (Vargakar Paintra) 6.A. Sitting square stance (Baitha Vargakar Paintra) 6.B. 7.B. 8.B. Pulling hold (Khainch) Pushing hold (Dhakel) Pushing hold (Dhakel) 7.A. Sitting long stance (Baitha lamba paintra) 8.A. Sitting left stance (Banyan Hanuman paintra) D 9.A. Moving stance (Chalta paintra) 10.A. Forward stance (Agla paintra) 10.B. Back stance (Ulta paintra) 11.A. Opposite stance (Ulta paintra) ll.B. Reverse stance (Ulta paintra) 12.A. Round stance (Chakri paintra) 12.B. Circle stance (Chakri paintra) 13.A. Moving square stance (Chalta vargakar paintra) 13.B. Double ankle grip (Do mujje) 14.A. Neck pull standing grip (Gardan jhonk khari pakar)

Fig .: 3 Free Style & Greco-Roman wrestling CHAPTER SECOND Various types of stances, tie up and referees positions, take downs and counters, conditioning exercises for application of holds. Conditioning exercises; Standing on stance out side the arena. Kneeling walk and landing sideways, catching the striking ball, pulling the rope, under arm sweep, practicing on the tree, pulling weight, lock practice, bending side ways exercises, chakkarasan etc. I.A. Ideal right stance (Adarsh ​​danyan paintra) l.B. 2 B. Left stance (Banyan paintra) Right stance (Danyan paintra) 2.A. Ideal left stance (Adarsh ​​banyan paintra) 3.A. Fix right stance (Danyan sthir paintra)

14.B. Standing switch (Khari roome) 15th A. Neck hold standing grip (Garden band khari pakar) 15.B. Standing switch (Khari roome) 16.A. Tiet hold standing grip (Sakhat maror khari pakar) 16.B. Standing switch (Khari roome) 17th A. Cross hands standing grip (Hath par khari pakar) 17.B. Hips throw (Dhak) 18.A. Neck shoulder hold standing (Garden kandha pakar) 18.B. Cross buttock (Dhak) 19th A. Wrist hold (Kalaee bhinch khari pakar) 19.B. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 20.A. Wrist lock short standing grip (Kaleetala)

(x) 20.B. Hands release (Hath chhurana) 21.A. Flat up standing grip (Chipti khari pakar) 21.B. Sitting lift (Baithak) 22.A. Tie up standing grip (Baju band khari pakar) 22.B. colundun (Bangri) 23rd A. Arm hook standing grip (Baju band khari pakar) 23.B. Under arm sweep (Doob) 24.A. Arm hold standing grip (Bajuband khari pakar) 24.B. Leg variation (Pat nikalna) 25.A. Opposite arm hold standing grip (Ulta bajuband) 25.B. Leg variation (Pat nikalana khari pakar) 26.A. Hips throw (Dhak) 27.A. Wrist arm hold standing grip (Kalaee bajuband khari pakar) 27.B. Standing switch (Khari roome) 28.A. Sitting grip (Baithi avastha) 28.B. Reverse slip over (Ulta dhar) 29 A. Simple sitting grip (Sadharan baithi awastha) 29.B. Sitting swing (Gadhalet) 30.A. Hands lock sitting grip (Tala baithi pakar) 30.B. Sitting swing (Gadhalet) 31 .A. Down leg tackle (Nichli pat nikalna) 31.B. Hands bar (Munha patti) 32.A. Upward leg tackle (Upari pat nikalna) 32.B. Reverse spin (Ultee) 33.A. Arm drag opposite grip (Ulti dasti) 33.B. Chest push (Seena pachchar) 34.A. Moving arm drag (Chalti dusti) 34.B. Side swing (Bagal roomi) 35.A. Leg lift arm drag (Pabba dasti) 35.B. Under arm sweep (Doob) 36.A. Arm drag and leg tackle (Pat dasti) 36.B. Standing switch (Khari roome) 37.A. Short arm drag (Baithi dasti) 37.B. Pushing hold (Dhakka) 38 A. Under arm sweep standing (Khari doob) 38.B. Body press (Moss) 39.A. Under arm sweep landing (Tekan doob) 39.B. Outer leg bar (Baharli Tang) 40.A. Jerk under arm sweep (Bajuband doob) 40.B. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 41.A. Leg tackle under arm sweep (Amber doob) 42.B. Outer leg bar (Bahari Tang) 43.A. Pulling hold (Khainch) 43.B. High leg variation (Khari pat nikalana) 44.A.Collar Elbow lock (Kandha garden khainch) 44.B. Sitting lift (Baithak) 45.A. Shoulder pull (Dohari khainch) 45.B. High leg variation (Khari pat nikalna) 46.A. Waist grips & Simple lock (Sadharan pakar) 46.B. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 47.A. Waist grip & fingers lock (Tala pakar) 47.B. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 48.A. Waist grip & wrist lock (Pauhanchi pakar) 48.B. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 49 .A. Thigh press drive (Bhichani rela) 49.B. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 50.A. Forward press drive (Chalta Rela) 50.B. Side swing (Gadhalet) 51.A. Shoulder drive (Moss Rela) 51.B. High sit out (ubee Dasrang) 52.A. Cross leg drive (chanti rela) 52.B. Scissor (Kainchi) 53 .A. Cross ankle drive (An ti rela) 53.B. Standing swing (Khari bagal roomi) 54.A. Buttocks drive (Takkar rela) 54.B. Forward jerk (Jhatka) 55.A. Kick drive (Ghutan rela) 55.B. Leg hold (Pabba) 56 .A. Back leg drive (Chakari rela) 56.B. Back heel drive (Pustang) 57.A. Back heel drive (Duchanti rela) 57.B. Side leg bar (Pustang) 58.A. Side pull drive (Ludhkan rela)


