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At the age of 28 ✝: This is how the music world reacts to the death of DJ Aviciis

After the death of the DJ and music producer Avicii, the shock sits deep in the electro scene and beyond. Stars like David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Nile Rodgers were dismayed on Friday. The Swedish royal family was also shocked. The globally successful Tim Bergling was found dead in Muscat, the capital of the Gulf State of Oman. He was only 28 years old.

Nothing has been known about the circumstances of his death so far. As the British newspaper "Sun" reports, a few days ago Bergling was in a good mood with fans at a holiday resort in Muscat. There the star posed with them for photos.

In 2016, Bergling withdrew from major appearances for health reasons. There was speculation about the star's alcohol addiction. In an interview with “Time Magazine” in 2013, he himself described how global fame had hit him. “I drank way too much, generally had too many parties. At some point I had to turn the wheel around and stop drinking completely. "

The American record producer Nile Rodgers said in an interview with the AP news agency that Avicii was his "little brother". Although he does not know what happened. But as a friend and musician, he could say that Tim Bergling was one of the greatest melody writers he had ever worked with. "And I've worked with some of the most brilliant musicians on the planet."

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Rodgers also alluded to Avicii's health problems. When he last performed with the artist three years ago, he was upset because Avicii was drunk. "I was sad because he had promised me to stop drinking, and when I saw him that evening, he was drunk." He asked him about it and asked what was going on. “I thought, 'Wow, man, come on. What are you doing? What's up with you?'"