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alveus® creates your premium tea

alveus® - We are enjoyment, we are joie de vivre, we are different!

Tea by alveus® means enjoyment, leisure and inspiration in thousands of variations. Discover the widest range of teas in the world now, in best premium quality.

Our Organic Teas

Our teas are the result of the highest quality standards - from cultivation and harvesting right through to the recipes. We create exquisite tea blends lovingly by hand every day for every taste, and provide unique moments of pleasure to be enjoyed all over the world.


Yerba Mate, the gift of the stars

Mate tea, the stimulating and healthy drink originally from South America, is now in Europe. Mate tea or Yerba Mate is ever popular in Europe with people drinking more of it daily, just like in South ...

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Pregnant? Pregnant!

Almost everything has grown out of herbs, they say. This applies to the improvement of well-being as well as to getting pregnant, being pregnant and breastfeeding. Which herbal tea blend can have what ...

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"Looking beyond our own nose and 'thinking out of the box' are part of our daily madness."

Jan Ingmar Schwarz - Head of Marketing

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