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Hello Vienna, Finaos, All Saints' Day, Santos Bridge, winter flight schedule
And to take pictures in the cemetery

Does the flower shop still have chrysanthemums and gypsophila? - Even more sales than on Valentine's Day in the flower shop, but the clever housewife also pulls a lot of grave decorations here herself. - The absolute bestsellers are the anthuriums, also known as flamingo flowers, which grow here exceptionally, almost weed-like, if they have enough warmth and shade . - They last a long time, plus in recent years many proteas, which can also be planted very well in the central zones of the island and then of course the entire repertoire of the Kenyan / Dutch flower guild, which fulfills flower dreams around the globe. - It is important that the graves are decorated on Tuesday, although with us the grave seems a bit exaggerated, since the vast majority of the deceased live in cozy prefabricated housing estates on a good square meter. - So you can only decorate that little bit of outside space, maybe 70 x 70 centimeters, but the art of the inflationary use of flowers on All Saints' Day seems to have taken root here.

Around All Saints' Day, here "Todos los Santos", which means exactly the same thing, you can then easily determine which grave site has no relatives in the immediate vicinity, whereby it is also quite common to decorate an orphaned grave site, especially if this is close to your own area of ​​application. - Of course not as complex as that of nuts, the hierarchy of mourning seems to be a very important quality of us humans. - You can call it morbid to roam through the cemeteries with your camera on November 1st, but I can only recommend it, some deceased have never seen so many flowers in their entire life, so you can do that right away still check off. - What is now completely out, these are plastic flowers. - Thank God or whoever. - For a few years, with the beginning of the use of shops, earlier than 99 shops, then giant Chinese centers, it looked for a few years as if a broad plasticization could turn all grave sites into industrial monuments. - Well, you can still see a few plastic cutlery, but few and the contempt of all grave decorators usually melts them without the sun.

Before All Saints' Day (if I catch the "man") the Halloween festival was set, whereby I suspect the same advertising fuzzies behind it, as with the abuse, kidnapping and coercion of Santa Claus. - These cultural migrants are not really celebrated across communities, actually only a few young people celebrate, or those who want to sell something to them, and at the end of the day there are mostly small booze and misunderstandings. - So now people in the capital complain, like every year since someone called Hello Vienna here on the island, about vandalism around the Plaza Santo Domingo, and in the press you can read stories from which you could believe that the whole thing happened in Aleppo. - Two doors bent, a few panes broken and the West is already sinking into sweets and cheap booze and the police are called. - Although the call for the parents is always in my throat when it is reported again how members of our brood then go overboard when imitating us. - Of course not your own, never, I even promise myself that in public!

There was no Halloween here, even if today a festival called "Finaos" is brought out again. - Actually "Finados", but the last "d" has swallowed the Canary Islands, just like with the "Bejenao". - A "Finao" is a "finished one", that is to say dead. - It was similar to "Trick or Treat", whereby one asked more religiously whether there were saints in the house. - Of course there are those who dare to say no to something like that. - As a reward you got almonds, chestnuts and figs, and when the bag was full you went home and presented your booty to the family. - Whether the Celtic variant, meanwhile expanded to a billion dollar business, the actual authorship for knocking on the door, asking stupid questions, and then risking tooth decay and diabetes is the only original, or for us traditionalists, of course, only the autochthonous variant may apply I just have to leave it open out of ignorance. - For us in private the day has a completely different meaning anyway, for us it's a family birthday and not an anniversary of death.

In a very pragmatic way, you can build a wonderful "bridge of the dead" again this year, i.e. use the holiday as an anchor for a short vacation. - You always notice that in the prices for the flights between the islands, where there is a risk of a bridge, there are no special prices, only Christmas and the days before the "Indianos" the local "Binter" is more ungracious with the pricing, than on the first possible bridge day. - Since many people here virtually left the real crisis, such small trips are extremely popular again, but they tend to go from a small island to a large one, and the hotels in the relevant centers such as Playa del Inglés or Maspalomas are doing heavy overbooking. You treat yourself to something again, what exactly, we don't know yet, but since the man from the bank called again and what speaks of creditworthiness

Several industries live from happy flying back and forth, and here in the Canaries, international tourism sells bread. - I'm also not entirely sure whether you can put a livelihood and pastime together like this, but the correction function gave up for me years ago, so let's leave it that way. - Now the winter flight plan begins again and you can easily see that La Palma could and will probably be full this winter season. - A colorful mix of La Palma connoisseurs, who like to take advantage of the increased availability of aviators, and also new visitors from previously unknown origins, where one is always a bit worried that they may not even know, or that they do did not say that we fly away ourselves, to another Canary Island, if we want to go on a sun and beach vacation. - The summer flight schedule for the coming year is also slowly taking shape, but Air Berlin is still missing as a girdle, although we don't really know whether they haven't run out of air by then.

End of October, envy factor three allowed!

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Fulanito de tal dice hoy: Cabeza calva, peinada antes del alba

A bald head, combed from the crack of dawn. - If the glass has to be half full, then you invent positive properties for all situations and positions, even if these are actually negatively affected. - There is nothing bad that does not have something good and in fact, if you have no more hair on your head, you no longer have to buy a comb.

Cardón canario, Euphorbia canariensis
Image by Wolfgang Hempel

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Thank you Podemos for again Mariano Rajoy
Confused and incoherent stuff

And truly I tell you, don't let your eyes off Elisabeth, she's still hanging around north of the Canary Islands! - But let's just endure some nice weather at the moment, at least for the next few days. - We want to enjoy that, because next weekend the next rain could land. - That would be the normal cycle for a rainy winter, every 2 weeks for three days of bad weather from the point of view of the holiday guests, or welcome rain if the observer is a farmer. - But now everyone is satisfied, including Ms. Dähncke, finally enough water so that the mushroom season can start on time, and when, after a few days of rain, the sun is so wonderfully pushing the daytime temperatures well above 20 degrees, then you dare to be Member of the tourism sector took to the streets.

Our cats have been in a mess for a few days. - First the rain comes, which means that you have to get closer to the humanoids again, so prepare the best places on the sofa, beds and laps, and then the sun shines again during the day, and the stupid lizards want to be hunted again and you are again all day at the courtship. - Pure stress, and then this morning too, a whole hour later there are these familiar, perfumed animal carcasses from the package. - How are our cats supposed to know that we had an extra hour at night today and that we always change the time right on the first day and lie in bed longer. - What a nagging, what restlessness and how outrageous of us, the cats just like the new rhythm on the first day like wet water to knock the habits. - Maybe someone will understand and put an end to this nonsense with the two clock changes a year. - That should be easier than CETA

The capitals have a hard time. - According to the local press, they are being harassed from two sides. From the south through the nocturnal disturbance of the Armas ferry, which lies in the harbor from late evening to morning and cannot turn off the engines. - On the north side of the city you fall asleep a little earlier, but wake up again at 4:00 a.m. to the noise of the roosters, which now live in large numbers in the Barranco de Las Nieves. - There have been reports about this for a long time, someone has raised chickens and roosters in the almost always dry river bed and some of them have even multiplied wildly in the meantime, so that a considerable population has emerged there. - A nice change for visitors and idlers, a heavy burden for troubled workers who urgently need their sleep. Heavy rainfall above the capital could put an end to the hustle and bustle quickly, cruelly but naturally, or the community would go on a chicken hunt and chase the perky poultry out of the river bed.

Shooing the Armas ferry away will be more difficult because you want to have the ship with you every day as an island and port city. - But the noise of the engines, which are probably not well insulated, does not let many people from the southern part sleep, and if you believe the articles in the newspaper, even people from the lower elevations of the nearby "Breñas" feel annoyed by the noise of the ferry's engine. - Sleepless in Santa Cruz, not quite ready as a film, but you could generally think about taking over the power supply for the cruise ships in the port from land. - The noise of the engines is one thing, and the cruise ships have excellent noise-insulated engines, but the exhaust gases from the combustion of the heavy ship's diesel are even more dangerous than the monotonous noise of the ship's engines. - That would be something for the EU, instead of building us ports that nobody calls anyway, power supply for pots lying here, so that the captain can not only set it to idle, but also paralyze the fat diesel for a few hours.

