How are feldspar and quartz like countertops

Which countertop is best for me? Today ceramic worktop

Natural material ceramic

Quartz particles, feldspar, china clay and clay - these are the ingredients for the well-known natural material ceramic. These are burned at 1200 degrees, making them so hard-wearing that they can be used as a cover for kitchen furniture.

The new ceramic worktops are manufactured without gluing and can be from just 12 millimeters to 120 millimeters thick. With regard to the plate size, formats of 3.2 meters in length and 1.5 meters in width are possible - this means that even large kitchen islands can be equipped with the trendy material without a partition.


Kitchen worktops made of ceramic, like natural stone, have a number of advantages: They are heat-resistant, scratch- and cut-resistant and also very easy to care for.

  • Hardness: Ceramic worktops are slightly harder than granite or quartz and are therefore particularly scratch-resistant.
  • Heat resistance: hot pans can be placed on a ceramic worktop without hesitation.
  • No staining: neither acid nor grease leave stains on a ceramic worktop. -> Not absorbent


So go to the nearest dealer and order a ceramic worktop on your new kitchen!

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