58.B. Body over (Dhenkli) 59 A. Back drive (Jhonk rela) 59.B. Sit out (dusrang) 60.A. Legs trip drive (Jhonk rela) 60.B. Side roll (Barat) 61 .A. Turning drive (Ghumman rela) 61.B. Side swing (Pustang) 62.A. Twist drive (Chanti rela) 62.B. Scissor (Kainchi) 63.A. Front leg pick up (Ekpat nikalana) 63.B. Neck trouble (Sir khora) 64.A. Single leg pick up (Ekpat) 64.B. Scissor (Kainchi) 65 .A. Leg pick up back bar (Aduns pat) 65.B. Single leg jump (Ektangi kood) 66.A. Ankle pick up (Ek gatte) 66.B. Jerk (Jhatka) 67.A. Ankle pick and turn (Thu gatte) 67.B. Front jerk (Jhatka) 68.A. Ankle pickup wrist grip (Ek gatta) 68.B. Throat trouble (Gal khora) 69.A. side push head drag (Khench muja) 69.B. Leg pull (jhatka) 70.A. Arm drag and ankle hold (Dusti mujja) 70.B. Combination hold (Sakhi) 71 .A. Hands swing and ankle hold (Kalaee mujja) 71.B. Leg pull Ohatka) 72.A. Lower head drag (Jhatka) 72.B. Leg jerk (Jhonk) 73.A. High running switch (Khari roome) 73.B. Leg jerk (Jhonk) 74.A. Short switch (Pari room) 74.B. Body over (Dhar marna) 75.A. Arm bar switch (Bajupar roome) 75.B. Body over (Dhar Mama) 76.A. Power switch (Lamlet room) 76.B. Body over (Dhar marna) 77 A. Sitting switch (Baithi roome)

77.B. Body over (Dhar marna) 78.A. Simple head arm slip (Sudharan lokan) 78.B. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 79.A. Throat trouble (Halkoon lokan) 79.B. Throat trouble (Halkoon lokan) 80.A. Front head arm slip (Khari lokan) 80.B. Back spin (Jholi) 81 .A. Hands snap head arm slip (Dasti lokan) 8LB. Back spin (Jholi) 82.A. Neck lever body press (Bangal jharap) 82.B. Duck under (Ukher) 83.A. Pushing hold (Dhakka) 83.B. Down hold (Jhonka) 84.A. Pulling grip (Khainch) 84 .B. High leg variation (Kharipat nikalana) 85.A. Double ankle tackle (Dohari khainch) 85.B. Front jerk (Khari pat nikalana) 86.A. Double ankle pick up (Do uran mujje) 86.B. Front jerk (jhatka) 87.A. Double ankle pick up (Feri mujje) 87.B. Flattening hold (Laxmlet) 88.A. Doubie ankle tackle (Bangri mujje) 88.B. Bridge (Pul) 89.A. Double ankle tackle (Dohari khainch) 89.B. Flatening hold (Bhagra) 90.A. Short lift (Dhibbi) 90.B. Leg bar (pustang) 91 .A. Head drags (Khasote) 91.B. Leg tackle (Pat nikalna) 92.A. Low grip head drags (Panji khasote) 92.B. Leg tackle (Patt nikalna) 93.A. Hands split standing grip (Gunthan khari pakar) 93.B. Jerk hold (Jhatka) 94.A. Side salto (Putthi) 94.B. Leg bar (Pustang) 95.A. High salto (Unchi putthi) 95.B. Standing swing (Khari bagal roome) 96.A. Back salto (Ulti putthi)


96.B. Inside leg (sadharan khari pakar) 97.A. Front salto (Samme ki putthi) 97.B. Leg crush (Baja)

7.B. 8.B. 9.B.

Upside down roll (Palti) Rolling hold (Dhenkli) Up down Turning (Ghoom)

8.A. Cross body ride (Kani sawari) 9.A. Arm hook ride (Bandh sawari) 10.A. Reverse ride (Ulat swari) 10.B. Rolling Running hold (Dhenkli) 11.A. Arm bar scissor (Sandi sawari) ll.B. Rolling hold (Dhenkli) 12.A. Turn ride scissor (Nikal sawari) 12.B. Ragging hold (Rigasna) 13.A. Twist ride scissor (Maror sawari) 13.B. Ragging hold (Rigasna) 14.A. Ride scissor (Ghursawari) 14.B. Opposite rolling (Gulant) 15th A. Ride scissor reverse roll (Ulat ghurswari) 15.B. Rolling hold (Gulant) 16.A. Far scissor (Rok swari) 16.B. Rolling hold (Gulant) 17th A. Near scissor (Aree sawari) 17.B. Flat ride (Lamlet sawari) 18th A. Cross bar scissor (uranium sawari) 18.B. Bar scissor (Danda sawari) 19th A. Around scissor (Chakkar sawari) 19.B. Running hold (Rigasna) 20th A. Cross face bar (Patti sawari) 20.B. Running hold (Rigasna) 21.A. Cross face grind mill (Chakki) 21.B. Calundun (Bangri) 22nd A. Step over body ride (Ghurchari) 22.B. Sitting Buttucks throw (Baithi dhak) 23.A. Circle grind Mill (pahiya chakki) 23.B. Hand bar (Danda) 24.A. Leg hooking ride (Kani) 24.B. Rolling (loud) 25.A. Hooking ride (Namajband) 25.B. Rolling hold (Palti) 26.A. Front hand bar (Takkari danda) 26.B. Leg stienching (Pasran) 27.A. Power hand bar (Rujma danda)

