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a Carlos - Another Reality

Another reality

New conversations with don Juan

From the American by

Thomas Lindquist

Scanned by Jingshen

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ISBN 3-596-21616-8

Another reality is the account of the second meeting of the
Anthropologist Carlos Castaneda with the Indian medicine man and magician
Juan Matus during 1968-1970. Despite his decision, his apprenticeship
to break off with don Juan because his teachings were gradually becoming accustomed to his
Castaneda returned to Don in 1968
Juan returned, and the second cycle of his apprenticeship began. Don Juan is fine
now above all about teaching his pupils to "see" - a kind of
Perception of the world, which he differs from our usual form of perception of the
"Seeing" distinguishes and empowers the "knower", the essence of
To recognize things.
In order to get to this perception, the learner must every moment
Seeing one's life as an exercise, entrenched perspectives and behaviors
dismantling - in this respect don Juan's teachings are strikingly similar to methods
almost all traditional esoteric disciplines. Carlos Castaneda died in 1998.

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Frankfurt am Main, July 1975
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Introduction ................................................. .................................................. .................... 4
Part I Preparing to See ........................................... ............................ 17
Part II The way of seeing ............................................ .............................................. 96
Epilogue................................................. .................................................. ...................... 231

Ten years ago I was lucky enough to be a Yaqui Indian from the northwest
Encounter Mexico. I call him "Don Juan". In Spanish, Don is one
Form of address that shows respect. I made don Juan's acquaintance by chance.
I was just sitting in a bus station in a border town with Bill, a friend
Arizona. We were very silent. That late afternoon the
Summer heat unbearable. Suddenly he leaned over and patted me
the shoulder.
"There is the man I told you about," he said softly. He made one
Head movement in the direction of the entrance. An old man had just entered.
"What did you tell me about him?" I asked. “He's the Indian who said about peyote
Know, do you remember? "
I remembered that Bill and I had been driving around once for a whole day
to look for the house of an "eccentric" Mexican Indian living in
lived this area. We couldn't find the house and I got the impression that the
Indians, who we asked for directions, deliberately sent us astray. Bill
had told me that this Indian was a yerbero, a man who loved medicinal herbs
collects and sells, and that he knows a lot about the hallucinogenic cactus peyote
knew. He also said it would be worthwhile for me to get to know him. Bill was
my guide to the southwest when I got material and information about
Gathered medicinal plants that are used by the local Indians. Bill
got up and went to greet the man. The Indian was of medium stature.
His hair was white and short, it grew a little over his ears, which was his
emphasized round head shape. It was very dark; the deep lines on his face
made him look old, but his body was apparently strong and wiry. I
watched him for a moment. He moved with an agility that I experienced
would not have thought possible for an old man. Bill gave me a sign to be myself
to join them.
"He's a nice guy," Bill said to me. “But I can't understand him. Be
Spanish is weird, a rural dialect, I think. "
The old man looked at Bill and smiled. And Bill, who has just a few words of Spanish

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speaks, produced an absurd sentence in this language. He looked at me when
he wanted to ask me if he had expressed himself clearly, but I didn't know
what he wanted to say. Then he smiled sheepishly and left. The old man
looked at me and started laughing. I told him my friend was forgetting
sometimes that he didn't speak Spanish.
"I think he forgot to introduce us, too," I said
and told him my name. “And I'm Juan Matus, by your side
Disposal, ”he said. We shook hands and were silent for a moment.
I broke the silence and told him about my plan. I told him
that I was looking for information of all kinds on medicinal plants, especially peyote. I
spoke for a long time, as if under pressure, and although I had absolutely nothing of the matter
understood, I claimed to know a lot about peyote. I believed when I did
bragging about my knowledge, he would be interested in me too
to chat. But he didn't say anything. He listened patiently. Then he nodded slowly and
looked at me. It seemed as if his eyes shone on their own. I backed away
his gaze was embarrassed. I was sure he knew in that moment
that I was talking nonsense.
"Visit me at home sometime," he said finally, turning his eyes
from me. "Maybe we can talk more informally there."
I didn't know what else to say. I was self-conscious. After a while
Bill returned to the room. He sensed my discomfort, but didn't say a word. So
we sat in uneasy silence for a while. Then the old man got up.
His bus had come. He said goodbye.
"It didn't go very well, did it?" Asked Bill. “No.” “Do you have it on?
Asked about plants? "
"Yes. But I think I acted like an idiot. "
“I told you he is very eccentric. The Indians around here know him
but they never talk about him. That is quite something."
"At least he said I could visit him at home."
Arm taken. Sure you can visit him, but what does that mean? He
will never tell you anything. If you ever ask him anything, he will
Immediately withdraw into his snail shell and just pretend he understands you
Bill said convincingly that he had met people like him on several occasions. you

