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At feeterie you can sell and buy used socks! But also foot pictures, videos or shoes. We from feeterie bring people together. People who have a preference for feet and legs. We have seen for ourselves how difficult it is to find a quality platform. Selling and buying products like socks, high heels or foot prints was complicated and never satisfactory. At feeterie you can sell or buy products for everything to do with feet more intuitively and easily than ever before.

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Why can erotic feet and worn clothes like socks make us sharp?

As is so often the case, the background lies in human evolution. Many aphrodisiac (ie “spicy”) active ingredients are anchored in fragrances and smells, as well as in the clothing worn such as socks or stockings. The increasing trend to remove body hair and excessive washing compulsion and the application of artificial fragrances covers these pheromones, which are important for pleasure. In addition to the taboo on the inclusion of female fragrances, which was created unnaturally in the past, our desire is limited. A woman's scent has made men hot for as long as we have been around. It is all natural, only the time required to buy items such as worn socks, worn nylon stockings, and worn shoes online.

Neuroscientists found another reason men find bare feet so sexy. The brain areas of the genitals and the toes and feet are right next to each other and this can easily lead to an overlapping of stimuli and stimulation.

The trend shows a clear line: Taboos no longer seem to be able to prevail in our time. In a wide variety of areas, people get back what they feel like doing. And the desire for worn socks, high heels or pictures of bare feet is undeniable for men.

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With us you can earn money from home with little effort. How much money do you make online at feeterie can earn? You determine that! Depending on what and how much you want to offer, and how good and popular your products are. Create an extra income and make money from home. We are happy to help if you need support!

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