What does atr stand for in banking

A.Adenine (DNA base / DNA base)a ...Atto ... (prefix / prefix): 10-18AAAnhydrous ammoniaAAAtomic absorptionAAAutomatic (or: Automated) Attendant [Facility] (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)AAAutomobile Association (UK)AAAAbdominal Aortic Aneurism (Medicine)AAAInternational OfficeAAAAmerican Association of AnatomistsAAAAmerican Automobile AssociationAAAAromatic Amino AcidAAAAustrian Acoustics AssociationAAAAuthentication, Authorization and Accounting (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)AAAAAlps-Adria Acoustics Association (since / since Sept. 2002)AAAAAuthentication, Authorization, Accounting and Auditing (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)AAAFAssociation Aéronautique et Astronautique de FranceAAAIAmerican Association for Artificial IntelligenceAAASAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceAABBAAural Assessment by Means of Binaural Algorithms (international expert group)AACAcademic Assistance Council (London, UK, since April 1933; later on: SPSL)AACAdvanced audio codingAACGAmerican Association for Crystal GrowthAAC-LDLow-Delay Advanced Audio CodingAACRAmerican Association for Cancer ResearchAAESAmerican Association of Engineering SocietiesAAFAnterior Auditory Field (in the brain)AAGExpenditure Compensation ActAAIAustrian Archeological InstituteAAIDAmerican Academy of Implant DentistyEELAmbient Assisted Living (Fraunhofer Alliance)EELATM adaptation layerEELAmerican Association of Law LibrariesAAMAdvanced acoustic modelAAPAustralian Academic PressAAPMAmerican Association of Physicists in MedicineAAPSAmerican Association of Pharmaceutical ScientistsAAPPSAssociation of Asia Pacific Physical SocietiesAAPTAmerican Association of Physics TeachersAARDAdvanced Accelerator Research and DevelopmentAARI([St. Petersburg] Institute for Arctic and Antarctic Research)AARTFAACAmsterdam-ASTRON Radio Transients Facility and Analysis CenterAARVArctic Area Research VesselAASAdvanced Automation SystemAASAmerican Astronautical SocietyAASAmerican Astronomical SocietyAASAtomic Absorption SpectrometryAASAustralian Acoustical SocietyAASCUAmerican Association of State Colleges and UniversitiesAASFAfrican-Asian Student Support Association (Göttingen)AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation OfficialsAATAnglo-Australian TelescopeAATSRAdvanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer (ENVISAT)AAUAssociation of American UniversitiesAAUPAmerican Association of University Professors (or: Presses) (USA)AAUWAmerican Association of University WomenAAVadeno-associated virusesAAV[Yakir] Aharonov, [David] Albert, [Lev] Vaidman (novel approach to quantum mechanics, published 1988)FROMAlberta (Province of Canada)ABAAmerican Board of AudiologyABAApplied Behavioral AnalysisFIGAsea Brown Boveri AG (Mannheim, DE)ABCAbsorbing Boundary Condition (acoustics)ABCAtanasoff-Berry Computer (Iowa State College, USA, 1938–1942)ABDOGeneral provisions for diploma examination regulationsABEOfficial operating permit (vehicle type test)ABEAutomated Benthic ExplorerABETAccrediting Board of Engineering and Technology (USA)ABGAutomated biometric-based border controlABKGeneral professional skills (in the bachelor's degree)OJ[Yakir] Aharonov, [Peter] Bergmann, [Joel] Lebovitz (novel approach to quantum mechanics, published 1964)OJAirborne Laser (US weapon)ABMAdvanced buffer materialABMAgent-based modelABMAnti-Ballistic MissileABMFAccount Balance Management Function (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ABPIAssociation of the British Pharmaceutical IndustryABRAuditory brainstem responseABRAvailable bit rateABRIXASA Broad-Band Imaging X-Ray All-Sky Survey (satellite 1999, abandoned / satellite 1999, abandoned)SECTIONAccelerator and Beam ScienceSECTIONAcrylonitrile butadiene styreneSECTIONAlternate Billing ServiceSECTIONAnti-lock braking system; Anti-Lock Braking System (Kfz / motor vehicle)SECTIONAutomatic Block Signaling (Eisenbahntechnik / railway technology)ABTExpert training committee (DAR, standardization work)ABUAsia (-Pacific) Broadcasting UnionABVAlcohol by volumeACAccelerator Cluster (supercomputing)ACAccess Controller (telecommunication / telecommunication)ACAdmission Control (telecommunication / telecommunication)ACAir conditioningACAlternating CurrentACAttachment Circuit (telecommunication / telecommunication)ACAuditory CortexACAAcademic Cooperation Association (European organization)ACAAircraft Carrier Alliance (GB)ACAAmerican Crystallographic AssociationACAArms Control AssociationACAAtacama Compact ArrayACACIAArid Climate, Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa (SFB 389 of the DFG)ACAMAachen Center for Additive ManufacturingACAPAdvanced Common Application Platform (telecommunication / telecommunication)ACAPAutomated Content Access Protocol (copyright)A-CAPIAccessnet®-T-Common Application Programming (telecommunication / telecommunication)AC APUAir-conditioning auxiliary power unitACAREAdvisory Council for Aeronautic (s) (or: Aviation) Research (and Innovation) in EuropeA-CBCAccreditation agency for chemistry, biochemistry and chemical engineering courses at universities and technical collegesACCActive (or: Adaptive) Cruise Control (Kfz / motor vehicle)ACCAdvanced cruise controlACCAntarctic Circumpolar Current (of the ocean)ACCAnterior Cingulate CortexACCAnticollision Code (Fingerprint for Multimedia / Fingerprint for Multimedia)ACCaseAcetyl-CoA carboxylase (enzyme)ACCESAirport and Control Center Simulator (DLR)ACCESSAlternative Fuel Effects on Contrails and Cruise Emissions (aircraft fuel)ACCESSAttenuating Custom Communication Earpiece System (active noise reduction earplug)ACCESSAustralian Community Climate and Earth System SimulatorACCPAmerican College of Clinical PharmacologyACCUAdvisory Committee of CERN UsersACDAdvanced Chemistry DevelopmentACDAutomatic call distributionACDAArms Control and Disarmament Agency (USA 1962)A-CDMAirport Collaborative Decision MakingACEAdvanced Composition Explorer (NASA)ACEAdvanced Computing EnvironmentACEAdvanced Control EducationACEAmerican Council on ExerciseACEAngiotensin Converting EnzymesACEAntenna Coupling Equipment (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ACEApplication Creation Environment (telecommunication / telecommunication)ACEAtmospheric Compensation Experiment (adaptive optics / adaptive optics)ACECommunity Action for Cooperation in the Field of Economics (EU)ACELPAdaptive Code-Excited Linear PredictionACEnetAtlantic Computational Excellence NetworkACESActive Control Evaluation for SystemsACESAtlantic Coral Ecosystem StudyACESAtomic Clock Ensemble in SpaceACESOptimal Acoustic Equivalent Source Descriptors for Automotive Noise ModelingACESAAdvanced Composites with Embedded Sensors and ActuatorsACEXArctic Coring ExpeditionACFAutocorrelation FunctionACIAdjacent Channel Interference (telecommunication / telecommunication)ACIAmerican Competitive InitiativeACIAAsynchronous Communication Interface AdapterACKAcknowledgment (data transfer)ACLAccess Control List (telecommunication / telecommunication)ACLActive and Cooperative Learning (signal processing)ACLAgent Communication LanguagesACLAsynchronous connectionless link (telecommunication / telecommunication)ACLRAdjacent Channel Leakage (Power) Ratio (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ACMAcoustic