Fig .: 4 controls (Baithi Pakar)

CHAPTER THIRD Controls, break downs, and rides of International standard and the counters conditioning exercises for application of holds Conditioning Exercises, Seizing the tree by both hands grip stepping over on the cycle, applying scissor in the air by legs action. 1. A. Thigh bar sitting grip (Jangha rok Baithi pakar) l.B. Opposite body turn (Opposite body turn) 2.A. Ankle lock sitting grip (Mujja tala baithi pakar 2.B. Switch (Roome) 3.A. Shoulder neck sitting grip (Kandha fanse, baithi pakar) 3.B. 4.B. 5.B. 6.B. 7. A. Step over (Dhar) Body over (Dhenkli) Barat hold (Barat) Upside down roll (palti) Behind standing scissor (Pichhli khari sawari) 4.A. Cross ride sitting grip (Arpar baithi pakar) 5.A. Frog style sitting grip (Mendhak baithi pakar) 6.A. Standing ride (Khari sawari)


27.B. Body grip (Mall pakar) 28.A. Around hand bar (Chakari danda) 28.B. Twist grip hook (Kamar pakar) 29.A. Turning hand bar (Feri danda) 29.B. Twist grip (Kamar pakar) 30.A. Half Nelson hand bar (Hafta danda) 30.B. Leg stretch (Paire Akar) 31.A. Cross face bar (Patti) 31.B. Body over and hand bar (Patti dhar) 32.A. Ride scissor (Kainchi) 32.B. Standing guillotine (Sarangi) 33.A. Standing guillotine (Sarangi) 33.B. Rolling hold (Dhenkli) 34.A. Belly scissor (Kamarpeta) 34.B. Rolling hold (Palti) 35.A. Full stretcher (Chofer sawari) 35.B. Up down hold (Palti) 36.A. One legged ride (Eklangi sawari) 36.B. Side slip (Bagali) 37.A. Hook ride (Kundi sawari) 37.B. Rolling hold (Palti) 38.A. Flat ride (Lamlet sawari) 38.B. Upside down (Lamlet sawari) 39 .A. Front ride stretcher (Jangi kainchi) 39.B. Double leg tackle (Dohari Pat) 40.A. Parallel scissor (Samanantar kainchi) 40.B. Side slip (Bagil) 41.A. Over head drag (Mujja) 41.B. Jerk (Jhatka) 42.A. Sitting position resting upon knees elbows (Baithi awastha) 42.B. Short crotch (Chhoti sandi) 43 .A. Sitting position buttocks upon heels elbows in belly (Baithi awastha) 43.B. Cross face bar (Patti) 44.A. Sitting position sitting upon knees elbows and forehead (Baithi awastha) 44.B. Cross face bar (Patti) 45 .A. Sitting position buttocks upon heels, elbows outside thigh, (Baithi awastha)

45.B. Cross face bar (Patti) 46.A. Sitting position resting upon buttocks (Baithi awastha) 46.B. Floating hold (Ghissa) 47.A. Sitting position legs front hands back (Baithi awastha) 47.B. Hand bar (Patti) 48.A. Sitting position legs front elbows in belly (Baithi awastha) 48.B. Hand bar (Patti) 49.A. Sitting position in Hanuman stance (Baithi awastha) 49.B. Pulling hold (Khainch) 50.A. Sitting position in kneeling style (Baithi awastha)

Fig .: 5 Knee tapa from face to face (Thap)

50.B. Short switch (Roome) 51.A. Sitting crosswise upon the opponent (Baithi pakar) 51.B. Reverse fireman's carry (Ulti kalajang) CHAPTER FOURTH Pinning Holds of International standard from face to face and the counters. Parallel exercises for application of holds Exercises catching the striking ball, swimming, throwing the motor tire, throwing weight by waist, throwing weight by waist, one legged race, cart wheel, Hanuman stance rolling, one leg walk, striking clothes.

(xiv) LA. Upward leg tackle (Pat nikalana) l.B. 2 B. Hand bar (Munha patti) Hand bar (Munha Patti) 2.A. Leg tackle and lift (Pat uthan) 3.A. Hands swing and leg tackle (Jhola pat nikalna) 3.B. 4.B. 5.B. 6.B. 7.B. 8.A. 8.B. 9.A. 9.B. Standing switch (Khari roome) Inner leg bar (Bhitarli) Body press (Maror) Peeling hands (Haath cheerna) Peeling hands (Haath cheerna) Inner duck under (Andarli Nikal) Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) Duck underhand Twist (Baharli Nikal) Peeling hands (Haath cheerna) 4th A. Leg tackle and lock (Tala pat nikalna) 5.A. Outer duck under (Baharli Nikal) 6.A. Inner duck under (Andarli Nikal) 7.A. Duck under neck snap (Khasota Nikal) 19.B. Circle roll (Chakkar palti) 20th A. Rolling hooking hold (Ektangi Eklanga) 20.B. Arm hold leg pick up (Dohari pat) 21.A. Arm around hook hold (Feri Eklanga) 21.B. Circle roll (Chakkar palti) 22.A. Reverse hook hold (Ankari Eklanga) 22.B. Opposite arm hook hold (Ankari Eklanga) 23rd A. Fire mans curry (Kalajang) 23.B. Simple rolling, (Kalajang) 24.A. Turning fireman's carry throw (Kurang kalajang) 24.B. Simple rolling (Palti) 25th A. Kneeling fireman's carry throw (Tek kalajang) 25.B. Side rolling (Palti) 26.A. Fireman's carry throw forward roll (Gulanti kalajang) 26.B. Pulling hold (Khainch) 27.A. Flat legs fireman's carry throw (Pasar kalajung) 27.B. Side slip (Bagal roomi) 28.A. Twist hands fireman's carry throw (Marori kalajang) 28.B. Shoulders lock (Khainch) 29.A. Standing fireman's carry throw (Khari kalajang) 29.B. Shoulder grip (Khainch) 30.A. Rolling fireman's carry (Palti kalajang) 30.B. Front grip (Khainch) 31.A. Front cross leg pick (Khonch) 31.B. Outer leg bar (Baharli) 32.A. Cross high pick (Pat khainch) 32 .B. Under arm sweep (Bangal doob) 33.A. Cross ankle pickup (Mundi khainch) 33.B. Single leg pick (Begal doob) 34.A. Neck drag leg trip (Multarti) 34.B. Single leg pick (Ekhari) 35.A. Hoping neck drag leg trip (Multarti kood) 35.B. Single leg pick (Ekahari) 36A. Wrist hold neck drag leg trip (Multani kalaiband)