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give the impression of knowing a lot. But you should have your own opinion
After talking to people like that, don't share it because you get the same information
sooner or later might as well receive from someone else who has less
Made trouble. He said he had no time for quirky old owls
be patient, besides, it is quite possible that the old man was only pretending
knowledgeable about medicinal plants when in reality he may no longer
knew than anyone else.
Bill kept talking, but I wasn't listening. My mind was still circling
the old Indian. He knew I was bluffing. I remembered his
Eyes. They really had lit up.
A few months later I returned to visit him, less mine
Character as an anthropologist interested in medicinal plants, rather than by
driven by an inexplicable curiosity. How he looked at me, something like that was
Happened to me in my life. I wanted to know what's behind this
Hid look. That almost became an obsession with me. I started brooding, and ever
the more I thought about it, the more unusual it seemed to me.
Don Juan and I became friends, and for a year I endowed him with innumerable ones
Visits from. I found his manner very calming and his sense of humor pronounced
beneficial; Above all, however, I felt a calm in his actions
Consistency that amazed me deeply. In his presence I felt a
strange pleasure, and at the same time I felt strangely uncomfortable. His
mere presence forced me to do a thorough overhaul of mine
Behavior patterns. I was brought up, like probably everyone, to
man as an essentially weak and fallible creature
to watch. What struck me about don Juan was the fact that he wasn't in the
the slightest weakness and helplessness, and our being together led
guarantees an unfavorable comparison between his behavior and the
mean. Perhaps one of the most impressive remarks he made to me at the time
made opposite, referred to our essential difference. Before a
of my visits to him I was quite unhappy about the whole course of mine
Life and a series of distressing personal conflicts. If I
When he got there, I was upset and nervous.
We talked about my great thirst for knowledge; but, as usual, we moved on
different levels. I meant the academic, the experience

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transcendent knowledge while speaking of direct knowledge of the world.
"Do you know anything about the world around you?" He asked. "I know everything
possible, ”I said.
"I mean, do you even feel the world around you?"
World as I can. "" That is not enough. You have to feel everything, otherwise she will lose
World makes sense. "
I made the classic argument that I don't have to try the soup first to
knowing the recipe and not having to give myself an electric shock to
to know something about electricity.
"You're twisting my words," he said. “As far as I can see, you're trying on yours
Holding on to arguments when they don't get you anywhere. You want to stay there
where you are, even at the expense of your well-being. "" I don't know what you are from
“I'm talking about the fact that you are not perfect. You don't have one
Peace. ”This statement annoyed me. I felt attacked.
I thought he was definitely not entitled to it, about my actions or mine
Judging personality. "You struggle with problems," he said. "Why?"
"I'm only human, don Juan," I said morosely. That remark
I made in the same key my father used to play. always
when he said he was only human after all, he implied that
he was weak and helpless, and his remark, like mine, was from
filled with infinite hopelessness. Don Juan looked at me as he did then, at
our first meeting.
"You think too much about yourself," he said with a smile. “And that gives you one like that
strange tiredness that leads you to recognize yourself from the world that surrounds you,
complete and cling to your arguments. That's why you have nothing
as problems. I'm only human too, but I don't mean this in the sense
as you mean it. "" How do you mean it? "
“I have overcome my problems. It's a shame my life is so short that
I can't have everything I want But I don't care about it
To care; it's just unfortunate. "
I liked the tone in which he said this. He was free from despair or
In 1961, a year after we first met, don Juan revealed that he was a