As a leftist, I just can't help but turn on the left. - It should be, that is perhaps where the term left comes from - Yesterday it was so far, the abstention of the vast majority of the PSOE MPs made it possible for Mariano Rajoy to get a third term in Spain, and actually all parties are ahead took part in the last elections to prevent that from happening. - Also the socialists of the PSOE, above all the young hope Pedro Sánchez, who is now becoming a tragic figure, "Sánchez Panza" and even shed great socialist tears when he resigned for the good of the country and the party. - The big question just arises, do I stand by my original statements and my ideology and do everything I can to replace the government under Mariano Rajoy, or am I doing the country a dubious favor and becoming pragmatic and tolerating a government the self-proclaimed class enemy, so that the country can finally get a functioning government again.

In reality it looks very different, although politicians' tears are rarely really damp, but Pedro Sánchez already has what it takes to become a tragic hero. - However, the new polls did not result in a further drop in voter approval for the PSOE, so they definitely wanted to prevent a third ballot within a year. - That makes the tragedy a bit more bearable and in fact, the thick-skinned Mariano from the Partido Popular, just like the cunning Pablo Iglesias from Podemos would not have had anything against a third ballot because, funny enough, time plays into their hands. - The PSOE had to react as not only tragic, but also very obstinate, and since Podemos repeatedly refuses to accept a really new government (PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos), they ultimately had no choice. - The only hope remains that the Partido Popular must now constantly seek political consensus, since one does not have a majority of seats, so for the first time also has to work. - I don't dare to predict whether this will go well or whether we will have new elections soon, as many observers suspect.

However, the PSOE must also be defended against an accusation, because this party is not to blame for the fact that Mariano Rajoy, and his Partido Popular, which is more than weird through corruption, is now at the helm again. - It was Podemos, and above all an extremely uncontrolled Pablo Iglesias, who at the beginning of March of this year prevented a double-left liberal government with his ugly no. - At that time, Pedro Sánchez, the "Ciudadanos" group, was ready to try PSOE, Podemos plus Cuidadanos, twice on the left and once with a liberal question mark, but Pablo Iglesias does not seem to have really understood democracy and categorically refused to work with Ciudadanos. - So it would have been entirely possible to prevent Mariano Rajoy, in March of this year and later, but Podemos prevented that and not the PSOE, as people like to proclaim today.

Everyone quickly forgets, the press as well and the people anyway, and now the PSOE is also quickly learning that it is sometimes better to wait in the back seats, i.e. the opposition, because there you can make the fewest mistakes. - Those are the things that Podemos and Ciudadanos, the new forces in the country, have not yet proven to be hip and casual even under government responsibility. - Again and again, however, I am full of enthusiasm that we here in Spain also have the new political phenomenon of multiparties, but it is a luxury problem for us. - There are not even remotely right pimples here, as is unfortunately the case in the "rest" of Europe, except for Portugal and Ireland, nowadays everywhere. - You can see the voting shares and seats after the last congressional elections and thus the possibilities of forming a government HERE.

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Fulanito de tal dice hoy: Caballito de cartón, ni andante, ni galopante, ni trotón

Cardboard horse, it doesn't run, it doesn't gallop, and it doesn't trot either. - Sometimes a cardboard horse is just a cardboard horse and a saying is just a saying. - The truth is out there

The brand new pier in Puerto de Tazacorte with water from above and below
Image by Wolfgang Hempel

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Let's talk about asphalt baby!
There was something else

Earlier, when everything was different, and only a few things better, the mayor who had paved most of the kilometers of village streets won re-election. - Asphalt, plastic bags, asbestos and silicone, not all progress indicators survive the sustainability check and the whole thing got really bad when smart people also uttered such slogans as: The prosperity of a people is not measured in terms of motorway kilometers, but in terms of numbers of doctors, artists and teachers per inhabitant. - I would add, and in the behavior towards the environment, flora and fauna, but then I have to pay back into the do-gooders phrase fund, which by the way has by no means replaced the Chauvikasse. - But you can't do without the stuff completely, or you just can't get rid of it, as in the case of asbestos.- And not asphalt anyway, even Pragmoos like me drive cars, always with a guilty conscience, but preferably on smooth asphalt, and don't ask me now what Pragmoos are, just give your imagination as much space as I do mine Vocabulary, and then it all comes together.

Once the asphalt lies in front of us as a dark band of progressive mobility, then freedom seems to be limitless, or until the next traffic jam or pothole. - But such a road first has to be built and for that you also need the asphalt, a mixture of bitumen and solids, mostly gravel in various compositions. However, the production of this mixture creates harmful gases, fine dust and also noise, so of course the inclined motorist would like to use the asphalt, but have nothing to do with the production within sight and sniffing distance. - Nobody wants to live next to their growing chop, so what's the point of the sharp undertone? - In the flat country that is actually not a problem, you pack such an asphalt mixing factory in uninhabited areas, perhaps best in already existing industrial parks and then drive the stuff "a la minute" and in large trucks to the already prepared construction site.

However, if you live on a small island with at least two mountains and the deep sea in front of them, and still completely without a railway, then it can happen that you cannot find a suitable place for such an asphalt mixing plant. - We remember that such a factory is stinky, uh, noisy, even according to the legal text, and because now not only more Nick citizens live on the island, but now also high-class citizens of the first protest class, who even commit cheeky things such as calling for citizen participation, inspection of files or Even compliance with the legal system on the part of the authorities, it is becoming more and more difficult to turn on such industries as chanel-exiting asphalt milk sheep to the neighbors. - Many a citizen can read, even more than the Omatrost three-part on Facebook, and then you find legal texts stating the prescribed distances to settlements but also nature reserves, and then things suddenly get very cramped on the island.

In fact, you will hardly find any terrain on the island that meets the required distances and, using the example of "Callejón de La Gata" in the municipality of Los Llanos, we have also seen mature citizens with the necessary seat meat underneath and the wallet in between , be able to enforce their rights quite powerfully and robustly. - The Los Llanos industrial area is therefore unable to accommodate such industries and you should really only think a little longer on very mild evenings as to how certain gangs of landlords can come up with the idea of ​​designating their otherwise unusable land next to residential areas as an industrial area. - The island-wide consensus is now that the communities are overwhelmed with the granting of such licenses which are really hazardous to health and then it is always: Kobra take over and here Kobra suddenly writes Cabildo = island government. - Makes sense, you only need one of the plants on the island, or for cartel reasons two such factories, and you should find and determine locations for such industries on this level.

The island plan should then determine that factories can cook asphalt here, but such an island plan is also subject to the limitations of such a fragile structure of an island, with more protected areas than freely usable area. - To be honest, I don't see where such a work could be housed and the 2,000 meters distance to residential areas and scenic shelters could be managed at the same time. - From the Cabildo it is now said, through solvent sources, that such a work could be created in Barlovento, just like in Fuencaliente, otherwise there is no other location to offer. - In Fuencaliente, the only asphalt plant still in production continues to glow and supplies the island with the necessary road paste, even if several requests to close the plant, of varying degrees of robustness, are already hovering over the plant.