10.A. Duck under leg hit (pabba Nikal) 10.B. Peeling hands (Haath cheerna) 11.A. Duck under waist lock (Ukhri Nikal) ll.B. Simple leg pick (Jhonk Nikal) 12.A. Duck under inside trip (Ektangi) 12.B. Single leg pick (Jhonk Nikal) 13.A. Duck under neck press (Ektangi) 13.B. Duck under crash (Dhakka Nikal) 14.A. Duck under leg tackle (Dagberi) 14.B. Inner leg trip (Ulti Nikal) 15th A. Back ward duck under (Bhitarli) 15.B. Simple leg trip (Ulti Nikal) 16.A. Duck under cross hands (Ektangi) 16.B. Simple leg pick (Nihatthi Nikal) 17th A. Cross Buttuck (Kursia pench) 17.B. Standing ride (Dhak) 18th A. Arm hold and roll (Swari) 18.B. Parallel roll (Gulanti Eklanga) 19th A. One side arm hook hold (Ektarfa Eklanga)


36.B. Single leg pick up cross legs (Ekhari) 37.A. Neck hold and neck drag leg trip (Multani eklangi) 37.B. Single leg jerk (Eklangi jhatka) 38.A. Wrist hold and neck drag leg trip (Multani fance) 38.B. Throat lock (Galganda) 39.A. Outer leg bar (Baharli tang) 39.B. Hand bar (Danda) 40.A. Inner leg bar (Andharli tang) 40.B. Leg twist (Pat khainch) 41 .A. Grapine leg, side roll arm (Bagali tang) 41.B. Ride (Sawari) 42nd A. Step over leg trip (Tang sawari) 42.B. Legs lift (Jholi) 43.A. Sitting leg trip (Chaltitang) 43.B. Sitting stance (Hanuman Paintra) 44.A. Step over leg trip (Dhariya tang) 44.B. Single scissor (Galkhora tang) 45.A. Neck lever inside legs (Galkhora tang) 45.B. Twisting (Moss) 46.A. Standing outer leg (Galkhora tang) 46.B. Opposite roll (Ulti pulti) 47.A. Flying leg trip (Chipki tang) 47.B. Thigh twist (Dhawwa) 48.A. Hips jerk (Dhawwa tang) 48.B. Forward roll (Dhobi) 49 .A. flying mare, leg trip (Jaeneu tang) 49.B. High leg craddle (fish tang) 50.A. Side slip (Fislan tang) 50.B. High craddle Qaneu) 51 .A. Double snap (Dutarfi tang) 51.B. Single leg ride (Ektangi sawari) 52.A. Air leg trip (Hawai tang) 52.B. Catching hold (Pakarna) 53.A. Buttocks throw (Ulti tang) 53.B. Waist snap (Koolha) 54.A. Hands lock throw (Hath bandh) 54.B. Waist snap (Sawari)

55.A. Rolling leg trip (Chakari tang) 55.B. Hand tight grip (Jaffa tang) 56 .A. Hand tackle grip (Tekan tang) 57.A. Hips jerk leg trip (Mujja tang) 57.B. Leg stretch (Mauja tang) 58.A. Buttocks jerk leg trip (Paire failana) 58.B. Back push (Laddu tang) 59 A. Double grip leg trip (Do hatthi tang) 59.B. Riding (Sawari) 60th A. Reverse hold (Banki tang) 60.B. Tight throw (Dhak) 61.A. Rolling leg trip (Palat tang) 61.B. Leg trip (Ulti) 62.A. Thigh swing (Jhulan Pat) 62.B. Monkey climb (Bandar Chadhan) 63.A. Leg bar (Pag Danda) 63.B. Switch (Roome) 64.A. Sky salto (Putthi ambar) 64.B. High pinning salto (Unchi putthi) 65.A. High pinning salto (Unchi putthi) 65.B. Sit out (Dasrang) 66.A. High pinning salto (Unchi putthi) 66.B. Heavy salto (Vajani Putthi) 67.A. Side swing salto (Jhoola putthi) 67.B. Swing salto (Jhoola putthi) 68 A. Movement salto (Hillor putthi) 68.B. Side swing (Begal roomei) 69 .A. Reverse salto (Ulti putthi) 69.B. Side swing (Bagal roomei) 70.A. Flying Mare (Dhobi pat) 70.B. Ride (Sawari) 71 .A. Russian flying mare (Russian dhobi pat) 71.B. Ride (Sawari) 72nd A. Blind hold (Jaffa) 72.B. Hips jerk (Dhawwa) 73.A. Tight grip (Khapachi) 73.B. Standing switch (Khari roome) 74.A. Back turn Q \ me khapchi) 74.B. Hips jerk (Dhawwa) 75.A. Backward spin (Dhawwa)