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have secret knowledge about medicinal plants. He said he was a brujo. The
Spanish word brujo translates as magician, medicine man, healer. Of
at this point our relationship changed. I became his student, and
over the next four years he endeavored to unravel the secrets of the
To introduce sorcery. I have this apprenticeship in my book: The Teachings of the Don
Juan. A Yaqui way of knowing is described. Our conversations were on
Spanish run, and thanks to the fact that don Juan has this language
excellently mastered, I received detailed explanations of those involved
Meanings of his way of looking at things. I denote this complex and
systematically ordered store of knowledge as sorcery and don Juan himself as one
Magician, because he too used these terms in informal conversations. in the
In the context of more serious explanations, however, he used the terms "knowledge" to
to designate sorcery, and "one who knows" or "one who knows" about one
To designate magicians.
Don Juan used three generally to convey and corroborate his knowledge
known psychotropic plants: peyote, Lophophora williamasii; Thorn apple, datura
inoxia; and a species of mushroom belonging to the genus Psylocebe. By taking each
one of these hallucinogens he called certain states in me, his pupil
distorted perception or altered consciousness, which I call
Wants to designate "states of another reality". I use the word consciously
"Reality," because it was an essential requirement of don Juans
View that the states of consciousness created by ingesting each
these three plants were caused, not hallucinations, but concrete,
even if they were extraordinary aspects of everyday reality. Don juan
treated these states not as if they were real, but as real.
These plants as hallucinogens and the effects they produced as states
To designate another reality naturally corresponds to my terminology.
Don Juan understood and explained the plants as the vehicles that humans can use
certain impersonal forces or "powers", and the states that
they evoked, as encounters a magician has with these "powers"
had to to take control of her. He called peyote "Mescalito," which he called
called the benevolent teacher and protector of the people. Mescalito
taught the "correct way of life". Peyote was common among the mitotes
called meetings of the magicians, to which the participants

page 8
Gathered expressly with the intention of being in the right way of life
to be taught.
Don Juan viewed the thorn apple and the mushrooms as powers of a different kind. He called her
"Allies" and said it was possible to manipulate them; actually was referring to the
Sorcerer uses his power by manipulating an ally. Don Juan gave up
both favor the mushroom. He claimed that the power contained in the mushroom was his
personal ally, and he referred to her as the "smoke" or the
"Little smoke".
Don Juan's method of harnessing the mushrooms was to turn them into a
small calabash disintegrated into a fine powder. He stopped the calabash
Sealed for a year and then mixed the fine powder with five more
dried plants and made a mixture that was smoked in a pipe.
To become a knower, one had to meet the ally as often as possible
"to encounter". One had to get acquainted with him. This of course meant
that one had to smoke the hallucinogenic mixture quite often, and that by
the fine mushroom powder that didn't burn itself, along with the smoke from the rest
inhaled four plants. The profound effects of mushrooms on the
Don Juan explained cognitive ability by saying that “the ally is the body
took away «.
Don Juan's teaching method required an extraordinary one from the learner
Effort. The required level of personal commitment and dedication was
so enormous that in 1965 I had to break off my apprenticeship. With the distance of
five years that have now passed, I can say today that don Juans
Lessons at the time that posed a serious threat to my "concept of the world"
had become. I was about to give the certainty we all had in common
lose the fact that we take the reality of everyday life as a given
allowed to.
When I quit I was convinced that my decision was final;
I never wanted to see don Juan again. However, in April 1968 I received one
Pre-copy my book and felt obliged to show him. I
visited him. Our teacher-student bond became mysterious
revived, and with that began the second cycle of my apprenticeship, which was very different
when the first was. My fear was not as intense as it was before. The whole
The gesture of don Juan's teaching was more relaxed.