The island government has not found a miracle plot where one could place such a work without protests, because it would be ignorant to assume that one can set up such systems in the southern municipality or in Barlovento, since one suspects the path of the least resistance there. - Make sure you are not mistaken, the protest citizen has long been living everywhere, in the meantime there are even citizens' initiatives against toad migration, and one should better expect the island government to get clear resistance from the regions described in terms of asphalt. - To create the asphalt from Tenerife to La Palma would theoretically be possible, but then you would not only have to order a fleet of trucks that have a lot of time, but also the necessary ships, which set their schedule according to the asphalt needs of the island and not their own Economics. - That doesn't work, that would be a lot, but much too expensive, so somehow we will have to come to an agreement here on the island. - Either according to the Saint Florian's principle, spare my house, light others, or it is agreed that a mobile asphalt plant will blow the sweet smell of progress in front of the clothesline for a certain period of time for everyone on the island. - Asphalt, a long-runner and Everblack here on the island, and as the Upper Prague Moss in Baden-Württemberg always says so beautifully: the stuff has to go somewhere!

Hello Martina, please tell your dog sorry that I keep pulling it out when it comes to asphalt, but the asphalt sniffer dog is the only nice photo in the matter!

Saturday October 29, 2016 9:00 a.m. - El Paso - west side - 540 m altitude
20 temperature 16 degrees - precipitation: 0 mm - air humidity 58% - air pressure 1019 hPa

Guest contribution by Rainer Olzem and Timm Reisinger
45 years ago, the Teneguía eruption part 2 of 2

The Teneguía volcano is located in the very south of La Palma below Fuencaliente (Los Canarios). From the main road LP-2 in Fuencaliente, the road LP-209 branches off to the volcanoes of San Antonio and Teneguía and to the town of Las Indias. About 2 km after the entrance to San Antonio, turn left into the small road LP-128 to Teneguía.

After a good kilometer, a gravel path (SL-FU 112) leads in a right serpentine to the left to the volcano. The car has to be parked here because the path is closed to cars. The gravel road runs between the steep west and south flank of the San Antonio on the left and the three lower eruption centers of the San Antonio from 1677 on the right. Roque Teneguía to the right of the path originates from the prehistoric eruption of the San Antonio volcano about 3,200 years ago. Behind it lies the extensive lava platform in the Atlantic at Punta Larga, which the San Antonio created during its eruption. After a good kilometer on the gravel road, the path to the foot of Teneguía branches off sharply to the right. Here the walled aqueduct "Canal del Estado" runs parallel to the slope. Then the short and steep climb to the top of the volcano begins.

Directly on the left a path leads to the circular eruption cone 3 and further down to the salt pans. Eruption Center 4 is on the right on the ascent path. If you look down to the left from half the ascent height at the wide lava flow that runs towards the lighthouses, you can see the eruption center 5 at its beginning. After a short steep section, the edge of the main crater is reached. Even 45 years after the eruption of the volcano, there are still crevices in the earth from which volcanic gases escape. Hold your hand in it, the gases - mainly carbon dioxide - are no longer hot, just slightly tempered.

The circular eruption cone No. 3 did not produce any lava, but was explosive during the entire eruption.

The eruption center No. 4 is immediately to the right of the ascent route to the summit.

The eruption center No. 5 on the left below the ascent path is difficult to recognize as such.

From up here one looks into the main crater, that is the eruption centers 1 and 2. At the edge of the crater, a narrow path leads slightly uphill towards the south to the highest peak of the volcano, which is crowned with a stone pyramid. From this vantage point you have a wonderful view of the Teneguía lava platforms on the coast and the two lighthouses and the salt flats of Fuencaliente. The old lighthouse and the salt flats were largely spared from the lava flows of the Teneguía. The old lighthouse, built in 1892, was so badly damaged by the strong volcanic quakes that a new lighthouse was built right next to it in 1983.

Even 45 years after the eruption of the volcano, there are still crevices in the earth from which tempered gases escape.

The often intense red color of the lava is striking here. Molten basaltic lava is red and turns gray or black after cooling. Basaltic lava contains many minerals, especially iron in its compounds with oxygen (iron oxides) and sulfur (iron sulfides). These iron compounds cause the red, red-brown, and yellow colors of the lava.

On a narrow path on the crater rim of eruption centers 1 and 2 to the southern vantage point with the stone pyramid.

The Teneguía eruption was characterized by a degassing that took place in rhythmic explosions and the outflowing lava fragmented into ashes (smaller than 2 mm), lapilli (2 - 64 mm), cinders and rounded volcanic bombs (larger than 64 mm).

The composition of the escaping volcanic gases is also interesting: At the beginning of the eruption, the gas mixture contained carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N) and oxygen (O) as well as sulfur dioxide (SO2), but later only CO2 with a very low proportion of CO. Since CO2 is heavier than air, it accumulates in depressions in the terrain, where it expels the oxygen and can lead to death by suffocation. In this way, the Teneguía eruption claimed two lives, a fisherman who worked near the old lighthouse and a careless photographer who took photos of coastal lava flows.

Further dangers came from the sometimes large falling lava bombs and from the lava itself, which flowed down the steep slope to the sea, with ash clouds and hot gases being carried over long distances by the wind. Lava balls also formed on the steep inclines, some of which were very large and could reach high speeds on the slopes.

The lavas of Teneguía flowed mostly to the southwest, washed over the cliffs and formed wide lava platforms in the sea.

The temperature of the lava was 950 to 1,050 ° C, its flow rate reached an extremely high 700 m per hour near the exit points and still around 100 m per hour in the shallower slope area 800 m away from the eruption center. The mean thickness of the lava was 12 m and the highest volcanic cones formed by the eruption grew around 100 m high.

In total, the volcanic ejections of lavas, ashes, lapilli and bombs - 40 million m³ - covered an area of ​​around 1.14 million m² and 290,000 m² of new land was gained by the lava platforms in the sea.

Ultimately, the question arises as to when and where the next eruption will take place on La Palma and the Canaries, will an old or a new volcano erupt on one of the islands or a new volcano will arise on the seabed. Perhaps in the near future El Hierro will expand in terms of area at its southern tip, but the Seamount that was newly created there at the end of 2011 may also form the foundation of another island in the Canary Islands in the distant future.

Any island with prehistoric or historical eruptions is a potential candidate for future eruptions, an eruption will occur on one of the islands in a foreseeable period of years to centuries. The greatest probability of a new volcanic eruption is in the west and southwest of the Canary Archipelago near La Palma and El Hierro, because there is probably the more or less fixed hotspot over which the ocean floor - the oceanic African plate - drifts to the east.

This text is an excerpt from the book "Geological Hiking Guide La Palma" by Rainer Olzem and Timm Reisinger and, in my opinion, has long been part of the hand luggage preparation for a trip to La Palma. - Also explained understandably for geological laypeople, the hiking tours on the island are even more fun, you can not only name the many things that you encounter with astonishment on the tours, you also know why. - Not as a substitute for the Roth hiking guide, still the masterpiece for La Palma on shoemaker's pony, but as an ideal addition for people who keep their eyes open on the volcanic island of La Palma between the starting point and the reward beer of the hike. - On La Palma you can buy this book at Sorpresa in El Paso, at Valle Verde in Santa Cruz and in Los Llanos, as well as at Artesanía Drago in Garafia. Sometimes only as a pre-order, or you go to the order form on the Rainer Olzem and Timm Reisinger website for the book.

Friday October 28, 2016 5:30 p.m. - El Paso - west side - 540 m altitude
Temperature 25 degrees - precipitation 0 mm - air humidity 39% - air pressure 1016 hPa
Maximum temperature today 25.4 degrees - lowest temperature 16.8 degrees

Short messages
And Elisabeth is running out of breath

We are still not allowed to completely write off the tough low, which has been preoccupying us since the weekend, because there is still no room for Elisabeth to continue the originally intended path to Central Europe. - The national colleagues see today again precipitation for the eastern Canary Islands, but that should have been it after this weather report and here on La Palma it doesn't want to rain anymore today. - Although when I look out of the window, so turn on the very local weather report, there are still large cumulus on the sea, from which showers can easily come again. - But rather we expect wonderful weather and sunshine for the rest of the day and beyond the weekend, which could then provide fantastic temperatures and also work on the flower miracle, which we expect the coming days after the abundant rainfall. - Elisabeth left 58 millimeters of precipitation with us, even more in the northwest and the Mazo region, but for the Aridane Valley that was already a pleasing amount and the first effective precipitation since November 2015. - Whether this will now be the beginning of a rainy winter As some farmers hope, we naturally do not dare to predict, but in the first month of the rainy season we are on target.