Current MeterACMActive Control MountACMAdaptive Coding (and) ModulationACMAssociation for Computing MachineryACMAAutomotive Component Manufacturers AssociationACMEAdvanced Cold Molecule Electron Restraint System (air bag)ACMPAmerican College of Medical PhysicsACMPApplied and Computational Mathematics Program (in DARPA)ACOAnt Colony OptimizationACPAdvanced Computing Project (Fermilab, ≈ 1980)ACPAdjacent Channel Power (telecommunication / telecommunication)ACPAmerican Center of (or: for) Physics (College Park, MD, USA)ACPAmerican College of PhysiciansACPSAdvection-Dominated Accretion Flow (astrophysics / astrophysics)ACQActive quenching circuitryACRCAdvanced Computing Research Center (University of Bristol, UK)ACREAtmospheric Circulation ReconstructionACRIDICONAerosol, Cloud, Precipitation and Radiation Interactions and Dynamics of Convective Cloud SystemsACRLAdjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ACRLAssociation of College & Research LibrariesACRSAir Cushion Restraint SystemACRVAssured Crew Return Vehicle (aerospace / spacecraft)ACSAdvanced Camera for Surveys (astrophysics / astrophysics)ACSacute coronary syndromeACSAmerican Cancer SocietyACSAmerican Chemical SocietyACSAssoziazione Controllo Strutturale (IT)ACSAttitude Control System (rocket control)ACSAutomated Characterization Suite (software)ACSIAmerican Customer Satisfaction IndexACSIAtari Computer System InterfaceACSRActive Control of Structural ResponseACTActive Control Technology (Flugzeug / aircraft)ACTAdaptive Cell TransferACTAdvanced Concepts Team (ESA)ACTAfrican Center for Technology StudiesACTAntichymotrypsin (plasma protein)ACTAtacama Cosmology TelescopeACTautologous chondrocyte transplantation (endogenous cartilage cell transplantation)ACTAAnti-Counterfeiting Trade AgreementACTAAtmospheric Cherenkov Telescope ArrayACTDAdvanced Concept Technology Demonstration (USA)ACTHAdrenocorticotropic hormoneACTSAdvanced Communication Technologies and Services (EC)ACVBAortocoronary vein bypass (vascular surgery)ADAdministration moduleADAlzheimer's DiseaseADAndorra (ISO 3166)ADante dominumADAntiproton DeceleratorADAuthorized DomainADAAcoustic Distribution ArrayADAAmerican Disabilities ActADACGeneral German Automobile ClubAdalineAdaptive linear elementADANOWorking group of German audiologists and neurootologistsADAPTAccent on Developing Abstract Processes of ThoughtADASAdvanced Driver Assistance SystemADASISAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems Interface SpecificationADASIS RPADASIS Research PlatformADAVGeneral German Workers' Association (since 1863)ADBSAssociation des professionels de l'information et de la documentation (FR)ADCAnalog-to-digital converterADCAnimal Defense Corps (opponent of animal experiments)ADCAntibody-drug conjugatesADCAutomatic Development ChamberADCAutomotive Distance ControlADCPAcoustic Doppler Current Profiler (oceanic flow measurement)ADDRESSActive Distribution Networks with Full Integration of Demand and Distributed Energy Resources(EU project, 25 partners in 11 countries: BE, CH, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, NL, RO, SE, UK)ADEAAge Discrimination in Employment Act (USA)ADELEAdiabatic compressed air storage for electricity supplyADEPTAdvanced Dark Energy Physics TelescopeADEPTAntibody Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy (cancer therapy)ADFAllotropic data formatADFAnnular Dark Field (electron detector)ADFCGeneral German Bicycle ClubADFLICOAdaptive Flight Control for Advanced Aircraft Concepts (DLR)ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (= ADHD)ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or: Disorder) (= ADHD)ADIAcceptable Daily Intake (European Food Law Authority)ADIAngular Diffraction ImagingAdLAcademy of Agricultural Sciences (former / former GDR)ADLAll-digital loop (telecommunication / telecommunication)ADLCAdaptive Liquid-Crystal LensADLIPAll Dome Laser Image Projector (Planetarium / planetarium)ADMAdd / drop multiplexer (telecommunication / telecommunication)ADMAllotropic data modelADMArea Dimensional Model (noise rating)ADM[Richard] Arnowitt, [Stanley] Deser, [Charles] Misner (gravitational equations)ADMAtmospheric Dynamics Mission (planned satellite with Lidar)ADMIREAdvanced Data Mining and Integration Research for Europe (at EPCC)ADMXAxion Dark Matter Experiment (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)ADNGeneral German Intelligence Service (GDR)ADNAmmonium dinitramide (explosive / explosive)ADNAutomotive Design NetworkADOCSAdvanced Digital Optical Control System (Flugzeug / aircraft)ADONISAcoustic Daylight Ocean Noise Imaging SystemADONISAdaptive Optics Near Infrared System (Teleskop / telescope, ESO, La Silla, Chile)ADPAdenosine diphosphateADPAmmonium dihydrogen phosphateADPAvalanche photodiodeADPAAmerican Defense Preparedness AssociationADPCMAdaptive Differential Pulse Code ModulationADRAccumulated Doppler Range (satellite locating)ADRAdiabatic Demagnetization RefrigeratorADRAutomatic Defect Review (for semiconductor wafers)ADRAutomatic (or: Automated) Dialog Replacement (movie development)ADRCSAutomatic data recording and control systemAdRIAAdaptronics - Research, Innovation, ApplicationADRIAAdvanced Displays Research Integration ActionADSAccelerator Driven System (trans-mutation of nuclear waste)ADSActive Denial System (a weapon)AdSAnti-de-Sitter (space, theoretical physics)ADSAstrophysics Data System (SAO / NASA online)ADSBAuto (matic) Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (Flugverkehr / air traffic)AdS / CFTAnti-de-sitter / conformal field theory (solid state physics)ADSLAsymmetric (al) Digital Subscriber Loop (or: Line)ADTArticulated dump trucks (off-road vehicles)ADTFAutomotive Data and Time Triggered Framework (automotive technology)ADTM[Fraunhofer] working group for wireless communication and multimedia technology (Erlangen)ADTVAdvanced Definition TelevisionADUCWorking group of German university professors for chemistryADVAcoustic Droplet VaporizationADVWorking group of German airportsAdWAcademy of Sciences (former / former GDR)AEAcoustic emissionAEAmerican EnglishAEApplication enabler (telecommunication / telecommunication)AEAstronomical unit (distance Earth – Sun / distance Earth – Sun = 1.49 × 1011 m)AEUnited Arab Emirates / United Arab Emirates (ISO 3166)AEBAutomatic emergency breakAECArchitecture / Engineering / Construction (Industrie / industry)AECAtomic Energy Commission (USA)AECLAtomic Energy of Canada, Ltd.AECSFEAsymmetric Elliptic-Cone-Shaped Fiber Endface (fiber optics / fiber optics)AECSMAsymmetric Elliptic-Cone-Shaped Microlens (fiber optics / fiber optics)AEDAutomated external defibrillatorAEDAutomotive Electronics Department (ARAI, India)AEEOffice of Environment and Energy (FAA)AEFStandards committee for units and symbolsAEGGeneral electricity companyAEGOSAfrican-European Georesources Observation System (22 partners in 18 countries:BE, BF, CZ, DE, ET, FI, FR, GH, GN, NL, PL, PT, SN, TZ, UG, UK, ZA, ZM)AEIAlbert Einstein Institute (Hanover and Potsdam)AEIAutomatic Equipment IdentificationAEKOSAustralian Ecological Knowledge and Observations SystemAELAccessible emission limitAEMAnalytical electron microscopyAEMArea Equivalent Method (noise rating)AEMT[Fraunhofer] working group for electronic media technologyAEPAcademic Endorsement