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He laughed a lot and often made me laugh too. Apparently he had
expressly undertook to defuse the seriousness of his teachings. In the really
He helped me with his sense of humor at crucial moments in this second phase
To survive experiences that could easily have led to madness. He went
assume that it took a relaxed and open minded attitude to
to withstand the strain and strangeness of the knowledge he taught me.
“You only got scared and ran away because you care too much for yourself
took '- that was how he explained the fact that I had left him.
“Taking care of yourself makes you clumsy, awkward, and conceited.
A knower must be light and agile. ”In this second cycle mine
During the apprenticeship, Don Juan was primarily concerned with teaching me to "see". In its
It was apparently possible to perceive a semantic difference
between "seeing" and "looking" and making them two different
To treat forms of perception. "Look" meant the familiar way
Perceiving the world while "seeing" is a very complicated process
by which a knower supposedly recognizes the essence of things.
In order to bring the difficulties of this learning process into a readable form, I did
I reproduced long passages of questions and answers as they are in mine
original field notes are included. Because I am convinced that mine
Representation on this point by no means different from the original version of the
Don Juan's teachings may differ. I wanted my recording to be so fluid
recount how our conversations went; in other words, I wanted that
Readers the drama and directness of the field situation through the possibilities of
Bring reportage closer. Each section summarized in a chapter
corresponds to a meeting with don Juan. As a rule, he decided on each of ours
Encounters very abrupt; the dramatic escalation at the end of each
Chapter is therefore not a literary device that I used, but corresponds to it
the method of Don Juan's oral tradition. Apparently this was a
Mnemonic tool that enabled me to understand the course and meaning of the
To keep teachings in mind.
I have to start with some explanations, however, because understandability and
The stringency of my report is based on the explanation of a number of
Key terms that I would particularly like to highlight. The principle of selection is
due to my interest in social science. I think so without further ado

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for possible another who is guided by other intentions and expectations
may find terms that are quite different from the ones I have chosen. In the course
Don Juan assured me of this second cycle of teaching that the use of the
Smoke mixture is an indispensable prerequisite for "seeing". So I had to
use them as often as possible.
“Only the smoke can give you the quickness you need to look inside
throwing this fleeting world, ”he said.
With the help of the psychotropic mixture he called a series of states in me
another reality. What these states had in common was their "incompatibility"
with the rest of the happening. What I am in those states of
Perceiving a change in consciousness was part of our everyday life
Understanding of the world incomprehensible and inexplicable. In other words, the
Experience of this incompatibility set the ideas that had been valid for me until then
out of power from the world.
This incompatibility of the states of another reality with everyday experience
used don Juan to introduce a number of preconceived new "units of meaning."
Units of meaning were the individual elements of that knowledge that don Juan gave me
was looking to convey. I call them units of meaning because they were the basis of
Sensory impressions and their interpretations on which a more complex
Established a context of meaning. Such a unit was, for example, the way Don
Juan interpreted the physiological effects of the psychotropic mixture. She called one
Numbness and loss of motor control, which in Don Juan's
System was interpreted as a measure of smoke, i.e. an ally,
which served to "free the practitioner from his body."
The units of meaning were summarized in a certain form, creating groups
which I call the "interpretation of meaning". Apparently they are
Sorcery is based on an infinite number of possible interpretations of meaning
which the magician must familiarize himself with. Even in daily life we ​​have
to do with an infinite variety of interpretations of meaning. An easy
An example would be the one we are hardly aware of, but countless times every day
used interpretation of the structure that we call "space".
Obviously we have learned the structure, which we call space, in spatial
Interpret terms. The term »space« is therefore an interpretation of meaning,
for it assumes that as soon as we use it, we are familiar with all of the elements

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are conscious of which it is composed. A system of meaning
In other words, interpretation is the process by which a practitioner goes through
becomes aware of all the units of meaning that are necessary to make assumptions,
Conclusions, predictions, etc. about anything connected with his actions
To employ situations.
By "practitioner" I mean a participant who has a corresponding
Knowledge of all or almost all of the units of meaning that lead to his respective
System of meaning interpretations belong. Don Juan was a practitioner; the
means he was a wizard who knew all the steps of his sorcery.
As a practitioner, he tried to teach me his system of meaning interpretations
to make accessible. In my case, this access was synonymous with
a rehabilitation process in which I had to learn my sensory impressions
to reinterpret.
I was the "stranger" who did not have the ability to do magic
to interpret connected units of meaning in a reasonable and consistent manner.
As a practitioner who wanted to share his system with me, don Juan had
the task of unsettling a certain certainty that I share with everyone,
namely, the certainty that ours were dictated by common sense
Views of the world are final. By using psychotropic
Plants as well as carefully controlled contacts between the foreign system
and I succeeded in making it clear to me that my conception of the world was not
could be final as it was just an interpretation.
This fuzzy phenomenon that we call sorcery is for the
American Indians have been a serious, honorable practice for millennia
which can be compared with our science. Our difficulty in getting them too
understand, undoubtedly go back to the strangeness of the units of meaning, with
which she works. Don Juan once told me that someone who knows has preferences.
I asked him to explain this remark to me. "My preference is to see," said
"What do you mean by that?"
“I want to see,” he said, “because a knower can only see something by seeing
know. "
"And what do you see?"
"Everything imaginable."