As promised, vigorous discussions with polemics around the publication of the statements of the report, which ascribes more financial effectiveness to tourism for the island than banana production. - Also as promised, politics tries to stay out of it and is desperately looking for topics that do not have to deal with this topic. - As an addendum, one could add that the figures used in the report are from 2014. - As is well known, that was a pretty bad tourist year, so if you were to use the figures from 2015 or even 2016, the difference between tourism and bananas would be even greater. - The social networks are now groaning under the unspeakable discussion, mostly arguments, or what one thinks they are, for or against tourism or banana are handed out, there are fewer sensible voices who consider the establishment of such a front to be unnecessary or stupid at all . - It's just cross to compare bananas with tourism, even further apart than apples and pears, but it hits the nerve of many people and shows once again our fragile economic dependence on these two pillars, which are not really the size of the miller's legs. - I mean Gerd Müller, not Thomas Müller

A young French woman was missing in the caldera, she is said to have set off from the campsite, more was initially not known. - That was Sunday, she left her time and a few things to worry about. - Now about 40 people plus helicopters have been sent to look for her, and soon afterwards it is discovered that the good woman has stayed in a hotel in Los Llanos. - It's nice that everything turned out well, but should also remind us not to go it alone, or to notify other people, or just notify the supervisory staff at the campsite in the caldera, if you move on and leave your stuff there. - On the other hand, all hotels have to report the names of their guests to the Guardia Civil within 24 hours, so you would have found out much more quickly that the good woman is safe and you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for her. - It is generally said that in the last few months there have been many more accidents or incidents with holidaymakers in the mountains.- Maybe there are no statistics yet, but every time the helicopter of the Gobierno de Canarias, i.e. the white / red Sokol, flies into the valley here and there is no fire, then it is probably on a rescue mission. - In most cases, nobody is informed about the accidents in which the helicopter is not used and the press only learns something by chance. - In addition, we have never had so many guests on the island, with more people more happens, it can be that simple.

Tomorrow in the Congress in Madrid Mariano Rajoy (Partido Popular) will be elected for his third term of office after failing to achieve the required majority yesterday in the first (actually the fifth) vote. - However, this was to be expected if the international press should not misinterpret it as another setback for the formation of a government in Spain, because tomorrow, Saturday, the second (actually already sixth) vote will take place and the PSOE has promised to vote for it to abstain when it comes to helping Mariano Rajoy to achieve a simple majority tomorrow, which is then sufficient to receive the renewed government mandate. - It is considered certain and agreed that all members of the PSOE will then abstain from tomorrow's vote, i.e. vote neither no nor yes, and then Mariano Rajoy will become president with a simple majority, but then have to set up a cabinet with a minority of seats . - It then took almost a year. Ultimately, the PSOE gives up its position as the opposition to Mariano Rajoy and, with its abstention, enables a government to be formed. - Many party members of their own group are chalking this up, others applaud the PSOE, which seems to put the state reason before the party well-being. - In any case, Spain can look forward to a new government, not so much because it would be new heads, but because a government in a minority always means democracy in a purer form and also a lot more work than comfortable majorities would otherwise offer.

Then there was still the little competition between the city beach in Santa Cruz de La Palma and the funny airfield in Berlin, which under the abbreviation BER has been providing stress relief for us "Südlandchaoten" for years. - Whenever we are roughly wrong again when it comes to public contracts and the fulfillment of cost estimates, since the beginning of the invention of the north-south divide it has been: It is clear, once again you will not get anything done. - Since BER we always have a counter-argument in our pockets, ready to jump, and bets are constantly being accepted whether this or that project works before the BER opening or only afterwards. - In the matter of Fuente Santa I now see BER clearly at an advantage, in the matter of the city beach of our capital Santa Cruz, however, a clear lead here on the islet. - Even if it's the fourth year of delay, next spring the beach should really be ready enough for it to be handed over to the city of Santa Cruz so that they can install the three deck chairs and showers. - Only nasty tongues claim that we would then need a few more years to provide the beach with the necessary infrastructure, but nasty tongues run around here in abundance, mostly with short legs.

The banana empire is now striking back! After the insults that tourism would leave more money on the island than the bananas, one simply triples production with the same number of pieces ...
Pictures thanks to Heriberto from Agrotours

Friday October 28, 2016 9:30 a.m. - El Paso - west side - 540 m altitude
20 temperature 17 degrees - precipitation: 0 mm - humidity 72% - air pressure 1015 hPa

Guest contribution by Rainer Olzem and Timm Reisinger
45 years ago, the Teneguía eruption part 1 of 2

On the afternoon of October 26, 1971, south of the San Antonio volcano, a 300 m long crevice tore open on private property belonging to the Cabrera family. The eruption took place in two phases: First, two effusive, lava-spewing eruption cones formed along the fissure, which remained active throughout the duration of the volcanic activity. Today these two cones are united in a large main crater (eruption centers 1 and 2). On November 8th, further eruption sites opened, all but one of which were effusive, i.e. predominantly lavas flowed out (eruption centers 4 and 5). The circular eruption center 3 did not produce lavas, but was purely explosive. Then on November 18, the volcano suddenly extinguished.

The 5 eruption centers of Teneguía, centers 1 and 2 are both located in the large crater. Above in the picture the border between the lavas of Antonio (1677) and of Teneguía (1971) (after Carracedo, 2008).

The eruption was preceded by violent earthquakes, which not only frightened the residents of Fuencaliente and made them unable to sleep peacefully, but also worried people up to Los Llanos. In Fuencaliente, 2,500 people were evacuated and temporarily lived in schools, in Los Llanos people spent the night in the open for fear of collapsing houses. The earthquakes only subsided when the volcano erupted on October 26, 1971.

The La Plama 24-Journal of October 23, 2011 reports on the period of the eruption when the fear of the earthquakes subsided: "From now on there was no longer any question of fear - the teneguía was born for around three weeks and turned into a real folk festival. Thousands stormed the Montaña de Las Tablas, from where the glowing natural spectacle could be observed, photographed and filmed from a safe distance. On Sundays the Palmeros packed children and provisions - and off we went to watch the volcanoes. Fechu, then six years old, remembers: “Everyone met there and had a picnic.” And more than that. The eruption of Teneguía also fired the Tourism was still in its infancy in 1971. The small, hitherto almost unknown "Isla Bonita" moved into the focus of millions of TV viewers, and travel agencies immediately offered special offers for volcano fans. "

Historic photo of the Teneguía eruption from 1971 with the 5 eruption centers in action (modified after E.R. Badiola).

The Teneguía eruption in 1971 was a major social and tourist event that first made La Palma known as a holiday island (historical photo).

The Teneguía eruption of 1971 was the youngest volcanic eruption on La Palma and, apart from the submarine eruption of the new volcano off El Hierro, also the youngest eruption on the entire Canary Islands. It had been only 22 years since the 1949 San Juan eruption. The event took place - corresponding to the southern migration of volcanism in the Canaries and La Palma - on the extreme southern tip of the island. The volcanic ejections now cover large areas in the south and southwest of the island and have formed several large and small lava platforms in the sea.