PointAEPAcadémie Européenne de PhilatélieAEPAcoustically evoked potentials, auditory evoked potentialsAEPIAtmospheric Emissions Photometric ImagingAERAstronomy Education ResearchAEROTROPImpact of Aircraft Emissions on the Heterogeneous Chemistry of the Tropopause Region (DLR research group)AERTOsAssociated European Research and Technology OrganizationsAESAcademic Endorsement SystemAESAdvanced Encryption StandardAESApplication Environment ServicesAESAssociate Executive SecretaryAESAudio Engineering SocietyAESAuger Electron SpectroscopyAESSAerospace and Electronic Systems SocietyAEÜElectrical transmission archive (magazine)AEVAll-electric vehicleAEVFhAZ for waste disposal and transport logistics (Wildau, Brandenburg)AEWA[African-Eurasian Regional Agreement for the Conservation of Water Birds]AFAfghanistan (ISO 3166)AFApplication function (telecommunication / telecommunication)AFAssured Forwarding (data transfer)AFAudio FrequencyAFALAir Force Astronautics LaboratoryAFASDepartment of Applied Systems Analysis (Nuclear Research Center Karlsruhe)AFBAir Force Base (USA)AFCAlkali Fuel CellAFCRLAir Force Cambridge Research Laboratories (Cambridge, MA, USA)AFCSAutomatic Flight Control SystemAFDAnticipatory Failure DeterminationAFDXAvionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet (Luftfahrttechnik / aircraft technology)AFEAnalog Front End (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)AFECTAcoustical Foundation for Education and Charitable Trust (India / India)AFEXAmmonia Fiber Expansion (Chemie / chemistry)AFFDLAir Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, USAAfis[French Association for Science Education]AFITAir Force Institute of Technology (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH, USA)AFMAtomic Force MicroscopeAFMSAdvanced Flight Management System (DLR)AFNAlliance for Nature (environmental organization)AFNAmmonia Fuel NetworkAFNMWorking group for subject didactics of natural sciences and mathematicsAFOAllotropic Foundation OntologyAFOContract research [and development] East (BMFT)AFOBAsian Federation of BiotechnologyAFOSRAir Force Office of Scientific Research (USA)AFOTECUS Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation CenterAFPAntifreeze ProteinsAFPAutomated Fiber Placement TechnologyAFPACAnglo-French Physical Acoustics ConferenceAFRAir-fuel ratio (internal combustion engine)AFRLAir Force Research Laboratory (Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH, USA)AFRPLAir Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (Edwards Air Force Base, CA, USA)AFSAdvanced Freephone ServiceAFSAdvanced Frontlighting System (Kfz / motor vehicle)AFSAluminum foam sandwichAFSAmerican Field ServiceAfSISAfrica Soil Information Service (at CIAT)AFSPCAir Force Space Command (Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, USA)AFSRArray-Fed Shaped Reflector (satellite antenna)AFTECAcoustic Fusion Technology Energy Consortium (USA)AFTNAeronautical Fixed Telecommunication NetworkAGCorporationAGAntigua and Barbuda (ISO 3166)AGWorking groupAGArray gainAGAstronomical SocietyAGARDAdvisory Group for Aeronautical (or: Aerospace) Research and Development, North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationAGASAAkeno Giant Air Shower Array (Japan, for the detection of cosmic radiation)AGASPArctic Gas and Aerosol Sampling ProgramConditionsTerms of ServiceConditionsAsymptotic Giant Branch (astronomy / astronomy)ConditionsAutomatic speed limit (Kfz / motor vehicle)AG-BLWorking group for research institutions Blue ListAGCAutomatic gain controlAGC[Fraunhofer] application center for computer graphics in chemistry and pharmacyAGCAutorail Grande Capacité (Diesel train / Diesel train)AGCFAccess Gateway Control Function (telecommunication / telecommunication)AGCHAbsolute Grant Channel (telecommunications / telecommunication)AGEEWorking group on renewable energiesAEBRWorking group of European border regionsAGFWorking group of large research institutionsAGILEInternet and Linguistics Working Group (Göttingen)AGISAdvanced Gamma-Ray Imaging (US project)AGISAstrometric Global Iterative Solution (astronomy)AGKactive galactic core (astronomy / astronomy, = AGN)AGKrWorking group crystallographyAGMAAmerican Gear Manufacturers AssociationAGNActive Galactic Nucleus (= AGK)AGNSSAssisted Global Navigation Satellite SystemAGORAAccess to Global Online Research in AgricultureAGPAutism Genome ProjectA-GPSAssisted Global Positioning SystemEGRArchitectural Gear Ratio (muscle contraction / muscle contraction)AGREAutism Genetic Resource ExchangeAGSAlternating Gradient SynchrotronAGTDApplied Geoscience and Technology Division (of the Pacific Community, SPC)AGUAmerican Geophysical UnionAGVEmployers' associationAGVAutomatic guided vehicleAGWAccess Gateway (telecommunication / telecommunication)AGWNAdditive Gaussian White Noise, additive Gaussian white noiseAHAdaptive hypermediaAH.Anno Hegirae (Islamic calendar, from AD 622)AHAAmerican Heart AssociationAHAMAssociation of Home Appliance Manufacturers (USA)AHDIAtari Hard Disk InterfaceAHMDAdvanced helmet-mounted displayAHQPArchive for the History of Quantum PhysicsAHRCArts and Humanities Research Council (UK)AHRFAmerican Hearing Research FoundationAHRIAir-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration InstituteAHRIAustralian Herbicide Resistance InitiativeAHSAmerican Helicopter SocietyAHSAirborne Hyperspectral ScannerAHSUMAdaptable high-speed undersea ammunitionAHTAverage Hamiltonian Theory (particle physics)AHUAir Handling Unit (HVAC)A&IAbstracting and indexing (data bases)AIAcoustical Imaging (Conference series)AI[IASTED International Conference on] Applied InformaticsAIAnguilla (ISO 3166)AIArticulation Index (psychoacoustics / psychoacoustics)AIArtificial IntelligenceAIAAmerican Institute of ArchitectsAIAAssociazione Italiana di AcusticaAIAAtmospheric Imaging Assembly (at SDO, NASA)AIAAAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and AstronauticsAIAE[Spanish Aeroacoustical Society]AICAkaike's Information CriterionAICBAssociation international contre le bruitAICDautomatic implanted cardio defibrillatorsAICESAachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science (DE)AICHAcquisition Indicator Channel (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)AICOSAssistive Information and Communication Solutions (software, developed at the Fraunhofer Application Center in PT)AIDActive Information Service (EU)AIDAAsteroid Impact Deflection AssessmentAIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, and ActionAIDAAAssoziazione Italiana di Aeronautica e AstronauticaAIDCAutomotive Industry Developing Center (South Africa, with FhG support / South Africa, supported by the German Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft)AIDJEXArctic Ice Dynamics Joint ExperimentAIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency SyndromeAIDSAlmost Ideal Demand System (economy)AIEEAmerican Institute of Electrical EngineersAiFWorking group of industrial research associations "Otto von Guericke" e.V. (Cologne)AIF[File name extension: video file / file name extension: video file]AIHAAmerican Industrial Hygiene AssociationAIJPAssociation Internationale de PhilatélieAILUAssociation of Industrial Laser Users (UK)AIMAdvanced Informatics in MedicineAIMAdvanced Interface Module (telecommunication / telecommunication)AIMAntarctic