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"But I, too, see all sorts of things and yet I am not a knower."
don't see. ”“ I think so. ”“ I'm telling you, you don't see. ”
"What makes you say so, don Juan?"
“You only see the surface of things.” “Are you saying that everyone who knows
see through everything he looks at? "
"No. I don't mean that. I said that a knower is special
Has preferences; mine is simply to see and to know; others do
something else. "" For example what? "
“Take Sacateca, he is a knower and he likes to dance. So dance
he and knows. "
"So is a knower's preference what he does to know?"
"Yes that's right."
"But how can dancing help Sacateca to know?"
“You could say Sacateca dances with everything he has.” “He dances like me
dance? I mean, how do you dance like that? "
"Let's say he dances the way I see, but not the way you might dance."
"But does he see the way you see?" "Yes, but besides, he dances."
Sacateca? "
"That's hard to explain. He has a special way of dancing when he knows
want. But all I can say about it is that it is impossible to say about that
Dancing or seeing to speak before you have not understood in what way
a knower knows. "" Did you see him dancing? "
“Yes, but not everyone who watches him dance can see that this is his
I knew Sacateca, or at least I knew who he was
was. We had met once and I had him for a beer
invited. He was very polite and said I could like him at home anytime
visit. I toyed with the idea of ​​visiting him for a long time, but I did
didn't tell don Juan about it.
On May 14, 1962, I drove to Sacateca's house; he had described me as I did
should drive, and so I found it easily. It was on a street corner and
was surrounded by a fence all around. The gate was locked. I went around
the fence and tried to peek inside the house. It seemed
to be empty.
"Don Elias," I called out loud. The chickens startled and ran cackling wildly

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confused. A small dog came up to the fence. I was expecting him
would bark at me. Instead, he just sat there and looked at me. I called
again, and again the startled chickens broke into their cackling.
An old woman came out of the house. I asked her to call Don Elias.
"He's not at home," she said.
"Where can I find him?"
"He's in the fields." "Where in the fields?"
"I do not know. Come back in the late afternoon. He'll be here around five o'clock. "
"Are you Don Elias' wife?" "Yes, I am his wife," she said, and smiled. I
tried to ask her about Sacateca, but she apologized and said
she doesn't speak spanish very well. I got in the car and drove away.
I returned to the house around six o'clock. I drove to the gate and called
Sacateca's name. This time he came out of the house himself. I switched mine
A tape recorder that in its brown leather case looks like one over the shoulder
hung camera looked like. Apparently he recognized me. "Oh, it's you"
he said with a smile. "How is don Juan?" And how are you, Don Elias? "
He didn't answer. He seemed nervous. Outwardly he was very relaxed
but I felt his restlessness. "Did Juan send you here on an assignment?"
"No, I came by myself." "What on earth?"
I didn't expect anything but such a question. “I just wanted to be myself
talk to you, ”I said, hoping to get my voice as good as possible
to give a casual sound. “Don Juan told me fantastic things about you
told, and so I became curious and would like to ask you a few questions
Sacateca stood in front of me. His body was lean and wiry. He wore khakis and
a shirt made of the same fabric. His eyes were half closed. Apparently
was he tired or maybe drunk. His mouth was a little open, and his
Lower lip drooped. I noticed that he was breathing deeply and almost snoring
seemed. Sacateca must have been senselessly drunk, I thought. And yet appeared
I found this thought unconvincing, because only a few moments ago when he
stepped out of the house, he had looked very lively and
clearly perceived my presence. "What do you want to talk about?" Asked
he finally.
His voice sounded tired; his words came slowly, one after the other.