75.B. Leg tackle (Jholi) 76.A. Back salto (Pat lagna) 76.B. Side swing (Chakkar gulanti) 77 A. Front salto (Ulti putthi) 77.B. Buttocks throw (Dhak) 78.A. Back salto (Joone putthi) 78.B. Rolling hold (Joone putthi) 79 .A. Contact front salto (Bagal putthi) 79.B. Standing switch (Khari roome)

6.A. 6.B. 7.B. 8.B. 9.A. 9.B.

Backward combination hold (Ulti sakhi) Backward combination hold (Ulti sakhi) Riding hold (Sawari) Combination hold (Sanjhi sakhi) Hand grapine combination hold (Lapet sakhi) Hand grapine combination hold (Lapet sakhi)

7.A. Flat combination hold (Lamlet sakhi) 8.A. Flat combination hold (Sanjhi sakhi)

10.A. Waist grapine combination hold (Lapet sakhi) 10.B. Waist grapine combination hold (Lapet sakhi) ILA. Leg hit back drag (Ulti chanti) ll.B. Back slip 12.A. Leg hit back drag (Danda girah) 12.B. Back slip (Andarli tang) 13.A. Swinging back drag (Chakkar girah) 13.B. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 14.A. Ankle hook back drag (Anti Girah) 14.B. Scissor (Kainchi) 15th A. Pressure snap (Lapet) 15.B. Twisting hold (Mos)

Fig .: 6 Compination hold (Sakhi) from face to face CHAPTER FIFTH

16.A. Tight throw (Khapchi) 16.B. Standing switch (Khari Roome) 17th A. Back turn (Junne Khapchi) 17.B. Hips jerk (Dawwa) 18th A. Neck Press backward spin (Mugla) 18.B. Leg variation (Pat Nikalna) 19th A. Side grip and backward spin (Mugla palti) 19.B. Leg variation (Pat nikalna) 20.A. Side grip and backward spin (Mugla) 20.B. Leg variation (Pat nikalna) 21 .A. Across hand backward spin (Roomi mugla) 21.B. Leg variation (Pat nikalna) 22.A. Wrist grip sitting lift (Baithak) 22.B. Pulling hold (Baithak) 23.A. Slipping sitting lift (Baithak rapat) 23.B. Pulling hold (Khainch) 24.A. Neck lever body press (Jharap) 24.B. Back sp: i snap (Baja)

International pinning holds from face to face positions and the counters given in the book, conditioning exercises for application of holds. Conditioning exercises level the arena by legs movements only, Hanuman stance, practice of pressure, snap on the tree, sitting on paws, bending P.T. exercises, catching the striking ball. l.A. LB. 2 B. 3.A. 3.B. 4.B. 5.A. 5.B. Inside ankle squeeze (Andarli anti) Combination hold (Sakhi) Leg hook (Anti) Pushing ankle hold (Anti) Leg hook (Anti) Leg hit (Chapras) Front combination hold (Sakhi) Front combination hold (Nihatthi sakhi)

2.A. Outside ankle knot (Bharli anti)

4.A. Leg hit (Chapras)


25.A. Leg pickup (Ektangi) 25.B. Scissor (Kainchi) 26.A. Leg pick and jerk (Ektangi) 26.B. Leg scissor (Kainchi) 27.A. Leg pickup joint jerk (Ektangi kunda) 27.B. Scissor (Kainchi) 28.A. Leg pick up backward binding (Ektangi ghurnpel) 28.B. Scissor (Ulti) 29.A. Leg pick up back press (Ektangi thap) 29.B. Scissor (Kainchi) 30.A. Thigh push (Hasti pat) 30.B. Leg jump (Tangri) 31 A. Thigh pull (Pagga khainch) 31.B. Leg jump (Tangri) 32.A. Double ankle pick (Dohari mujja) 32.B. Front pick (Jhatka) 33.A. Double ankle tackle (Palti mujja) 33.B. Bridge (Pull) 34.A. Standing sarotha (Khari janeu) 34.B. Colundun (Bangri) 35.A. Power hold (Katti) 35.B. Neck slip (Garden Nikal) 36.A. High power hold (Garden Nikal) 36.B. Neck slip (Pag danda) 37.A. Leg craddle (Pag danda) 37.B. Switch (Mask) 38.A. Cross buttocks shifting (Jholi) 38.B. Legs lift (Jholi) 39.A. Kabootarband (Kabootarband) 39.B. Colundun (Bangri) 40.A. Rakabi (Rakabi) 40.B. Back turn (Jaffa) 41.A. Turning Nelson (Khari palti) 41.B. Handbar (Danda) 42.A. Over drop Nelson (Chalti palti) 42.B. Hand Bar (Danda) 43.A. Upper floating leg cross (tobacco color)

