How to play bottle cap baseball board

How to play futsal

Knowing how to play the ball well in tight spaces is important as the lane is not very wide and it is necessary to create gaps with precise passes.

Know how to dribble to create superiority and have more possibilities of direct attack on the opposing goal.

Know how to swap positions to expand the field and increase the possibility of attack.

Use the direct fouls to shoot at the goal.

Don't commit a lot of fouls because five opponents have a direct fault.

Pass the ball continuously between team members so that the game is dynamic and you can confuse the opponent.

Run a lot as the game progresses to cover all areas of the track.

Make frequent changes so that every player is always rested at the time of exertion.

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  • Exercise a lot to get rhythm and resistance
  • To play a lot of ball
  • Know how to perform in different roles