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Sylt: confiscate an empty house for refugees?

The mayor of Sylt, Petra Reiber, wants to confiscate an uninhabited thatched-roof house in Keitum for refugees. The so-called police house has been empty since 2011. Reiber is now calling on Finance Minister Monika Heinold to open the house to asylum seekers. Otherwise she would confiscate the house, said Reiber at the weekend. With the campaign, the 57-year-old also wants to draw attention to the lack of living space on the largest North Frisian island.

The building belongs to the state of Schleswig-Holstein. In a letter on Friday, the Ministry of Finance had already made the mayor an offer to talk and showed understanding for her emergency situation, said ministry spokesman Eugen Witte on Sunday. He was not satisfied with the previous communication channel: “The finance minister would have been happy if Ms. Reiber had picked up the phone and called instead of attracting media attention. Ms. Heinold is known for speaking in a solution-oriented manner to people who have a concern, ”said Witte.

It is still unclear whether 23 new refugees will come to the island next week, said Reiber. This year, the island should take in around 59 refugees, and there could be more. However, there is no room for these people because the homeless shelters are full. "There is a risk of homelessness and that is a threat to public safety," said the mayor.

The new mayor also supports the campaign

The semi-detached apartments are more than 100 square meters, each with five rooms. The mayor said that the municipality could not pay the purchase price of 1.6 million euros. The pressure keeps increasing, which is why she decided to take this step, said Reiber. On Sylt, people with a migration background are very well integrated - protests by Ursyltern against their plans to accommodate refugees in the thatched-roof house, Reiber does not fear.