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I felt very uncomfortable. It was as if his tiredness was contagious and gripping
on me. "Nothing special," I replied. “I just came to
to chat with you in a friendly way. You invited me to visit you. "
"Yes, but that's different now." "Why is it different?"
"Aren't you talking to Juan?" "Yes, yes."
“Then what do you want with me?” “I thought I could ask you a few questions
ask. "" Ask Juan. Isn't he your teacher? "" Yes. But still
I would like to ask you a few questions about the things he teaches me and
hear your opinion. Maybe then I will know better what to do. "
"Why do you want this? Don't you trust Juan? "" Yes, I do. "
"Then why don't you let him tell you what you want to know?"
“I do, and he tells me everything. But if you can tell me something about it
could tell what don Juan was teaching me, maybe I would do better
understand. "" Juan can tell you anything. Only he can do it. Do you understand?
“Yes, but I would also like to speak to people like you, Don Elias. Man
doesn't meet someone who knows every day. "
"Juan is a knower."
"I know."
"Then why do you want to talk to me?"
Just visiting you as a friend. ”“ No, that's not entirely true. You have any
something. ”I tried to express myself better, but I only brought in
incoherent murmur. Sacateca didn't say a word. He seemed
to listen carefully. His eyes were half closed again, but I had
feel like he's staring at me. He nodded almost imperceptibly, then his opened
Lider and I saw his eyes. It was like looking past me. As if by the way
he tapped the toe of his right foot, just behind his left heel
Ground. His legs were bent slightly; his arms hung limply.
Then he raised his right arm. His hand was open, with the palm of the hand
was directed perpendicular to the ground. His fingers were splayed and
pointed in my direction. He flicked his hand a couple of times before taking it in front of him
brought my face. He held her there for a moment, and then
he said a few words to me. His voice was very clear despite his words
came slowly.

Page 15
Then he let his hand fall to one side and remained motionless in a strange one
Stand posture, leaning on the ball of his left foot. Be
right foot was crossed behind the left heel, and with the right toe
he knocked rhythmically and gently on the floor. One fell on me for no reason
a certain fear, a kind of restlessness. My thoughts seemed to be too
become independent. Inconsistent, nonsensical thoughts went through me
Head that had nothing to do with what was going on here. My discomfort
I became aware and tried to get my thoughts back to the present
To manage the situation, but despite my great effort I couldn't. It was when
there would be some force preventing me from concentrating or one
to have reasonable thoughts. Sacateca hadn't said a word and I knew
not what else to say or do. Automatically I turned around and
removed me.
I couldn't resist the temptation later, don Juan of mine
Encounter with Sacateca to tell. Don Juan shook himself with laughter. "What
was there really going on? ”I asked. "Sacateca danced!" Replied don Juan. "He saw
you and then he danced. "
“What did he do to me? I was very cold and dizzy
“Apparently he didn't like you, and he turned you off by casting a spell against you
committed you. "
"How could he do that?" I called skeptically.
"Very simple, he fended you off with his will."
"What are you saying?"
"He fended you off with his will."
This explanation was not enough for me. What he said was absurd to me. I
tried to penetrate him further, but he couldn't get the incident about mine
Explain satisfaction.
Apparently, this incident, like any other that is within this alien
System of meaning interpretations occurred only with the help of that system
explain or understand the appropriate units of meaning. Therefore this book is a report
and it should be read as a report. The system reported on here
was incomprehensible to me, so it would be misleading and presumptuous, I wanted
claim to have written more than one report. Accordingly did
I followed the phenomenological method and tried to do that

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To portray the phenomenon of sorcery as it was shown to me. As
Observer I logged what I observed, and at the moment of the
In writing I tried to put my judgment aside.

Part I Preparations for Seeing

April 2nd, 1968
Don Juan looked at me briefly and didn't seem surprised to see me
although two years had passed since I last visited him. He
put a hand on my shoulder, smiled kindly, and said I had myself
changed, I would become fat and fluffy. I gave him a copy of my book
brought along. Without opening words, I took it out of my briefcase and
handed it to him.
"This is a book about you, don Juan," I said. He took it and left the pages
slide through your fingers like a deck of cards. The green color of the dust jacket
and he liked the format of the book. He felt the cover with the flat one
Hand, turned the book back and forth a few times and handed it back to me. Proud
welled up in me. "You should keep it," I said. He shook his head and laughed
quietly. "Better not," he said and added with a broad grin: "You know,
what we use paper for in Mexico. ”I laughed. I found its ironic
Allusion very strange. We sat on a bench in the park in a small town
Hill country of central Mexico. I hadn't been able to give him my visit
to announce in advance, but I was sure I would find him, and so was
it also. I only had to wait a short time in this city for don Juan to leave
Bergen came down and I got him on the market square at the booth of one of his friends
met. Don Juan suddenly explained to me that I had come to see him just in time
to Sonora, and now we sat in the park and waited for one
Friend of his, a Mazatec Indian who lived with him. We waited about three
Hours. We talked about various trivialities, and against
At the end of the day, just before his friend arrived, I told him about a few
Incidents I witnessed a few days ago. On my way to don Juan
My car broke down on the outskirts of a town and until it was repaired
I had to stay in this city for three days. Although there was opposite the
Auto repair shop a motel, but the outskirts of cities always have for me