43.B. Arm drag (Dasti) 44.A. High lift (Pachhar) 44.B. Back twist (Mos) 45.A. Leg tackle high lift (Pachchar pat) 45.B. Outer leg bar (Baharli) 46.A. Waist lock high lift (Haddi pachchar) 46.B. Wrestlers lift (Mall pachchar) 47.A. Turning and neck lever body press (Bagal jharap) 47.B. Twisting hold (Mos) 48.A. Back ward fall (Machchhigota) 48.B. Forward pulling (Jhatakna) 49 A. Single and double leg tackle (Ek do pat) 49.B. Arm hook (Eklanga) 50.A. Leg split (pag fance) 50.B. Scissor (Kainchi) 51.A. Forward snap (Jhonk pat) 51.B. Scissor (Kainchi) 52.A. Thigh push (Dhakel pat) 52.B. Pulling hold (Khainch) 53.A. Leg pick up back landing (Ektangi dhakel) 53.B. Pulling (Tang jhatakna)

Fig .: 7 Side Swing (Bagal roomie) from underneath position

CHAPTER SIXTH International pinning holds in upward sitting positions and the counters conditioning exercisesHanuman stance Kneeling position, walk, rolling


cart wheel, step over practice, circling the hand in kneeling position, landing side ways in kneeling position. LA. Short arm lock (Choti sandi) LB. 2 B. 3.B. 4.B. 5.B. 6.B. 7.B. 8.B. Short switch (Roome) Arm bar switch (Roome) Side slip (Bagli) Side slip (Bagli) Swing (Gadhalet) Side slip (Bagli) High sit out (Dasrang) Sit out (Dasrang) 2.A. Long arm lock (Lambi sandi) 3.A. Long arm lock leg bar (Fanse sandi) 4.A. Long arm lock and side press (Belni sandi) 5.A. Short arm lock and ankle hold (Moja sandi) 6.A. Long armbar and pressure (Roller sandi) 7.A. Cross arm lock and forward roll (According to Sandi) 8.A. Short arm lock and forward roll (Laut sandi) 9.A. Long arm lock and forward roll (Nihatthi sandi) 9.B. Body over (Dhar marna) 10.A. Cross face bar and ankle grip (Patti mujja sandi) 10.B. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 11.A. Hand trouble forward roll (Ghissa Sandi) ll.B. Body ride (Dhar Marna) 12.A. Long leg crotch and flat (Tangria sandi) 12.B. Body over (Dhar marna) 13th A. Long arm lock and neck bar (Hafta sandi) 13.B. Side slip (Bagli) 14.A. Long arm lock and neck bar (Gurdan danda sandi) 14.B. Side roll (Palti) 15th A. Buttucks cross bar and high lift (Hathi pachchar sandi) 15.B. Chair hold (Kursia pench) 16.A. Old Nelson (Hafta) 16.B. Side swing (Bagal roomi)

17.A. Power nelson (Kainchi hafta) -, j Side swing (Bagal roomei) 18.A. Force Nelson (Jori hafta) 18th B. Side swing (Bagal roomei) 19th A. Under arm Vi Nelson (Sandiyana hafta) 19.B. Swinging switch (Roomei gadhalet) 20.A. Half Nelson (Adda hafta) 20.B. Swinging switch (Roomei gadhalet) 21.A. Arm bar VI Nelson (Marori hafta)
21 R 22 A 2?

Swinging switch (Roomei gadhalet) Neck squeeze Nelson (Jeli hafta)

B Swinging switch (Roomei gadhalet) 23 A Neck lock Nelson (Dandi hafta) 23 B Body ride (Dhar marna)

24 A Arm bar nelson (Ulat hafta) 24.B. Body over hand bar (Dhariya danda) 25 A. Twist Nelson (Pankhi hafta) 25.B. Body step (Dhar mama) 26.A. Hard Nelson (Belni hafta) 26.B. Turning over (Palti) 27 A Modern Nelson Qangi Hafta) 27 B Side swing (Bagal roome) 28 A Head lever floating hold (Baju ghissa) 28.B. Body throw (Dhenkli) 29.A. Leg cross float hold (Pagmar ghissa) 29.B. Flying switch (Roome) 30.A. Simple float hold (Naram ghissa) 30.B. Short switch (Roome) 31.A. Arm lock float hold (Sandiyana ghissa) ^ i R Outer slip (Bahri Gadhalet)
32 A

Spinning wheel (Charkha)

32 R Side swing (Bagal roomei) 33.A. spinning wheel and Nelson (Hafta charkha) 33.B. Side swing (Bagal roomei) 34.A. Spinning wheel and hand crotch (Ambar charkha) 34.B. Side swing (Bagal roomei) 35.A. Spinning wheel and hand crotch (Ambar charkha)


35.B. Side swing (Bagal roomei) 36.A. Cross spinning wheel (Killi charkha) 36.B. Side swing (Bagal roomei) 37.A. Tight ring hold (Endi) 37.B. Opposite side roll (Ulti karwat) 38.A. Flat ring (Lamlet Endi) 38.B. Opposite side roll (Ulti karwat) 39.A. Opposite leg tight ring hold (Dohri endi) 39.B. Opposite side roll (Ultikarwat) 40.A. Sitting sarotha (Baithi Janeu) 40.B. Colundun (Bangri) 41, A. Front sitting sarotha (Takkari janeu) 41.B. Sitting lift (Baithi jholi) 42.A. 3/4 Nelson (Palti) 42.B. Hand bar (Danda) 43.A. Nelson and bridge Chakar palti) 43.B. Hand bar (Danda) 44.A. Rolling Nelson (Ulti palti) 44.B. Hand bar (Danda) 45.A. Guturench (Bharandaj) 45.B. Step over (Tang dalna) 46.A. Standing Guturench (Khari bharandaj) 46.B. Standing swing (Pustang) 47.A. Double hand hook (Nihathi sandi) 47.B. Leg stretch (Pair pasarana) 48.A. Cross arm hook and half Nelson (Bakra pachhar) 48.B. Legs flattening (Pair pasarana) 49.A. Cross arm lock lift (Hathi pachhar) 49.B. Legs flattening (Pair pasarana) 50.A. Cross arm and Nelson (Kukkar sandi) 51.B. Short switch (Short switch) 52.A. Double trouble (Dohari Khor) 52.B. Sitting arm hook hold (Baitha Eklanga) 53.A. Lower duck under (Pabba Feri) 53.B. Step over (Dhar marna) 54.A. Customer (Kunda) 54.B. Ragging (Rigasna) 55.A. Ankle grip and Kunda (Mujja Kunda)