isotope maximumAIMApplication platform intelligent mobility (traffic research)AIMAsteroid Impact MissionAIMAuditory Image Model (hearing research)AIMDAdditive Increase, Multiplicative Decrease (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)AIM-D[Association for] Automatic identification, data acquisition and mobile data communicationAIMLAstronomical Instrument Markup LanguageAIMNAssociation of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular ImagingAIMRAdvanced Institute for Materials Research (Tohoku University, JP)AIMSAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Cape Town, South Africa / Cape Town, South Africa)AIMSAlliance for IP Media SolutionsAINAdvanced Intelligent NetworkAIPThe American Institute of Physics (founded 1931)AIPApplication Integrity PolicyAIPAstrophysical Institute Potsdam (DE)AIPPAmerican Institute of Physics PublishingAIQAnalytical Instrument QualificationAIRAutomatic Image Refinement (Canon laser printer / laser printer)AIRSAtmospheric Infrared Sounder (satellite)AIRSARAirborne Synthetic Aperture RadarAirSTARAirborne Subscale Transport Aircraft ResearchAIRTOAssociation of Independent Research and Technology Organizations (GB)AISAbbreviated Injury ScaleAISAlarm indication signalAIS[Fraunhofer] working group for integrated circuitsAISAutomatic Identification System, automatic identification system (ship tracking)AISidiopathic adolescent scoliosisAIS[Fraunhofer] Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems (St. Augustin, formerly GMD)AISAAirborne Spectral AnalyzerAIS-A[Fraunhofer] Working Group for Integrated Circuits, Applied Electronics DepartmentAIS-B[Fraunhofer] working group for integrated circuits, component technology departmentAISEC[Fraunhofer Institute for] Applied and Integrated Security (Garching near Munich)AISISAutomated information acquisition and protection of critical infrastructure in the event of a disasterAIST[National Institute for] Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)AITApplication Information Table (telecommunication / telecommunication)AITAsian Institute of TechnologyAITAstrometric Imaging TelescopeAITAustrian Institute of TechnologyAITRAMAdvanced Integrated Training in Aeronautics MaintenanceAIUMAmerican Institute of Ultrasound in MedicineAIVAssembly, integration and validationAIZAnti-imperialist cellAIZCommittee for International Cooperation (DAR, standardization)AJAWorking group of non-profit youth exchange organizationsAJAXAsynchronous JavaScript and XMLAJCAmerican Jewish CommitteeAJOArecibo Ionospheric Observatory (Puerto Rico)AJOLAfrican Journals OnlineAKAlaska (US state)a.k.a., akaalso known asAkafliegAcademic Aviation GroupLFSEnergy Working Group (DPG)AKFSolid State Physics Working Group (DPG)AKOWorking Group "Options for the Future" (DPG)AKRAnti-Corruption PolicyAKSAcademic software cooperationNuclear power plantNuclear power plantALAlabama (US state)ALAlbania / Albania (ISO 3166)ALArtificial LifeALAstronautics Laboratory (formerly: AFRPL)ALAAmerican Library AssociationALADINAlgorithm for Learning and Architecture DeterminationALARPAs Low as Reasonably PossibleALCAutomatic level controlALCCASCR Leadership Computing ChallengeALCFArgonne Leadership Computing FacilityALCMAir-Launched Cruise MissileALCOAAttributable, Contemporaneous, Original, and Accurate (required source data properties)ALDDEGA's Noise Working GroupALDAssociate Laboratory DirectorALDAtomic Layer DepositionALEAntarctic Logistics and ExpeditionsALEXAerosol LIDAR experimentALFAuditory Localization Facility (at AFRL)ALFAAdaptive Optics with a Laser for Astronomy (Calar Alto, ES, 3.5 m diameter)ALFAalternative fiber-free sound absorbersALFAAmérica-Latina - Formación Académica (EU)AL-FECApplication-Layer Forward Error Correction (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ALGApplication level gateway (firewall)ALGOLAlgorithmic LanguageALIATM Link InterconnectALIDriver guidance and information systemALICEA Large Ion Collision Experiment (LHC, CERN)ALICEAmerica Latina Interconectada con EuropaALIVEAdvanced High Volume Affordable Lightweighting for Future Electric Vehicles (EU project)ALKautomated property mapALLESAcute lymphoblastic leukemiaALL AAll European AcademiesALLFlightAssisted Low Level Flight and Landing on Unprepared Landing SitesALMApplication Lifestyle ManagementALMState Archaeological Museum (Baden-Württemberg)ALMAAtacama Large Millimeter / Submilimeter Array (Radioteleskop / radio telescope, since Feb. 2013 in Chile)ALMAAdditive Layer Manufacturing for Acoustic MetamaterialsALMAAssociation of Loudspeaker Manufacturing & Acoustics InternationalALOPActive Learning in Optics and Photonics (UNESCO program / program)ALPAcademic-Led PublishingALPAxion-Like ParticleALPACAAdvanced Liquid-Mirror Probe for Astrophysics, Cosmology and AsteroidsALPHAAbsorption Low Plus High Aperture (laser beam expansion)ALPHAAdvanced Laboratory Physics AssociationALPHAAntihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (international collaboration)AlphaAquitaine Lasers, Photonique and Applications (Bordeaux, FR)ALPSAny Light Particle Search (experiment)ALPSPAssociation of Learned and Professional Society PublishersASAdvanced Light Source (LBNL)ASAlternative light sourceASAmyotrophic lateral sclerosis (degenerative nervous disease)ALSEPApollo Lunar Surface Experiment Packages (auf dem Mond / on the moon)ALSMAirborne Laser Swath Mapping (geodesy / geodesy)ALSYMPCAAlpharidin in Symptomatic Prostate CancerALUArithmetic Logic UnitAT THEAdditive Manufacturing (3D printing)AT THEAmplitude modulation, amplitude modulationAT THEArmenia / Armenia (ISO 3166)AT THEAvailability ManagerAMAAdvanced Measurement ApproachesAMAAmerican Medical AssociationA-MANATM Metropolitan Area Network (telecommunication / telecommunication)AMANDAAntarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector (or: Detection) Array (am Südpol / near the South Pole)AMASEArctic Mars Analog Svalbard ExpeditionAmassAutonomous Maritime Surveillance System (10 partners in 7 countries: CZ, DE, ES, MT, NO, PL, UK)AMBERAirshower Microwave bremsstrahlung radiometer (astrophysics)AMBERAssisted Model Building with Energy Refinement (Computer program)AMCAdaptive Modulation and Coding (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)AMCAllied Military Currency (in Germany after WWII)AMCDAnnular Momentum Control DeviceAMDAdvanced Micro Devices (Sunnyvale, CA, USA)AMDAge Related Macula Degeneration, age-related macular degeneration (visual deficiency)AMDEAtmospheric Mercury Depletion EventAMEActinide Migration Evaluation (radioactivity)AMELActive Matrix Electroluminescence (display)AMFISReconnaissance and surveillance with miniature aircraft in a sensor networkAMGMedicines ActAMHSAutomated Material Handling SystemAMIAdolphe Merkle Institute (University of Friborg, CH)AMIAlternate Mark Inversion (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)AMIAmerican Megatrends Inc.AMIGOSAutomated Met-Ice-Geophysics Observatory SystemsAMINAAfrican Monsoon Multidisciplinary AnalysisAMLAcute myeloid leukemiaAMLAmbient intelligenceAMLCDActive-Matrix Liquid Crystal DisplayAMLSAutomated multilevel substructuringAMMAcoustic metamaterialAMMAutomatic measurement modeAMMAAfrican Monsoon: Multidisciplinary AnalysisAMNORAdaptive Microphone Array for Noise ReductionAMOAtlantic multidecadal