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something depressing, so in a modern eight-story hotel I took the
City center quarter.
The hotel boy told me that the house had a restaurant, and when I went to the
When food came down, I noticed there were tables outside on the sidewalk
stood. They were pretty pretty on the street corner under a low, flat,
modern brick vaults. It was cool outside and there were some tables
still free, yet I preferred to sit inside in the stifling air. At the
When I entered I noticed a group of shoeshine boys outside on the
I sat fencing in front of the restaurant and I was sure that they were on me
fall as soon as I sat outside.
From where I was sitting I could watch the boys through the window panes. A
a few young men sat down at a table, the boys immediately surrounded them and
offered them their services. The young men refused and I was surprised
to see that the boys easily let go of them and get back on the
Enclosure withdrawn. Shortly afterwards, three men in office suits got up and
went away and the boys ran to their table and ran over them
Leftovers; In a matter of seconds the plates were empty. The same thing happened to
the leftovers on all the other tables.
I found that the children behaved quite well; when they have water
spilled, they immediately wiped it up with their own shoe cleaning cloths. Also
I noticed how thorough they were in devouring the remains. They even ate
the leftover ice cubes in the water glasses and the lemon wedges together
Bowl out of the tea cups. Absolutely nothing went wrong.
During the time I stayed at the hotel, I found that between
There was an agreement between the chef of the restaurant and the children. The boys were allowed
stay on the premises so that they could earn something from the guests,
they were also allowed to eat the leftover, provided that they
bothered no one and did not damage anything. There were a total of eleven boys in the
Age from five to twelve years. The oldest, however, was a little outside of the
Group. They deliberately excluded him and made fun of him and
shouted after him that his pubic hair was growing and that he was too old to be
to be with them.
After watching them like vultures on the
after the scanty leftovers, I was really depressed and left this city with that

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Feel it for the kids whose world is already dying of a few daily struggles
Bread crumbs was shaped, gave no hope.
"Do you feel sorry for them?" Don Juan exclaimed in disbelief. "Of course," said
I. "Why?"
“Because I care about the well-being of my fellow human beings. They are still
Children, and their world is ugly and desolate. "
"Tell me, how can you say that their world is ugly and desolate?" Asked
Mocking don Juan. "You think you're better off, don't you?"
I confirmed that and he asked me why. I replied that mine
Compared to that of those children, the world is infinitely more diverse and richer
Experiences and opportunities for personal satisfaction and development.
Don Juan laughed in amusement. He said I didn't know what I was talking about and I did
would have no idea of ​​the wealth and possibilities of the world of these children.
I thought don Juan just didn't want to understand me. I guessed he was, just
to annoy me, took an opposite view. I was stuck with it
convinced that these children do not have the slightest chance of spiritual growth
had. I defended my point of view for some time before don Juan took me
Flatly asked, "Didn't you even say that you thought it was for you?"
Man is the highest perfection to become a knower? "
I had said so, and now I repeated my opinion that I should
considered to be one of the greatest spiritual achievements to become a scientist.
"Do you think your rich world can help you become a knower?"
don Juan asked with a touch of sarcasm.
I didn't answer, so he asked the same question again in another
Form, as I always did when I thought he didn't understand me. "With
other words, ”he said, smiling broadly, apparently recognizing that I was his
Allusion understood, “Your freedom and your options can help you become one
To become more knowledgeable? "
"No!" I said with certainty
"Then how can you feel sorry for these children?" He asked seriously. “Each of them
could become a knower. Everyone who knows who I know was once children
like those you saw eating leftovers and licking plates. ”With this one