Echoworks encryption and decryption

Device for optical encryption, device for optical decryption and encryption / decryption system

By J. Duparre, R. Voelkel and K. Knop


DE 102005016818 A1 UPAB: 20061213 NOVELTY - The device has hole apertures (6) and detectors (7), and optical channels attached with respective micro lenses. The apertures and detectors extracts a pixel, and are arranged in such a manner that a direction of respective axis (9) of the channel is irregular. The axis forms a connection line between lens vertex and center of the apertures and detectors. The apertures and detectors are arranged to provide an encryption code. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for an encryption / decryption system with an encryption device and a decryption device. USE - Used in a safety engineering for optical encryption of an object image from a camera, which is installed in a car, gate, window panel and wall. ADVANTAGE - The device enables accurate, safe and economical optical encryption of the object image with high quality. The device avoids cross modulation during the encryption process, thus reducing signal to noise ratio of the imaging system such as camera

OAI identifier: oai: N-51774
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