oscillationAMOCAtlantic Meridional Overturning CirculationAMO (S)Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (Science)AMOLEDActive-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting DiodeAMONAstrophysical Multimessenger Observatory NetworkAMOPWorking group "Atoms, Molecules, Quantum Optics and Plasmas" (DPG)AMOPAtomic, Molecular, Optical, and Plasma PhysicsAMPAccelerated Massive Parallelism (computer architecture)AMPAdenosine monophosphateAMPAntimicrobial peptideAMPAsymmetric Multi-Processing (data processing)AMPFhAZ for metal powder production (Clausthal)AMPACAdvanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center (UCF)AMPASAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (USA)AMPDAtomic and Molecular Physics DivisionAMPOAAmplitude of Arrival (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)AMPSAdvanced Mobile Phone System (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)AMPTEArtificial Magnetospheric Particle Tracer ExperimentAMQPAdvanced Message Queuing ProtocolAMRAdaptive Mesh Refinement (e.g., for astrophysical modeling)AMRAdaptive Multirate (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)AMRAlignment-Free Monolithic ResonatorAMRAnisotropic magnetoresistanceAMRLArmy Medical Research Laboratory (Wright Field, OH, USA)AMROAngular Magnetoresistance OscillationsAMROSAutonomous multisensory robot for safety applicationsAMSAccelerator Mass SpectrometryAMSAcute Mountain SicknessAMSAlpha Magnetic Spectrometer (DLR, NASA, ISS, since May / since May 2011)AMSAmerican Mathematical SocietyAMSAmerican Meteorological SocietyAMSATM main switchAMSECAdvanced Materials Science and Engineering Center (Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, USA)AMSTAssociation for Maximum Service Television, Inc. (USA)AMTAuditory Modeling ToolboxAMTAutomated Mechanical Transmission (automotive gear)AMVAcoustics Music & Video (ASA Students' Competition)AMVERAtlantic Merchant Vessel Emergence Reporting SystemATAccess Node (computer network)ATAuditory nerveATNetherlands Antilles / Netherlands Antilles (ISO 3166)ANAEAcadémie Nationale de l'Air et de l'Espace (FR)ANAEAtlas of North American EnglishANBAmerican National BiographyANCActive noise controlANCAntenna Networks (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ANCFActive Noise Control Fan (NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH, USA)ANCHORSUAV-Assisted Ad-Hoc Networks for Crisis Management and Hostile Environment Sensing(German-French cooperation project)ANCOVAAnalysis of CovarianceANDESAgua Negra Deep Experiment Site (Australia)ANDFArchitecture-Neutral Distribution FormatAND SAustralian National Data ServiceANECEuropean Association for the Coordination of Consumer Representation in StandardizationANFAtomic NanofabricationANFISAdaptive Network-Based Fuzzy Inference SystemANFOAmmonium Nitrate plus Fuel Oil (Sprengstoff / explosive)ANGISAustralian National Genomic Information ServiceANIAutomatic Number Identification (data network)AnIMLAnalytical Information Markup LanguageANITAAntarctic Impuls (iv) e Transient Array (or: Antenna) (neutrino detector)ANKAAngstrom Spring Karlsruhe (DE)ANLArgonne National Laboratory (University of Chicago, IL, USA)ANNArtificial Neural NetworkANOVAAnalysis of Variance (statistical test)ANPActive noise profilingANPRAutomatic Number Plate RecognitionANRAgence Nationale de la Recherche (FR, since / since 2005)ANRUAntenna Receiver for UMTS (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ANSAdvanced Neutron Source (Oak Ridge)ANSAmerican Nuclear SocietyANSApproximate Number SystemANSIAmerican National Standards InstituteAnSiMConnection security management (traffic control)ANSSIAgence Nationale de la Securité des Systèmes d'InformationANTADSL Network Termination (telecommunication / telecommunication)ANTARESAstronomy with a Neutrino Telescope and Abyss Environmental Research (Project) (in the Mediterranian, near Toulon, FR)ANUAustralian National University (Canberra)ANVCActive Noise and Vibration ControlANXAmerican Network ExchangeANZRCAustralian and New Zealand Standard Research ClassificationAOAcousto-Optic (sensor, actuator / sensor, actuator)AOAdaptive OpticsA / OAll Optical (optical telecommunication)AOAngola (ISO 3166)AOAnnouncement of OpportunityAOArctic Oscillation (atmospheric circulation)AOAAngle of Arrival (telecommunication / telecommunication)AOCAdvanced operational capabilityAOCSAltitude (or: Attitude) (and) Orbit Control (Sub) systemAODAcousto-Optical Deflector, acousto-optical deflectorAODAerosol Optical DepthAODIAlways On / Dynamic ISDNAOFAuthority on the FlyAOIAutomatic (or: Automated) Optical InspectionAOIAArizona Optics Industry Association (USA)AOLAmerica Online (Internet Provider)AOLSAll-Optical Label Swapping (optical telecommunication)AEONAll Optical Network (optical telecommunication)AOPAdvanced Oxidation ProcessAOPApparent Optical Properties (of water)AOPAspect-Oriented ProgrammingAOSISAfrican Online Scientific Information SystemsAOSSAtmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences (Department, University of Michigan, USA)AOTAccelerator and Operations TechnologyAOTFAcousto-Optic Tunable FilterAOVAngle-of-View (liquid crystal display)AOWCAll-Optical Wavelength Converter (optical telecommunication)APAccess point (telecommunication / telecommunication)APAlternating projection (algorithm / algorithm)APAnthropic principleAPArtificial PhotosynthesisAPAssociated PressAPAAdministrative Procedure Act (Congress, USA)APAAltair Partner AllianceAPAAmerican Psychological AssociationAPAAmplified Piezoelectric Actuator (Technology)APAAutomatic Pre-Emphasis Adjustment (optical telecommunication)APACAsia Pacific (region)APAMApplied Physics and Applied MathematicsAPCAccelerator Physics Center (Fermilab)APCAdaptive predictive codingAPCAdvanced process controlAPCArticle processing charge (for publishing)APCAuto Power Control (photodiode)APCIAtmospheric Pressure Chemical IonizationAPCMAdaptive Pulse Code ModulationAP-CVDAtmospheric Pressure CVDAPDAvalanche photodiode (or: Photo Detector)APEAcademic Publishing in Europe (Conference Series)APEAcoustic perturbation equationAPEAutomatic (program) production engineAPECApplied Power Electronics Conference [and Exposition]APECAsia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Asian trade bloc)APEXAtacama Pathfinder Experiment (Chile, Astrophysics / astrophysics)APGAlkyl polyglycosideAPH[Institute for] Applied Physics (at KIT)APhAAmerican Pharmacists AssociationAPHISAnimal and Plant Health Inspection ServiceAPHVGeneral Association of Postage Stamp Dealers (since March 8, 1949 / since March 8, 1949)APIActive Pharmaceutical IngredientAPIApplication program (ming) interfaceAPIANAdvanced Propulsion Integration Aerodynamics and Noise (EU Forschungsprojekt / research project)APLApplied Physics Laboratory (Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA)APLApplied Physics Letters (Journal)APMAdvanced protein modelingAPMGerman Business Action Group against Product and Brand PiracyAPMAttached Pressurized Module (space travel / spacecraft)APMAutomated People Mover (Eisenbahntechnik / railway technology)APNAccess Point Name (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)APNAllotropes Foundation NetworkAPNEEAir Pollution Network for Early Warning and Information Exchange (EU Projekt / project)APOJob-oriented further trainingAPOextra-parliamentary oppositionAPOCAirport Operation CenterAPODAstronomy Picture of the DayAPOLTAPON line terminationAPONAsynchronous Transfer Mode Passive Optical NetworkAPONTAPON network terminationAPPAccelerated parallel processingAPPAmyloid precursor proteinAPPApplication center for plasma and photonics (HAWK, Göttingen)APPAAtomic, Plasma Physics, and ApplicationsAPPLAUSEAward for the program planning of independent venues (German culture award)APRAcoustic Pulse ReflectometryAPROSYSAdvanced Protective Systems (Autotechnik / automobile technology)APRSAdvanced plasma reactive sputtering (optical coating)APSActive Pixel Sensors (Bildwandler / image converter)APSAdvanced Photon Source (Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA)APSAir Traffic Planning System (DLR)APSThe American Physical SocietyAPSAmerican Physiological SocietyAPSRAssociation for the Promotion of Sciences and Research (FR)APSUAustin Peay State University (Clarksville, TN, USA)APTAdvanced Processor Technologies Research Group (HPC)APTApartment (US Mail)APTAsia Pacific TelecommunityAPTAtom Probe TomographyAPTAAmerican Public Transportation AssociationAPTLAerosol and Particle Technology LaboratoryAPTPAsia-Pacific Technology ProgramAPUAngular Processing UnitAPUAuxiliary power unitAPUSAuspicious high-performance Ultrafast Lase SystemAPVAgricultural photovoltaicsAPVCAsia Pacific Vibration ConferenceAPWGAnti-Phishing Working GroupAPXSAlpha proton X-ray spectrometerAQAntarctica / Antarctica (ISO 3166)AQAAqua Quality AustriaAQMActive Queue Management (data transfer)AQSAir Quality System (für Autos / for cars)AQSAutomotive Quality Saar (Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster, Saarbrücken, DE)ARAntireflection (optical coating)ARArgentina (ISO 3166)ARArkansas (US state)ARAssessment Report (of the International Panel on Climate Change)ARAugmented realityARAutoregressive (filter)ERAFailure rate analysisARACAfrican Aquacultural Center (Port Hartcourt, Nigeria)ARAGOAdvanced Robotic Agile Observatory (astrophysics / astrophysics)ARAIAutomotive Research Association of IndiaARBAngiostin receptor blockers (heart medicine)ARBArbitrary Waveform (Generator)ARBArchitecture Review Board (computer science)ARBAuxiliary Reference BurstARCAeroacoustic Research Complex (at AFRL)ARCAffordable, robust, compactARCAngle-Resolved Coherent (Wave Mixing)ARCAntireflection coating (of laser mirrors)ARCApplication Research Center (Canton, MI, USA, near Detroit)ARC[File name extension: compressed archive file]ARCAudio Return Channel (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ARCAustralian Research CouncilARCUSArctic Research Consortium of the U.S.ARDWorking group of broadcasters in GermanyARDECArmy Research, Development and Engineering Center (USA)ARDUAircraft Research and Development Unit (AU)AREAntioxidant Response Element (on DNA)AREDAdvanced Resistive Exercise Device (power training for astronauts)AREMAAmerican Railway Engineering and Maintainance of Way AssociationARENAActive Research Environment for the Next Generation of AutomobilesARESActively Reacting Flexible Structure (DLR)ARESExpansion of Regenerative Energy Systems (DLR)ArevirAnalysis of resistance mutations in virusesARFCNAbsolute Radio Frequency Channel Number (cellular radio / mobile radio)ARFIAcoustic Radiation Force Impulse (Imaging)ARGOSAdvanced Research and Global Observation SatelliteARGOSAirborne Wide Area High Altitude Monitoring System (DLR project)ARIApplied Research Institute (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)ARICar driver broadcast information systemARIBAssociation of Radio Industries and Businesses (Japan)ARIELAdvanced Rare Isotope Laboratory (at TRIUMF)ARIMAAutoregressive Integrated Moving Average (Modeling)ARISAggregate route-based IP switching (telecommunication / telecommunication)ARISAugmented Reality Image SynthesisARkStormAtmospheric River Kilo StormARLAir Resources Laboratory (at NCEP)ARLAcademy for Spatial Research and Regional Planning (Hanover)ARLApplied Research Laboratory (Pennstate, USA)ARLArmy Research Laboratory (Adelphi, MD, USA)ARLAssociation of Research Libraries (USA)ARLOAcoustic Research Letters Online (JASA)POORAdvanced RISC Machine (EU supercomputer project)ARMAAdvanced Robotics and Mechanism Laboratory (Columbia University, USA)ARMAAssociation of Research Managers and AdministratorsARMAAutoregressive Moving Average (filter)ARMAXARMA process with auxiliary inputARMCIAggregate Remote Memory Copy Interface (software)ARMDAge-Related Macular DegenerationAROArmy Research Office (USA)ARPAddress Resolution Protocol (telecommunication / telecommunication)ARPAAdvanced Research Projects Administration (or: Agency) (USA)ARPAAgenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente (Milano, IT)ARPA-EARPA-EnergyARPANETARPA Network (predecessor of the Internet)ARPESAngle-Resolved Photoemission SpectroscopyARPHAAuthoring, reviewing, publishing, hosting and archivingARPUAverage (or: Annual) Revenue per User (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ARQAutomatic repeat request (data transmission)ARRAAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment ActARRIVALAlgorithm for Robust and Online Railway Optimization: Improving the Validity and Reliability of Large Scale Systems (EU Project)ARRIVEAspirin to Reduce Risk of Initial Vascular Events (Bayer Study)ARRVArctic Region Research VesselARSAgricultural Research Service (USA)ARTAdvanced Rotorcraft TransmissionARTgeneral theory of relativityARTAuditory Research TeamARTAAriane 5 Research and Technology Accompaniment (ESA)ARTEMISAdvanced Relay and Technology Mission (ESA)ARTEMISAntenna Arrays for Terahertz Material Identification and Security Applications (research project)ARTEMISAutomatic Retrieval of Text from Europe's Multinational Information ServiceARTISAutonomous Rotorcraft Testbed for Intelligent Systems (DLR)ARTSAutomotive Radar Target SimulatorARVGeneral rescue associationARVAntiretroviral drugsARWAdvanced Research Weather Research and Forecasting ModelASAcoustic segmentation (speech processing)ASAlarm surveillance (telecommunication / telecommunication)ASAmerican Samoa (ISO 3166, US Mail)ASApplication server (telecommunication / telecommunication)ASAutonomous systemASAvailability ServerASAThe Acoustical Society of AmericaASAAir Services AustraliaASAAlabama Supercomputer AuthorityASAAmerican Standards AssociationASAAssociation of Subscription Agents and IntermediariesASAAuditory Scene AnalysisASACActive Structural Acoustic ControlASACOSAcoustical Society of America Committee on StandardsASALAgence Spatiale AlgérienneASAMAdvanced Services Access Manager (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ASAMAssociation for Standardization of Automation and Measuring SystemsASAMATM Subscriber Access Multiplexer (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ASANCAAdvanced Study for Active Noise Control in Aircraft (CEC)ASAPAdvanced Sensor Application ProgramASAPAdvanced Systems Analysis ProgramASAPAlarm Severity Assignment ProfileASAPas soon as possibleASAP[IEEE International Conference on] Application-Specific Systems, Architectures and ProcessesASARAdvanced Synthetic Aperture RadarASASAfter school all starsASAS-SNAll-Sky Automated Survey for SupernovaeASATAntisatellite (Weapon)ASCAcademic Search Complete (full