How did Lucretia Walker die

Paul Walker's death - cause of accident established

The tragic accidental death of Hollywood star Paul Walker († 40) - he died because his friend was driving too fast.

The reason the vehicle went out of control is "the speed, the speed alone," an Associated Press investigator said.

The previous investigations have also shown that neither road damage nor parts of the carriageway played a role in the accident. Technical defects in the car cannot be held responsible for the drama either.

Next month, Porsche engineers will be flown to California to evaluate the on-board computer. This should provide information on how fast the vehicle was actually traveling.

The likeable actor with the ice-blue eyes died on November 30th in a traffic accident. His friend and advisor Roger Rodas († 38), who also died, drove Walker's Porsche Carrera GT. The red sports car hit a lamp post and a tree, then went up in flames.

At the beginning of December, the star from "The Fast and the Furious" was buried in a small family circle. A few days later there was a big memorial service for fans and acquaintances of the actor.

Paul Walker's death

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