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How many winners and millionaires are there in Keno?

How many winners and millionaires are there in Keno? 2019-01-25T09: 19: 18 + 01: 00
  1. The winners - looking for the exact number
  2. Why is there still so many Keno millionaires?
The increasingly popular Keno lottery has already selected many winners in the past. The luckiest of them were happy to receive a sum of one million euros. However, it is also interesting to know how many winners have already been rewarded with such a large sum so far. After all, the lottery has been around for a few years, and since you can play keno every day Monday through Saturday, the number of higher-end winners should be very high too, right? So how many winners have there been in Keno? Take a look at the players who hit the bull's eye with their tips!

The winners - looking for the exact number

People have been winning the Keno lottery since 2004. However, not every day a player wins a whole million euros. It has been proven that it is not that easy to catch ten correct numbers in Keno and then have used the full stake of ten euros. But what does that actually mean in detail? All it takes to become a millionaire with Keno is luck. But what does that mean in a specific example? A total of 21 players became millionaires through keno in 2011. Compared to the total number of participants, “21” is certainly little. Nevertheless, the chances of the “Big Victory” tend to be better than with regard to “6aus49”. This is due, among other things, to the fact that Keno can be played several times a week and the players have the chance of winning the coveted prize more often if they take advantage of this opportunity. With the classic 6aus49 lottery, it is only possible to submit a ticket and put your luck to the test twice a week. Anyone who is interested in how many people in general ultimately win at Keno, but not rake in the million, is faced with an almost insoluble task that can only be answered by the statistics of the lottery itself. Many players keep their winnings and thus the money they receive secret and do not come to light. Other winners find this very attractive and do not hesitate to present their new prize.

Why is it that there can be so many Keno millionaires?

Ultimately, the comparatively frequent winnings in Keno are not only due to the fact that you can take part in Lottery Keno every day and hand in a ticket. Another decisive factor is the fact that the probability of winning is significantly higher here than with other lotteries. For example, the chance of a million in Keno is around 1: 2 million, while exactly this probability of an amount in this order of magnitude is significantly lower with 6aus49, for example. This is precisely why it is possible to find many more Keno winners in one year and make them happy. So, on a closer look, two factors play a role. These are (summarized):
  • the frequency of the draws
  • the generally higher probability of a high profit.
But be careful! The fact that the odds of making a million in Keno are better than in other lotteries doesn't mean it makes sense to pursue an unhealthy gambling addiction here. A sensible use of your own gaming budget and a critical examination of individual gaming behavior is always the be-all and end-all.
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