This text is an excerpt from the book "Geological Hiking Guide La Palma" by Rainer Olzem and Timm Reisinger and, in my opinion, has long been part of the hand luggage preparation for a trip to La Palma. - Also explained understandably for geological laypeople, the hiking tours on the island are even more fun, you can not only name the many things that you encounter with astonishment on the tours, you also know why. - Not as a substitute for the Roth hiking guide, still the masterpiece for La Palma on shoemaker's pony, but as an ideal addition for people who keep their eyes open on the volcanic island of La Palma between the starting point and the reward beer of the hike. - On La Palma you can buy this book at Sorpresa in El Paso, at Valle Verde in Santa Cruz and in Los Llanos, as well as at Artesanía Drago in Garafia. Sometimes only as a pre-order, or you go to the order form on the Rainer Olzem and Timm Reisinger website for the book.

Thursday October 27, 2016 4:00 p.m. - El Paso - west side - 540 m height
Temperature 22 degrees - precipitation 2 mm - humidity 59% - air pressure 1011 hPa
Maximum temperature today 22.2 degrees - lowest temperature 17.1 degrees

Change paradigm
Bananas bent the other way around and Elisabeth stamps her wet foot

Just say I didn't warn you about Elisabeth! - You remember: Actually! - I no longer ride on the affinity of my name with my mother, that has been chewed off. - But nevertheless we can now get a not so old prejudice confirmed which says: When it comes to short-term weather forecasts, the national colleagues are better than their uncles from America. - For most star amateurs from the meteorological observer milieu, the Global Forecast System is something like Ulli Hoeneß for tax sausage roasters and consultants, and the vast majority of websites about the weather, which have jumped out of the pond like frogs in the last few months, are based on their calculation examples. - And indeed, the mathematical nonchalance with which the 14 days predict the weather in the smallest of spaces is amazing. - The national colleagues do not dare to do that, hide behind statements like "dubious" or with too many error rates, but when it comes down to whether Elisabeth will lift her leg here or there in the next day or two, for hers Contributing to the weather budget of the islands, the national colleagues are again ahead of the overseas colleagues. - They did not announce any further precipitation by Elizabeth's grace, but the AEMET did, so what is the future statement called: In the long term, the view is to America, for tomorrow we stay in the house, and you think back to the centuries of migration on the other side of the Atlantic, then that's always been an issue for our islands. - How will the weather continue: Did I already tell you that my mother was a tough bone? - In any case, the Agfacolor weather will be in Spain again tomorrow and everything will be in color again from the weekend at the latest

So for the paradigm shift, and the banana benders are on the move, and this time the other way around. - I'm so glad that it wasn't me who addressed the unpopular discovery, which for many years has actually only been traded in a protected atmosphere, i.e. in pubs far away from the island's banana belt. - Tourism contributes more to the (gross) island product on La Palma than the bananas. - I will leave the sentence for now, let's see whether it erases, bleaches, or comes along with a black bar, because so far it was: La Palma, everything banana, no discussion, and then a little tourism, to round off the crooked thing. - Nobody wanted to shake that, not for decades, why also, tourism is not doing better when the bananas are doing badly, on the contrary, the income from the banana cultivation as an excellent counterbalance ensures that this island does not benefit from mass tourism globalization previously had to subordinate. - Rather, one had to subordinate oneself to the discussion about the bananas, their subsidies and the fair distribution of the added value gained from them, and also to pay homage to the heraldic fruit of our island, and everything is good.

Those who shake it now are the colleagues of the "" Cátedra de Turismo CajaCanarias - Ashotel - Universidad de La Laguna ", whom I have already reprimanded, who have just been commissioned by the parts of the tourism sector here on the island named in the title and other parts of the island to provide scientifically ordered and quotable arguments why we need significantly more tourist infrastructure - It is about the changes to the laws 6/2002 (Islas Verdes) and the upcoming Ley del Suelo Canario, both of which are the construction of these infrastructures, and above all, hotels and golf courses are meant, should make possible and even promote - Basically, the right, tourism on La Palma generates even more island income than is stated in their bill, as they are not able to are and were to statistically record the extremely strong individual tourism on La Palma - that has never been achieved comprehensively, such guests, and that si nd many, they often do not get into the tourist counter at all, but spend a multiple of this per day in the region visited, i.e. here on the island, than what a measurable package tourist does. - On the other hand, one argues with the extremely low space consumption of tourism on the island and mentions a whole 4 square kilometers of area used for tourism on the island against 30 square kilometers of cultivated bananas.

However, this comparison is dubious, the two zones Los Cancajos and Puerto Naos are mentioned almost exclusively, but not the many places and squares on the island that are visited by the guests and are the real reason why people come to visit us at all . - (Bananas are not that mobile, they only "come around" when you have cut them off) - If you then also add the planned golf courses, which should then be possible again, then the area used doubles easily. - But that's not the point at all, bananas and tourism have few points of friction, except perhaps the monotonous landscaping under protective nets or behind windbreak walls, otherwise we should be happy about every mark, peseta and also euros that flow to this island , and make this quirky fiesta on the small island in the Atlantic possible in the first place. - Tourism on the island has developed by itself over the past 30 years on the island, always next to and with, and mostly also in the unobtrusive shade of the bananas, but ultimately outstanding. - Why one no longer wants to lead this topic as "with", but as "against or instead of", does not reveal itself to me either at first or at second glance.

Now an unspeakable discussion breaks out, in which one can actually only take cover, and perhaps the consensus of many people who have both bananas and one or two holiday homes will lead to the fact that one does not mutually bed and bananas on each other hotly debated head throws. - Discussions with farmers, and I come from such a family, are not appropriate anyway, and if you then also use figures, elegantly but arbitrarily, as is the case with courtesy reports, then you demand with it also an already irritated lion out. - I am curious to see whether and how politicians will comment on the taboo that has now been publicly executed, although today we are twice as lucky to be able to talk about the weather and about the renewed attempt to form a government in Madrid. - I do not know whether the train drivers were clever in terms of tourism expansion on the island, to oppose the huge and also well-organized collective of banana farmers, because being together on a boat would actually be much better suited to embarking on a fertile island course . - The question of beds or bananas was stupid thirty years ago, as was the statement that you can get more "GDP" (here PIB, Producto Interno Bruto) out of holiday guests per square kilometer than with bananas. - Especially where we still have the niche luck here on the island to be able to welcome our visitors as guests and not want to pass on to "tour operators" as BIP, PIB or even PAXE exclusively in shareholder-friendly columns of figures. - It is probably true that tourism can generate income more efficiently than agriculture, but actually nobody wanted to know and, moreover, we cannot even do without the income from the bananas in the long term. - Si tacuisses

There are those at COOP Switzerland, so everyone goes there, then we save ourselves the discussions. - Seen and sent by Tonia, thank you!

Thursday October 27, 2016 9:00 a.m. - El Paso - west side - 540 m altitude
20 temperature 17 degrees - precipitation: 25 mm - air humidity 94% - air pressure 1011 hPa

Guest contribution by Antje Gieser
Ciclo Eustaquio Sicilia

And it continues in the old salt works at Cancajos. On Friday, October 28th, 8 p.m., music will be mixed with the sound of the sea as part of the Ciclo Eustaquio Sicilia. Margarita Galván and Jorge Latorro play works in new interpretations by Bach, Bellini, Isaac Albéniz, Ástor Piazzola, Gerswhin, among others.
The unusual and rare interplay of their instruments makes for a very special musical experience.

This concert is under the auspices of the Ayuntamiento Breña Baja, Office for Culture and Tourism. Sponsors are Óptica Feliciano, Restaurante Tiuna and the pharmacy Rosa Esther Pérez Guerra, Los Cancajos. Idea and management as always Seca Herrera.