text database)ASCAccredited Standards CommitteeASCAcoustical Society of ChinaASCAeroacoustics Specialists' Committee (in CEAS)ASCAmerican Society for Composites (since 1985)ASCAmerican Superconductor CorporationASCAAdvanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics (Japan 1993)ASCATAssociation des Emetteurs de Catalogs de Timbre PosteASCBAmerican Society for Cell BiologyASCEAmerican Society of Civil EngineersASCIAccelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (DoE, USA)ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information InterchangeASCOAmerican Society of Clinical OncologyASCPTAmerican Society for Clinical Pharmacology and TherapeuticsASCRAdvanced Scientific Computing Research (DOE program)ASCSAutomatic Shift Control System (automotive gear)ASDAutism Spectrum DisorderASDAccelerated Scientific Discovery (project at CISL)ASDEXAxial-Symmetric Divertor Experiment (Fusionsreaktortechnik / fusion reactor technology, Garching, DE)ASDICAnti-Submarine Detection Submarine CommitteeASDLAsynchronous Digital Subscriber LineASDSPApplication Specific Digital Signal ProcessorASEAmplified Spontaneous Emission (Laser)ASEAmplified Stimulated Emission (Laser)ASEAssociation of Space ExplorersASEATM switching elementASE→ ESAASEAAnalytical Statistical Energy AnalysisASEANAssociation of Southeast Asian NationsASEEAmerican Society of Engineering Education (or: Educators)ASEM[Asian-European summit]ASEPS-OAstronomical Studies of Extrasolar Planetary Systems (Mount Palomar, CA, USA)ASESMAAfrican School on Electronic Structure Methods and ApplicationsASETApplied Science and Environmental Technology (International Conference series)ASEWWorking group for economical use of energy and waterASFAdditional Secondary Factors (LORAN-C corrections)ASFBAcoustical Society Foundation Board (USA)ASFFAcoustical Society Foundation Fund (USA)ASGAdvanced Study GroupASGArray signal gainASGAsymptotically safe gravityASHAutomated Storage and Handling (research robot, Bayer AG)ASHAAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing AssociationASHGAmerican Society of Human GeneticsASHRAEAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning EngineersASIAgenza Spaziale ItalianeASIAmorphous silicon glass modules (photovoltaics / photovoltaics)ASIArcheological Survey of IndiaASIAsynchronous Serial Interface (telecommunication / telecommunication)ASIAustralian Solar InstituteASIAAAcademica Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Taipei, TW)AsianJLSAsian Journal of Law and SocietyASICAcid-Sensitive Ion ChannelASICUser (application) specific IC, application specific integrated circuitASIINAccreditation agency for courses in engineering, computer science, natural sciences and mathematicsASILAutomotive Safety Integrity LevelASIMWorking group simulation in the society for informaticsASIPApplication Specific Set Information-Set Processor (Computer)ASITFAdvanced Systems Integration Test Facility (aircraft development, Honda, JP)ASJAcoustical Society of JapanASKAcademic software cooperation (University of Karlsruhe)ASKAmplitude Shift Keying (digital modulation method / digital modulation)ASKAPAustralian Square Kilometer Array PathfinderASLAirbus Saffron LauncherASLAmerican Sign Language (of deaf-mutes)ASMAutomotive simulation modelASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical EngineersA-SMGCSAdvanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (airport ground traffic)ASMPAustralian Species Management Program (for animals threatened by extinction)ASMWOffice for Standardization, Metrology and Goods Testing (formerly / former GDR)ASNAmerican Society of NeurochemistryASNATM switching networkASNAAirport Safety and Noise Act (USA 1979)ASNEAmerican Society of Naval EngineersASNTAmerican Society for Nondestructive TestingASN.1Abstract syntax notation 1ASOMAdaptive Scanning Optical MicroscopeASONAutomatical (ly) Switched Optical Network (optical telecommunication)ASPAdaptive signal processingASPAdvanced Spectroscopic Portal (radiation detection)ASPApplication Service Provider (telecommunication / telecommunication)ASPFocus of workASPAstronomical Society PacificASPAverage selling priceASPECAudio Spectral Perceptual Entropic CodingASPENAdaptive Sample Picture EncapsulationASPERAAstroparticle European Research Area (EU Project in Astrophysics)ASPOAssociation for the Study of Peak Oil & GasASQAcoustic Source Quantification (noise protection)ASQCAmerican Society for Quality ControlASRAnti-slip regulation (motor vehicle / automobile)ASRAutomatic (or: Advanced) Speech RecognitionASRCAdvanced Science and Research Center (CUNY)ASRENArab Scientific Research and Education NetworkASRGAdvanced Stirling Radioisotope GeneratorASSAcetylsalicylic acidASSCAssociation for the Scientific Study of ConciousnessASSETAssessing Sensitivity to Transport (EC Project)ASSIAccreditation agency for engineering and computer science coursesASSID[Fraunhofer Center] All Silicon System Integration Dresden (in the IZM)ASSISTAlliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and TechnologiesASSISTAssessing the Social and Economic Impacts of Past and Future Sustainable Transport (FhG)ASSPAcoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (in IEEE)ASSPApplication Specific Standard ProductBranchCall collective taxiASTFhAZ for applied system technology (Ilmenau, Thuringia)ASTAutomatic Spectroscopic TelescopeASTAAdvanced Superconducting Test Accelerator (Fermilab)AStAGeneral student committeeASTAPAsia-Pacific Telecommunity Standardization ProgramASTARArctic Study of Tropospheric Aerosol [Clouds] and RadiationA * STARAgency for Science, Technology, and Research (Singapore, since 1991)ASTEAtacama Submillimeter Telescope Experiment (Infrared astronomy / infrared astronomy)ASTEMAustrian Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (Graz, AT, 2011)ASTERAdvanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (Erd-Fernerkundung / remote reconnaissance)ASTIAArmed Services Technical Informations Agency (USA)ASTMAmerican Society of Testing MaterialsASTONISHAtomic-Scale Studies of the Nature of and Conditions for Inducing Superconductivity at High-Temperature (ERC program, University of Hamburg, DE)ASTREXAdvanced Space Structure Research ExperimentsASTRIDAarhus Storage Ring, DenmarkASTROSESelf-sufficient current sensorASTVAeroassisted Space Transfer Vehicle (space travel / spacecraft)ASUSpecial exhaust gas investigationASUArizona State University (Tempe, AZ, USA)ASUATM service unitASURAAdvanced Speech Understanding and Rendering System of ATR (Japan)ASVAutomated Structure Verification (pharmaceutical chemistry)ASVPApplication Specific Standard ProductsASWAntisubmarine WarfareASWORGAntisubmarine Warfare Operations Research Group (USA)ATAtomic Time (since / since 1955)ATAustria / Austria (ISO 3166ATBActive Twist Blade (helicopter / helicopter)ATBInstitute for Agricultural Engineering Bornim (Potsdam-Bornim)ATCAbstract Test Case (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ATCAdiabatic Toroidal Compressor (fusion reactor technology, PPPL)ATCAir Traffic ControlATC[European] Altair Technology ConferenceATCAmerican Television and Communications CorporationATCATM transfer capabilities (telecommunication / telecommunication)ATCAutomatic Train Control (Eisenbahntechnik / railway technology)ATDMAAdvanced TDMAATEApplication Test