55.B. Ragging (Rigasna) 56.A. Press leg konde (Rapti kunda) 56.B. Ragging (Rigasna) 57.A. Waist grip konde (Kamar kunda) 57.B. Ragging (Rigasna) 58.A. Simple konde (Pag kunda) 58.B. Ragging hold (Rigasna) 59.A. Waist grip leg jerk konde (Mori kunda) 59.B. Ragging hold (Rigasna) 60.A. Cross leg konde (Pag kunda) 60.B. Ragging (Rigasna) 61 .A. Opposite hand grip konde (Ulat kunda) 61.B. Ragging hold (Rigasna hold) 62.A. Rolling hold (Palti kunda) 62.B. Body over (Dhar marna) 63.A. Jack and crossing leg (Palti kunda) 63.B. Sitting position (Baithi awastha) 64.A. Side rolling konde (Belan kunda) 64.B. Opposite side roll (Ulti karwat) 65.A. Half Nelson konde (Ankari kunda) 66.A. Standing leg cross konde (Chiptan kunda) 66.B. Ragging hold (Rigasna) 67.A. Leg split cross hand konde (Kundli kunda) 67.B. Ragging hold (Rigasna) 68.A. Forward leg pick konde (Kundli kunda) 68.B. Ragging hold (Rigasna) 69.A. Lift and twist konde (Marori konde) 69.B. Leg crush (Pat ukher) 70.A. Opposite grip lift and twist konde (Ragga kunda) 70.B. Leg crush (Jhatkana) 71 .A. Pressure konde (Vajani kunda) 71.B. Scissor (Kainchi) 72 .A. Body cross konde (Pag Kunda) 72.B. Ragging hold (Rigasna) 73.A. Flat konde (lamlet konde) 73.B. Sitting position (Baithi awastha) 74.A. Drop konde (Jhonk kunda)


74.B. Sitting position (Baithi Awastha) 75.A. Sitting position (Patak konde) 75.B. Turning hold (Chakari) 76.A. Crossing leg lift konde (Kainchi kunda) 76.B. Opposite twist (Marori) 77.A. Rolling konde (Dhenkli kunda) 77.B. Body throw (Dhar marna) 78.A. High lift konde (Asman customer) 78.B. Monkey climb (Bandar chadhan) 79.A. Simple arm lock (Sadharan band) 79.B. Switch swing (Roomei gadhalet) 80.A. Neck lock (Gardan bandh) 80.B. Switch swing (Roomei gadhalet) 81.A. Nelson lock (Hafta bandh) 8LB. Switch wing (Roomei gadhalet) 82.A. Step lock (Kadam bandh) 82.B. Switch swing (roome gadhalet) 83.A. Wrist lock (Kalai bandh) 83.B. Switch swing (Roomei gadhalet) 84.A. Wheel lock (Charkl.i bandh) 84.B. Switch swing (Roomei gadhalet) 85.A. Riding lock (Ghursawar bandh) 85.B. Switch swing (Roomei gadhalet) 86.A. Double riding l e k (Dohra ghursawar bandh) 86.B. Switch swing (Roomei gadhalet) 87.A. Double hand lock (Duhattha chakkar bandh) 87.B. Opposite rolling 88.B. Twist hold (Mos) 89.A. Sarotha and cart wheel (Janeu ghoom chakkar) 89.B. Twist hold (Mosh) 90.A. Leg pick and cart wheel (Chakkar tangaria ghoom) 90.B. Under arm sweep (Nikal) 91.A. Neck arm press (Sir maror) 91.B. Head out (Nikal) 92.A. Leg pick and cartwheel (Ghoom chakkari) _aut) 88.A. Cart wheel (Ghoom chakkar)
Fig .: 8 Standing switch (Roomei) for controlling the opponent

CHAPTER SEVENTH International Standard escapes from standing and sitting positions and the counters conditioning exercises for application of holds condition. Conditioning exercises; Hanuman stance, bridge making; Side snap; Opposite rolling flat, step over practice of switch in air snap; Opposite rolling flat, step over practice of switch in air frequently. LA. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) LB. 2 B. 3.B. 4.B. 5.B. 6.B. 7.B. 8.A. 8.B. 9.B. Opposite drive (Chanti rela) Shoulder drive (Moss rela) Buttocks drive (Takri rela) Cross crotch (Bakra pachchar) Hand bar (Patti) Buttocks drive (Takkar rela) Buttocks drive (Patti) Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) Buttocks drive (Takkar rela) Salto (Putthi) 2.A. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 3.A. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 4.A. Peeling hand (Hath cheerna) 5.A. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 6.A. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 7.A. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna)

9.A. Peeling hands (hath cheerna)