Tickets at the box office cost € 10, students pay € 5

Wednesday October 26, 2016 5:30 p.m. - El Paso - west side - 540 m height
Temperature 22 degrees - precipitation 1 mm - humidity 55% - air pressure 1006 hPa
Maximum temperature today 22.2 degrees - lowest temperature 15.8 degrees

Elisabeth is actually through
and scholarships need to be customized like bespoke suits

Actually.- But actually it can also make you wet, so we shouldn't feel completely safe yet. - Generally one is satisfied, the blessing of the water has far exceeded the inconvenience so far, even if some corners of the island, Mazo and the north-west, have at times received too heavy rainfall. - Despite the low rainfall in the Aridane Valley and the Tamanca zone, the "edge" of the Cumbre Vieja, which had been injured by the fire, proved to be problematic; clearing vehicles had to be used on LP2 to remove mud and small debris washed onto the road remove. - A few millimeters have now come down there within an hour, you don't even want to think about what would have happened if rainfall similar to that in Mazo or Tijarafe had also let off steam there.

From Fuencaliente and also a bit from the Cabildo Insular came the message that please avoid the LP2 on the west side. - That probably comes from the desire to be able to do the clean-up work without a lot of road traffic, but the island government has also opened the new Cumbre tunnel in both directions at the same time, as you always do when low pressure areas graze our island. - Precipitation can continue until Friday, albeit sporadically and the temperatures are already rising again, and the wind changes from northwest to hardly noticeable southwest. - But we have been warned, and urgently, if more powerful lows there on the LP2 at the Cumbre Vieja leave really heavy precipitation, then we will get serious problems on this route and urgently the work announced there must be pushed ahead quickly.

That was all a topic before and at today's "summit" between Nani, Frans widow, SOS-La Palma, their tax specialist, and me. - As is well known, it is about how we can now bring the money we have collected to the children, paying as little taxes as possible, but at the same time everything remains completely legal and transparent. - There are now over 35,000 euros, and there is still room for improvement, you can build on that, but we are no longer talking about sums that are insignificant for tax purposes and are often kept "in the mattress". - As a donation, 13% taxes are due, and Nani's total income would also increase so much this year that she would also have to pay significantly more income tax. - We didn't want that, the next attempt was a foundation, but here, too, at least the 13% of the amount would be due when the money from SOS goes to the foundation, and such an institution would be extremely complicated and expensive to run . - Now the smart tax advisor is working on tinkering private scholarships for the four children in education, which have to be appropriate so that they do not have an allowance, which is made up of the orphan's pension and state scholarships. - This has to be done individually for each child, otherwise private and state scholarships will bite each other and I would never have thought that such a fundraising campaign at the moment the money is distributed to the beneficiaries is more time-consuming than collecting the money itself.

It is also interesting that we are breaking new ground for everyone, somehow this does not seem to have existed on the island before, or else they paid the gift tax and also accepted the increase in annual income tax. - But we are in the best of hands with the man there, he works his way and sees his work altruistically, welcome to the side of the do-gooders. The children have to go there and sign a contract, which just imposes on them to use this money exclusively for the purposes of To use your studies and also collect the receipts in the event of a tax review. - Sounds a bit like a raised index finger and teasing, but it has to be, otherwise the tax authorities cannot explain the difference to an unconditional gift. - But I think that is exactly what the donors want, and it should also serve the goal of supporting the development of the four hopes and not to help them buy a car or new clothes.

Nani is doing well in all of this and is so extremely grateful to all donors, also because it gives her the feeling that she doesn't have to tackle the whole matter alone. - The children do what they are supposed to, they deliver, in their studies and the youngest in the Abitur class, and our task will also be, between the understandable and legitimate curiosity of the donors and the privacy of the family, both informant and To serve privacy screens. - And of course we ask you to continue to donate, because there is still a lot of money between project and success, even if we have already collected a sum that nobody, including us, would have believed capable of. - You can find out more about this and the sequence of the first weeks of donation on these pages. here and the donation account is:

Asociación Solidaridad SOS La Palma
IBAN: ES16 0182 3441 2702 0160 6795

Important: Purpose (Concepto): Fran

Wednesday 10/26/2016 8:00 a.m. - El Paso - west side - 540 m height
Temperature 15 degrees - precipitation 3 mm - humidity 84% - air pressure 1005 hPa

Fulanito de tal dice hoy: Caballo grande, ande o no ande

Big horse, whether it works or not. - At first glance, the saying does not reveal itself, but it is interesting. - Anyone who is always on the bigger, faster and maybe also newer and proclaims that without knowing whether it is better or just works or not, will be impressed by superficialities. - It doesn't always depend on the size, one could also say, it also goes in the direction, little P. needs a big car, or who always automatically accesses the latest technology, although there is a functioning system.

Playa de Puerto de Tazacorte with water from above and below
Image by Wolfgang Hempel

Tuesday 25.10.2016 5:30 p.m. - El Paso - west side - 540 m height
Temperature 18 degrees - precipitation 3 mm - humidity 78% - air pressure 1007 hPa
Maximum temperature today 19.9 degrees - lowest temperature 15.8 degrees

Health center, retirement home, cemetery
Causality chain without case knaxus and zombies in El Paso

Elisabeth continues to honor her character and just doesn't get finished. - May my brother and sister forgive me these constant allusions to our mother's perseverance. - Until Friday it will be cold, rainy and mostly cloudy, and if the south remained without water so far, it has now rained a little there as well. - Most of the water falls in the northwest, but that is logical and was exactly what was expected, the low is well north of the Canary Islands and so the wind and with it the main load of the rains naturally arrives in the northwest of the island. - But there was also a lot of rain in Mazo, much more than here. - Here in the valley we can be half satisfied, around 10 millimeters every day is quite useful, but it could be a little more. - But let's not expect too much from the first low of the year and be happy that Elisabeth is giving us rain, and so far no catastrophe with storms and landslides. - However, there has already been minor washouts on the LP2 road near Jedey, certainly consequences of the fire in August and one is a bit afraid of what may come when even such low rainfall wash the soil onto the street there.

From Friday it will look good, and it will be much warmer again, it has gotten pretty fresh in the last few days and I was amazed that no one called to borrow my unused unspeakable items. - You already know, you could say Schiesser jack-of-all-trades, long and gray, fine rib with intervention, or even modern functional underwear, depending on the level of moral courage. - But let's stay with the weather, after loosening up over the weekend we can't be quite sure whether Elisabeth will really give up and finally move on to Central Europe, or whether the low from the macho Anticiclón de Azores will come back to us is sent. - That's not quite out yet, Elisabeth is also quite capable of surprises, but believe me, she always wants the best. - Before this becomes a family constellation, further in the text and why the danger of zombies in El Paso has increased a little bit.

The "San Martín" is no longer the "San Martín", but the Hiperdino, since the Dinosol group has taken over the supermarkets of this chain on La Palma. - However, for everyone here, the supermarket will always be the "San Martín", that's the way it was, that was the case, after all, even today a bar, albeit a closed one, is still called "Churrería", even if there haven't been any churros there for 15 years . - The SPD still has the S in its name, so you know it everywhere. - But the new gentlemen in the old shop don't spoil themselves. - At first it seemed as if one only wanted to change the color of the price tags with a "conversion light", but now they have been building and hammering for weeks what the psyche of the employees can withstand. - Really for weeks, for us customers it's 10 minutes, the shopping, and we find it uncomfortable, the noise and everything looks different again and again, how must it be for the employees who have to spend whole days there to then go home and possibly run into a grumpy guy or annoying kids. - So big chap to the employees of the San Martín, who can stand it and still smile, in a few weeks the renovation should really be finished.