Environment (telecommunications / telecommunication)ATEAutomatic (or: Automated) Test EquipmentATFAccelerator Test FacilityATFAcoustic transfer functionATFAdvanced Tactical Fighter (USA, Luftwaffe / Air Force)ATHENAAdvanced Telescope for High-Energy AstrophysicsATIAcoustics Today InternsATIAbove-Threshold IonizationATIAny time interrogation (telecommunication / telecommunication)ATIAutomated Target IdentificationATIAutomatic Telephony Interpretation (CAIR, Korea)ATICAdvanced Thin Ionization CalorimeterATIPAsian Technology Information Program (US organization)ATISAirport Terminal (or: Travel) Information ServiceATISAlliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (North America)ATKISOfficial topographic-cartographic information systemATL[Fraunhofer] working group for technologies in the logistics service industry (Nuremberg)ATLASA Toroidal LHC Apparatus (LHC, CERN)ATLASArgonne Tandem-Linac Accelerator System (Argonne National Laboratory, near Chicago, IL, USA)ATLASAtmospheric Laboratory for Applications and ScienceATMAir traffic managementATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode (data network)ATMAtaxia Telangiectasia Mutated (enzyme)ATMAtmospheric Transport Modeling (CTBT)ATMAttached Pressurized Module (space travel / spacecraft)ATMAutomated Teller Machine (banking / banking)ATMFATM forumATMFATM user connected via optical fiberATMOSAir Traffic Management and Operations Simulator (DLR)ATMPAdvanced Therapy Medicinal ProductATMT[Fraunhofer] working group for telecommunications and multimedia technologyATOAutomatic Train Operation (Eisenbahntechnik / railway technology)ATOCAcoustic Thermometry of Ocean ClimateATONAutonomous Terrain-Based Optical NavigationATPAdenosine triphosphateATPAdvanced Technology Program (USA, Department of Commerce)ATPAdvanced Turbo-Prop (Flugzeug / aircraft)ATPAutomatic Train Protection (Eisenbahntechnik / railway technology)ATPCAutomatic Transmit Power Control (telecommunication / telecommunication)ATPESCArgonne Training Program on Extreme Scale ComputingATRAttenuated Total Reflection (Chemie: Analyze -verfahren / chemical analysis)ATRAutomatic (or: Automated) Target Recognition (Telekommunikation, Wasserschall / telecommunication, underwater sound)ATRAAdvanced Technology Research Aircraft (DLR)ATRIASAssume The Robot Is A SphereATRPAtom Transfer Radical PolymerizationATSAbstract Test Suite (Telekommunikation / telecommunication)ATSAdvanced Tracking System (for waste material, using GPS - later on Galileo when available)ATSAmerican Thoracic SocietyATSAutomated Tuner SystemATSAutomatic Train Supervision (Eisenbahntechnik / railway technology)ATSCAdvanced Television Systems CommitteeATSEAntenna Technology Shuttle Experiment (NASA)ATSTAdvanced Technology Solar Telescope (planned / planned)ATTAdvanced Transport TelematicsATTAAtom Trap Trace AnalysisATTASAdvanced Technologies Testing Aircraft System (DLR, until June 27, 2012 / until June 27, 2012)AT&TAmerican Telephone and Telegraph CompanyATTCAdvanced Television Test Center, Inc. (USA)ATTHeSAdvanced Technology Testing Helicopter System (DLR)atto10-18 (Prefix)ATTICAEuropean Assessment of Transport Impacts on Climate Change and Ozone DepletionATUAccess Termination Unit (telecommunication / telecommunication)ATUADSL Terminal UnitATVAll-Terrain VehicleATVArea tegmentalis ventralis (in the brain)ATVAutomatic (or: Automated) Transport (or: Transfer) VehicleAUAfrican UnionAUAstronomical Unit (distance from earth to sun = 1.49 x 1011 m)AUAustralia (ISO 3166)a.u.c.ab urbe condita (Roman calendar, from the founding year of Rome, 753 BC)AUCAmerican University in Cairo (Egypt)AuCAuthentication Center (telecommunication / telecommunication)AUIAssociated Universities, Inc. (USA)AURAAssociation of Universities for Research in Astronomy (USA)AUTAssociation of University Teachers (GB)AUTECAtlantic Undersea Test (ing) and Evaluation Center (near Andros Island in the Bahamas)AUTMAssociation of University Technology ManagersHighwayAutomated Bandwidth Allocation across Homogeneous Networks (optical telecommunication)AUTOSARAutomotive Open System ArchitectureAUVAutonomous Underwater VehicleAVAudio and video (connection)AVAudiovisual (speech perception)AVAAerodynamic Research Institute (Göttingen, 1907)AVANTIAutonomous visual approach navigation and target identification (DLR project)AVBGeneral terms of contractAVCAdvanced video codingAvDDoctor on duty (hospital)AVDPAudio Video Delivery PlatformAVEAlta Velocidad Española (Spanish high speed train)AVEAvenue (US Mail)AVESAir Vehicle Simulator (DLR, Braunschweig, DE)AvHAlexander von Humboldt FoundationAVHRRAdvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (remote sensing / remote locating)AVIAccreditation association for engineering courses e.V.AVIAutomatic Vehicle IdentificationAVI[File name extension: video file / file name extension: video file]AVIRISAirborne Visible / Infrared Imaging SpectrometerAVISOArchivage, validation, interprétation des données des satellites océanographiquesAVRCPAudio Video Remote Control ProfileAVKFhAZ for traffic logistics and communication technology (Nuremberg)AVLAutomatic Vehicle Location (telecommunication / telecommunication)AVLAdvanced Visualization Laboratory (at the NCSA center)A-VLANAuthenticated VLAN (telecommunications / telecommunication)AVMAutonomous distributed microsystems (computer technology)AVOAstronomical Virtual Observatory (Europe)AVOAudio-Visual Object (telecommunication / telecommunication)AVPEAcoustic Velocity Potential EquationAVRCPAudio Video Remote Control ProfileAVSAdult Verification SystemAVSAdvanced Visual SystemsAVSAmerican Vacuum SocietyAVT[Laboratory for] assembly and connection technology (Fraunhofer IISB)AVUSAutomobile test and practice track (Berlin)AVVFhAZ for processing machines and packaging technology (Dresden)AWAruba (ISO 3166)AWAArgonne Wakefield AcceleratorAWCAll-wheel control (automotive drive control)AW-CDMAdaptive Weighted CDMAWEWorkstation playback unit (digital speech transmission system / digital speech transmission)AWFORSAdvanced Welding Technologies for Repair and Salvage of High Valued Engine Componentson Nickel and Titanium Based Alloys (for aircraft engine repair)AWGAmerican Wire GaugeAWGArbitrary Waveform GeneratorAWGArray (ed) Waveguide Grating (filter, photonics)AWGNAdditive (or: Average) White Gaussian NoiseAWIAlfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (Bremerhaven)AWIForeign Science InitiativeAWIATORAircraft Wing with Advanced Technology OperationAWMAAutomated Working Memory AssessmentAWOWorkers welfareAWOContract Research West-East (BMFT)AWOPAll Weather Operations Panel (Allwetter-Flugbetrieb / weather-independent air traffic)AWRIAustralian Wine Research InstituteAWSAbsolute perceptibility threshold (psychoacoustics)AWSAdvanced Wireless Spectrum (telecommunications / telecommunication)AWSAmazon Web ServicesEEZexclusive economic zoneAXAFAdvanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility (Satellite, USA)AZArizona (US state)AZAzerbaijan / Azerbaijan (ISO 3166)AzipodAzimuthing Electric Podded Propulsion (ship propulsion)AZOM[Fraunhofer] Application Center for Optical Metrology and Surface TechnologyAZTAllianz Center for Technology (Ismaning near Munich)AZTAzidothymidine (HIV drug)A2DPAdvanced Audio Distribution ProfileA2LAAmerican Association for Laboratory Accreditation