10.A. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 10.B. Back drive (Ulta rela) ILA. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) ll.B. Kicking drive (Chanti rela) 12.A. Sit out (Dasrang) 12.B. Twisting hold (Moss) 13.A. Head lever sit out (Ekhari dasrang) 13.B. Twisting hold (Moss) 14.A. Head lever sit out (Dohari dasrang) 14.B. Twisting hold (Moss) 15th A. Elbow sporting sit out (Tek dasrang) 15.B. Twisting hold (Moss) 16.A. Free sit out (Khuli dasrang) 16.B. Twisting out (Moss) 17th A. High switch (Khari roome) 17.B. Standing switch (Khari roome) 18.A. Standing switch (Khari roome) 18.B. Standing switch (Khari roome) 19th A. Wrist grip and standing switch (Kalaiband roome) 19.B. High running switch (Khari roome) 20th A. Short switch (Pari room) 20.B. Body over (Dhar marna) 21 A. Arm bar switch (Sandiya roome) 21.B. Body over (Dhar marna) 22.A. Power switch (Lamlet room) 22.B. Body over (Dhar mama) 23rd A. Pinning switch (Baithi roome) 23.B. Body over (Dhar marna) 24th A. Leg sporting switch (Roome) 24.B. Body over (Dhar marna) 25th A. Head lever roll (Dhar mama) 26.A. Hand grapine step over (Dawwa) 26.B. Flattening (Lamlet) 27.A. Side turn (Firki) 27.B. Body turn (Dhenkli) 28.A. Side turn and hand bar (Danda firki) 28.B. Body throw (Dhenkli) 29.A. Wrist grip and turn (Dohari kalai pakar) 29.B. Rolling hold (Ulti pulti)

30.A. Nelson hand bar (Hafta danda) 30.B. Leg stretch (Pair ukher) 31 .A. Side turn (Ghoom) 31.B. Suck-Buck (Khainch) 32.A. Head lever roll (Gulant) 32.B. Turning (Palti) 33.A. Standing sit out (Khari dassang) 33.B. Back spin gholi)

Fig .: 9 Side slip (Bagli) CHAPTER EIGHTH

Pinning holds from underneath position to the upward rider the counters. Conditioning exercises for application of holds; Bending downward P.T. exercises, walking in kneeling position, sitting up on the knees, head rolling, practice of scissor in the air, side snaps, bending forward exercises: l.A. LB. 2 B. 3.B. 4.B. 5.A. 5.B. 6.B. Inner leg grapine (Andarli tang) Back hit (Pat khainch) Back hit (Baja) Ride (Sawari) Legs lift (Jholi) Sitting leg motion (Baithi tang) Nelson (Hafta) Waist hold (Kamarband)

2.A. Inside leg grapine (Andarli tang) 3.A. Leg and arm grapine (Bagli tang) 4.A. Sitting leg trip (Baithi tang)

6.A. Sitting leg motion (Waist hold)


7.A. Far side roll (Lattu) 7.B. Half nelson (Hafta) 8.A. Leg tackle backstack (Jholi) 8.B. Forward drive (Chalu rela) 9.A. Around roll (Godi) 9.B. Snatch hold (Khainch) 10.A. Side swing (Gandhalet) 10.B. Half Nelson (Hafta) ILA. Outer leg trip side swing (Nikali gadhalet) ll.B. Short lever (Chhoti sandi) 12.A. Opposite grip side swing (Ulat gadhalet) 12.B. Half Nelson (Hafta) 13th A. Outer trip side swing (Bahri gadhalet) 13.B. Half Nelson (Hafta) 14th A. Short switch ride swing (Roomei gadhalet) 14.B. Floating hold (Ghissa) 15th A. Leg grip and standing switch (Khari gadhalet) 15.B. Floating hold (Ghissa) 16.A. Standing far side swing (Khari bagal roomei) 16.B. Back drive (Pichchwari rela) 17th A. Standing far side wing (Khari bagal roomei) 17.B. Tight grip hold (Khapchi) 18.A. Leg craddle (Paire jhappatti) 18.B. Knee press (Pag dhakka) 19.A. Colundun (Bangri) 19.B. Opposite Nelson (Ulta hafta) 20th A. Single grip colundun (Ekhathi bangri) 20.B. Cross ride (Arpar dhar) 21 .A. Opposite grip colundun (Ghaseet bangri) 21.B. Hand bar (Danda) 22.A. Side slip (Bagli) 22.B. Flattening hold (Lamlet) 23 A. Side slip (Ripat Bagli) 23.B. Hooking helped Nelson (Sandi) 24.A. Reverse fireman's curry (Ulti kalajang) 24.B. Bridge (Pul) 25th A. Leg tackle back stack (Jholi) 25.B. Peeling hands (Hath cheerna) 26.A. Back side leg tackle back stack (Ulti jholi)

26.B. 27.A. 27.B. 28.A. 28.B. 29.A. 29.B. 30.A. 30.B. 31.A. 31.B. 32.A. 32.B. 33.A. 33.B. 34.A. 34.B. 35.A. 35.B. 36.A. 36.B.

Scissor (Kainchi) Opposite lock roll (Gulanti) Cloundun (Bangri) Grapine hand side roll (ghori) Hanuman stance (Hanuman paintra) Side slip (Bagli) Flattening (Lamlet) Side roll (Bagal ghoom) Back pull (Pustang) Leg bar and turn (Pustang) Drive (Rela) Side roll (Bagal roome) Forward drive (Rela) Double ankle hold and colundun (Palti mujja) Bridge (Pul) Standing sarotha (Khari janeu) Neck Pressure (Gardan Nikal) Power hold (Katti) Head out (Gardan Nikal) Double hand grip and turn (Jora jori) Rolling (Ulatna)

Fig .: 10 Neck lever body press (Moss)