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How did Ed Sheeran get famous? - The success story

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is undisputedly one of the biggest stars in the music business these days. Songs like "The A Team *", "Shape Of You *" or "I See Fire *" made the redhead known all over the world. That today's star was a perfectly normal child, a very common teenager - that's hard to imagine today. But Ed Sheeran was also involved in bullying, wore glasses and went to school.

How it all started - bullying, music and Eminem

(The music video for the single "Photograph" contains rare glimpses into the life of Ed Sheeran before he became famous.)

Ed Sheeran was born on February 17, 1991. He attended school in Framlingham, a town in the county of Suffolk, and discovered his love for music as a young boy. At the age of four he joined the church choir, at eleven he mastered the guitar and wrote his own songs. At the time, the music was what distracted him from his everyday life full of negative experiences. Ed Sheeran was bullied at school. Because of his red hair, his thick glasses and because he stuttered as soon as he called in to class. At some point Ed got fed up with the laughs of his classmates and stopped answering. Speech therapy wasn't working that well either, so Sheeran's father took an unconventional path: he bought his son the latest Eminem album. Little Ed loved how someone could speak so quickly and yet so fluently. In a short time he learned every line by heart and thus also freed himself from his stuttering.

The hard way to the breakthrough

Ed Sheeran had long been convinced that he wanted to become a musician one day. This self-assurance led to the fact that when he was only 14 he packed his guitar and some clothes and made his way to London. There, so his plan, he would have better chances. Perhaps the redhead had imagined the way to be a little easier. Because life was hard in the capital, he often couldn't find a place to stay for the night or had no money for a decent meal. But giving up was not part of his vocabulary then or now. He continued playing as a street musician, writing and recording his songs, and performing in small clubs. His popularity rose, in 2009 alone he played almost 300 shows. His perseverance was rewarded: In 2010, Ed Sheeran was discovered by the rapper Example, who invited him on a tour together. In contrast to many other young artists, Ed Sheeran recognized the incredible potential of social media early on. He posted videos of his performances and thus produced a great recognition value - his fiery red hair and this wonderful voice have always been an exception!

Ed Sheeran becomes a star

Sheeran was now regularly mentioned in the UK media and his videos garnered millions of dollars in views, but Ed Sheeran knew he had to take more steps to become famous around the world. In 2010, two months after his 19th birthday, Sheeran flew to Los Angeles. Without a record deal or even a place to stay, he reached the city of angels. He sent demo recordings to all contacts he could make, but received only rejections or no response at all. Until one day there was an appearance on a radio show: The host let Sheeran play a few of his songs and was convinced from the start. Coincidentally, that host was Jamie Foxx, who provided Ed Sheeran with exactly what the Briton longed for. Foxx not only gave him his own recording studio to record his songs professionally, but also let him live with him for the rest of the stay in the USA. Through this move, Ed Sheeran received a huge audience and became famous.

The Ed Sheeran Success Story

From then on, the redhead only went uphill like a meteor. His debut album "+ *" was released in 2011, landed first on the British charts, where it was awarded seven times platinum. Numerous collaborations with world stars such as Taylor Swift followed, and Sheeran broke one record after another and won one prize after another. The first two releases of his second album were among others in Germany at number 1 and 2 in the charts, he received Grammys, the MTV Video Music Award, Brit Awards and numerous echoes. Each of his tours is sold out within minutes, and he has also received several smaller guest appearances in series - Ed Sheeran was even featured in "Game of Thrones".

Today the star owns a farm near Framlingham and a house in London. By the way, one of the kids who laughed at him when he was a kid about his looks and stuttering is his plumber today. At the end of 2017, Ed Sheeran announced the engagement to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn. The wedding took place in 2018.