And slowly you can guess that a new store is being set up there, that you can now fall back on a lot more space and that you want to be significantly wider in terms of product selection. - I know supermarkets from the Dinosol company from Gran Canaria with a range of products in the category eye-crossing, and we had hoped for something like that, but have so far been disappointed. - Maybe it will come now, in any case, they are investing a lot of money in the renovation, they have to completely rearrange everything with external staff every Sunday, something tangible has to come out of it and we are constantly monitoring it. - During the renovation, someone realized that you needed an emergency exit from the basement, and you want to do it over the western part of the parking lot, where the rear part of the meat department is located. - However, everyone over thirty in El Paso knows that where the parking lot of the supermarket is now, the community cemetery used to be, but was moved to its new location near the gorge when the tobacco factory was built. - So if you dig there, and so far nobody has done it or dared to do it, you will come across the remains of a cemetery and somehow it always tingles a bit. - Hollywood turns something into a whole genre, we do a couple of articles, and actually they say that all the remains were properly reburied, so there is no longer any corpse there. - However, this is the moment when many older people suddenly put their hands on their backs or as far as they can to hide their embarrassment with a skip scratch. -What about a Crispín whose bones you couldn't find, but you just poured everything in?

And then the excavator also knocks over the supporting wall to the neighbor, OK, it just came a little close, and it was done and now you can see the outlines of the "Nichos" protruding from the earth and you are not at all happy about it that there is still public traffic. "Nicho" means nest, and we push our deceased packed in coffins into a kind of prefabricated building made up of many such small stone room apartments. - Well, so far Crispín has not shown up, neither then nor now, and maybe you could really make a quirky horror story, Crispín looking for his cemetery. - In the meantime, the new cemetery in El Paso is already the same again, and anyone who does not die at the right time and nothing is free at the moment will be buried outside in Las Manchas. - There is the new cemetery, there is room for a lot of demographic end movement, but the "Campo Santo", so sacred fields, is, as they say, already in the municipality of Los Llanos´, so a bit on foreign soil. - So you could probably expect that Crispín will feel disturbed in his peace and quiet and let himself be heard from now on.

Whether Crispín also went to the old Centro de Salud, no idea, but maybe he doesn't like the fact that this building, which has been used for other purposes for almost 15 years, is now to be demolished. - In the meantime the social station is in there, the water office used to be, a football club also has its office there and the building of a day care center for the elderly is to give way. - New is always better, so it tries to sell us an American sitcom that is really worth seeing and the new mayor seems to have that in his blood too. - Certainly this is not an architectural bloom or a style icon, but it is very important for a lot of people. - People were born and died there, fates were decided there and I will never forget the excited Raúl, our family doctor, whom I like to call my friend, how he yells excitedly through the waiting room, Ingrid, you are pregnant. - There is already criticism of sacrificing this building to the new times, especially since there is already a day care center for the elderly right next door. - However, much too small and not really useful, but next to it a plot of land is completely free and you could build on. - Structurally, the building was always an impertinence, it rained in, the masonry brittle, saltpeter shoots out of the wall with every rain, but still, somehow the thing belongs to El Paso, like the rain, the wind and the many stories that one has likes to talk about the long winter nights in El Paso. - Crispín's will definitely be added now.

One of the empty "nichos" can be seen to the right of the boom

The former Centro de Salud in El Paso is now to give way to something new

Tuesday 25.10.2016 9:00 a.m. - El Paso - west side - 540 m altitude
Temperature 16 degrees - precipitation 6 mm - humidity 74% - air pressure 1007 hPa

Fulanito de tal dice hoy: Caballo bonito, corto y gordito

Nice horse, short and fat. - I just have to leave it like that. You can often find this saying on the net, (in the many collections of sayings) but what it wants to tell us, if there is a deeper statement at all, I don't know.

The season of the rainbow, here over Time
Image by Wolfgang Hempel

Monday October 24, 2016 5:30 p.m. - El Paso - west side - 540 m height
Temperature 21 degrees - precipitation 4 mm - humidity 59% - air pressure 1007 hPa
Maximum temperature today 21.8 degrees - lowest temperature 16.7 degrees

The tough Elisabeth
And why it shouldn't burn again

We don't actually name the lows here and the high is always called "Anticiclón de Azores", not Alfred, Detlef or Guillermo. - Only the hurricanes are given names, and the only one so far that has also been named was Delta. - That was at the beginning of December 2005 and I still clearly remember that "the Americans", i.e. the GFS, determined the train of this hurricane over the Canary Islands almost 14 days in advance to the hour, but the national colleagues got their feet wet and that Alarmed, for whatever reason, for a day later. - It was all over by then, Delta only lasted a few hours and everyone used the next day off school to clean up. - I know from the breakfast television that the low north of the Canary Islands is called Elisabeth, and I can only say that I know Elisabeth's. - No, not with the steam hammer, but tough, persistent, always poking around the corner and everyone gets their fat, hopefully water in this case. - My mother's name was Elisabeth, so we should really take the whole week to deal with it, just tick off and go on, it won't work. - I know that! - Today will probably be the day with the highest amount of precipitation in the valley, but the main direction continues to be northwest, Garafía and Puntagorda remain the regions with the most precipitation, but the valley can slowly start to make some use of the rain that has fallen so far. - And please be careful at the sea, for the next few days you can expect extremely high swells, even walks on the beach should be avoided.

In any case, the first effective rainfall in winter completely puts an end to the forest fire risk if there is no further heat wave with drought. - But we don't see that anymore either, away from the alarm state and towards precaution that something like this, like this summer, doesn't happen to us anymore. - Actually, everyone has now given their mustard, or foam, i.e. extinguishing foam, and little practical remains because the vast majority of proposals that seem straightforward are quickly wiped out in everyday life or bureaucracy. - The real problem of the forest fire in August of this year is, however, being talked about. - There was and is an explanation gap between the report of a fire nest on the afternoon of the 3rdAugust and the outbreak of an uncontrolled wildfire, several quarters of an hour later. - It was not possible, for whatever reason, and this will hopefully be further investigated, to undertake the quick and decisive blow against a small fire, which then had the opportunity to spread to one of the largest forest fires in the island's recent history, including the catastrophic end that a person, Francisco Santana, lost his life while trying to get this fire under control.

The vast majority of proposals, which are certainly always well-intentioned, do not deal with the mistakes that were made there within a short period of time, but with precautionary measures, and then fire-fighting anyway. - Whereby the precaution is an extremely difficult undertaking, because the myth that the forest used to be "clean" and one only has to clear away the dry pine needles, which actually only serves for gastronomic entertainment as a support when holding beer at the bar. - Before, when everything was different, and only some things were better, there were even more fires, but the forest and human property were further apart, so that less damage was reported. - Whereby, according to human judgment, damage is only what has been destroyed by humans, flora, fauna and long-term and sustainable changes in the landscape due to new runoff (erosion - or super new German "barrancoforming") do not really count as damage. - Prevention would therefore only suggest that human property around the fire hazard zones should be better protected, or that these zones should be defused at all. - That would mean that you have to separate the pine forest from people and, according to my previous knowledge on this funny planet, it then works in such a way that you cut the pine trees near the residential areas.

What is also still widely discussed, one should improve and professionalize the fire brigades, it has to be in the plural. - Whereby the contradiction in terms is that we don't have any professional fire brigade on the island, except at the airport, and so far they haven't been picked up at all. - Neither the "red fire brigade" nor the many community workers who are deployed immediately, as well as the employees of the environmental office, around Fran Santana and the people from the national park are real firefighters. - Not even the so often vaunted "Brif" and also not that of the "UME", ie the soldiers for disaster relief, are certified firefighters. - It's not about their skills and knowledge, nobody here denies their professionalism, but none of them receives payment or security that a professional firefighter can actually demand. - This is the only way to explain that the death of the agent of the environmental agency Fran Santana has to be dealt with without appropriate term life insurance and why we have to collect money now so that the economic consequences for the family are at least bearable. - Of course, there is a call for more professionalism, especially when it comes to insurance, and on the other hand, even if hardly any politician in charge dares to speak out, is the lack of funding.

The professionalization of what is actually called a voluntary fire brigade, as is now being demanded by several groups and parties, should also bring counter-financing to the demand, and one would also have to consider how one could still maintain the spirit of voluntariness. - We don't have to discuss the fact that fire brigades, wherever in the world, could not even come close to fulfilling the tasks they are doing today without the volunteers and complete professionalization would not be affordable either. - That doesn't have to be the case, because there are enough volunteers, but you have to create the right framework for them. - Some municipalities are now picking up on this and are working on a kind of "vigilante fire brigade" (the word vigilante brigade without fire or bracket just doesn't want to slip out of my keyboard). - But here, too, bureaucratic New World and common sense clash, and things were really better here in the past. - Today law enforcement officers, but also firefighters sometimes send volunteers away because you simply have these instructions to do it that way. - But fast deployment with precise knowledge of the local area is often more important than highly developed technology and professional forces when it comes to fighting a small fire so quickly that it doesn't turn into a big one. - To do this, you want to train people who are then "allowed to access" in the event of a fire and I remember only too well that in the past the police, and anyone who could even hold a hose, had to come to the fire immediately.

The more it rains, the less the discussions about it will extend into the winter, we already know that. - Therefore, our commitment to the Frans family is necessary so that the children can pursue their education without major financial cuts. - Now 35,269.83 euros have already been received on the account of SOS La Palma for the family, a big thank you and a huge hello for this great solidarity. - The day after tomorrow we will finally have a summit meeting, Nani, tax consultants and we, the petitioners, will discuss firsthand how the money can now be handed over without the tax authorities swallowing too big a bite, but at the same time everything transparently the stage goes. - As a scholarship to the four children is the most likely solution, we are working on it and I very much hope that we will come to a final solution this Wednesday. - You can find out more about the whole fundraising campaign and account numbers HERE.

Lens clouds as rain indicators over the northern edge of the Caldera de Taburiente. - Shot from the hip by Reimund and Trixi.

Monday October 24, 2016 9:00 am - El Paso - west side - 540 m altitude
20 temperature 17 degrees - precipitation: 7 mm - humidity 72% - air pressure 1008 hPa

Guest contribution by Rose Marie Dähncke
The mushroom season will soon begin

The first rainfall has finally fallen, not as abundant as hoped, but at least. And soon after, the mushrooms sprout in abundance. That was the case every year, and you can count on the mushroom blessing under guarantee in mid-November. If the mushroom season is long over in Europe, then things really get going here. Then there is a temperature of 9 / 10º in the forests, so the right mushroom climate. Summer weather remains on the beaches, and you can swim in the sea even in winter.

There are sure to be mushroom friends among the readers of the Siebold site who would be grateful for a bit of general information in order to try their hand at this popular hobby. For them I have created an overview of which fungi appear on which trees or plants. Most mushrooms grow in this community, the symbiosis, and knowing this helps the mushroom picker to get a good harvest of the desired species.

As the first mushroom of the season, the sulfur sprout appears on damaged deciduous trees (sweet chestnut, eucalyptus), and it doesn't even need rain, as the tree's sap is sufficient for it. It produces large fruiting bodies that count as good edible mushrooms when young. You cut the tender parts in the shape of French fries, add a little salt and pull them through the batter, then fry them in fat. I make a fabulous Chinese dish out of it myself: place it on the rice in the dining bowl and fill it up with sweet and sour sauce, which contains small pieces of pineapple as well as strips of root and other vegetable pieces. You will earn praise if you haven't eaten it all on your own quickly.

Another early mushroom is the summer bolete, which grows on chestnuts and appears with the flour after the first good rainfall. The best mushroom forests are on the east side of the island, which is regularly swept by the trade wind and has the necessary moisture. Up to the Cumbre there are always special places that are worth a search. From Pared Vieja upwards via Pajonales, Hoyo del Rehielo, Llano de la Mosca to El Pilar and also along the Cumbre, the area is easily accessible and equipped with different trees, which in turn are accompanied by their mushrooms. The cistus, Cistus symphytifolius and Cistus monspeliensis, is considered a companion plant with a large number of species, to be found in many places at a certain height and especially on the Cumbre Vieja and also in Puntagorda and Garafia. In the following overview you can get to know the mushrooms at their locations.

The mushroom picker knows that you only take young specimens, transport them airily and prepare them as quickly as possible, as they are easily perishable. The basic recipe is simple and perfect, but it can still be changed to suit your taste.

Here it is: Cut the smoked bacon into small cubes, fry, fry the onion pieces until golden brown and then add the finely sliced ​​mushrooms, season with salt and pepper. Let it stew a little in its own juice while stirring. If there is too much liquid, sieve some flour over it and stir in. I always add a good piece of butter and a dash of cream and always chopped parsley.

This advice was now for the mushroom pickers who are primarily interested in the edible mushrooms and their locations. Those who seriously want to study mushrooms have the opportunity to do so in the Centro de Micología in Mazo, where extensive literature is available in five languages ​​and everything about the mushrooms of La Palma can be learned. During mushroom season, mushrooms can be presented there for advice on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday 23.10.2016 5:00 p.m. - El Paso - west side - 540 m altitude
Temperature 22 degrees - precipitation 1 mm - air humidity 49% - air pressure 1012 hPa
Maximum temperature today 22.5 degrees - lowest temperature 18.5 degrees

One precipitate after another
Bad press, broken webcam

But it's raining, almost the way we want it to be. - At least for the first rain of the year, slowly, sustainably, no danger for any landslides and the thing, so this small, but lasting low, will probably continue to circle for the whole week north of the Canary Islands. - In terms of tourism it is of course not that tingling, but in between it loosens up again and again and we will also have many hours of sunshine the coming days, but also rain again and again, even on the west side. - It is positive that we hardly have any wind, so no problems are to be expected at the airport. - Towards the afternoon the wind freshened every now and then, but only for a short time. - There may be temporary impairments at the airport if the rain is too heavy, because then the necessary visibility is missing, but that does not seem likely at the moment either. - The next few days the wind should pick up, but mostly blow from the northwest, and therefore hardly noticeable for the airport, as the entire island massif is now opposing the wind. - If the wind continues to turn west or south-west in the course of the week, it could be different, but the low in the north does not have to struggle with a high, and so the wind speeds around the island remain rather low.

It may also be because of the rain that our webcam is now on strike for the first time in a good 10 years. - The good one from Mobotix, from the times when Georg Stach set up cameras for his print shop here on his favorite island. - We already had a small camera before, the very first webcam in La Palma, I believe, since 2002, but it was no comparison to today's qualities. - Why our camera has been silent since yesterday evening, I still don't know and it's not that easy to get to the thing, we have installed it loftily above our roofs so that you can get over the electrical line in front of our house. - It's also raining and, to be honest, I don't feel like going out into the rain and looking for faults in devices that I have no idea about anyway. - So I can't say exactly when the thing will be up and running again, maybe it was just the cable that was nibbled on by Palmerian jerboa, but that too has to be procured and relocated. - Until then, Max Deffner's website offers such an abundance of webcams on the island that you will be able to get over the usual view of the Aridane Valley for a few days.

Another type of precipitation hits the same wound on the island over and over again. - We, La Palma, are not a travel destination suitable for package holidays, the guests are looking for more than just landscape and therefore rate our island worse than the other Canary Islands. - In general, claim that it is true. - As blanket as you first check the tourist infrastructure of the hotel and the region on a package holiday. - In the comparison we are definitely behind, even our neighboring island La Gomera has at least one golf course, but also Kaiser and König, (Olsen and Curbelo) and we are always too small for the big ones and too big for the little ones, and that will probably not change any more. - We could and are not able to keep up with our competitors in the package tourism market, and for once we are completely between ourselves, do we really want that at all?

Anyone who repeats this to us, and unfortunately usually does not question it from the local press, gives such bad grades, that should be the University of La Laguna on Tenerife, so washed with all knowledge. - But you have to take a closer look, the university is already included, but at the "Cátedra de Turismo CajaCanarias - Ashotel - Universidad de La Laguna"