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Kill a vampire

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    Identify the vampire.Your readers need to know that your character is a vampire. You can address it directly, or, if you want to be more subtle, just give vague hints so that the reader (and perhaps other characters in the story) can slowly discover that it is a vampire. If you want to create tension, which is always a good idea with vampires, you should be slow to reveal the character's identity as a vampire instead of just specifying it directly.[1]
    • You can of course ignore certain rules. To make your work unique, you can of course ignore or modify certain vampiric traits. Unpredictability can be a good thing. Just make sure to address these changes and make them clear to your readers.[2]
    • If killing the vampire is an important part of the story then there has to be a way he can be killed. If the vampire is the hero and immortal at the same time, then it takes the tension out of the story. If the vampire is the villain, you are giving your hero an impossible task that is ultimately doomed to fail.[3]
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    Drive away the vampire.The character may not have to kill the vampire the first time they meet, especially if it's the real villain of the story. Then it might be better to drive the vampire off first until the character has found a way to kill him. This can be done, for example, in the following way:[4][5]
    • Holding sacred objects, such as a cross or a Bible, usually drives away vampires. Vampires are evil creatures, which is why they generally feel put off by sacred objects. At the same time, one is safe from them in holy places such as churches and other religious buildings. It does not necessarily have to be about Christian places and symbols, things from Judaism, Islam and other faiths can also work. It is important that the focus is less on the symbol itself and more on the person's belief.
    • Spreading out small, grainy things, such as sand or salt, is also helpful. Traditionally, vampires have been obsessed with counting everything they come across, which is why small grains in large quantities can stop the vampire. Rice or oatmeal will also work.
    • Similar to grains, vampires can also count the knots in a fishing net. Placing a net over doors and windows could buy your character some extra time.
    • Carrying certain plants frightens vampires. Vampires are repelled by plants that symbolize new life, such as roses, winter berries or hawthorn. Occasionally buckthorn, creeping juniper, sloe thorn or rowan berries are also used. Your character could keep these in their house or carry them with them.
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    Decapitate the vampire. One reliable way to kill a vampire (or other creature) is to behead it. In some cases, the vampire's mouth is then filled with garlic to prevent the vampire from returning.[6]

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    Attack him with other objects.There are certain items, such as projectiles and wooden stakes, which can be stabbed or shot into the heart of the vampire in order to kill him.[7]
    • Wooden pegs. There can be something special about the wood, for example it could be made of a certain wood or it could be in the shape of a cross. However, it could just as easily be a pointed piece of wood. Some vampire stories that take place today use everyday objects such as a billiard cue or coat hooks.[8]
    • As with wooden stakes, there is often something special about bullets that makes them so deadly to vampires. It could be silver balls (like werewolves) or blessed balls, making them sacred.
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    Sprinkle holy water on the vampire. As mentioned earlier, vampires are evil creatures and are allergic to sacred things. So if holy water sprinkled them on them, it could burn them and injure them badly. It's up to you to decide whether a few splashes are enough to kill the vampire or whether it needs to be completely immersed in holy water.[9]

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    Bring the vampire into sunlight. One of the main characteristics of vampires is that they cannot tolerate sunlight. If they come into contact with it, they will turn to dust. In some stories, however, they walk around during the day without any problems.[10] If you choose to let sunlight kill them, then your vampire must always act at night or in dark places.

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    Equip your hero with the appropriate tools. The character who will kill the vampire must also be able to do so, so needs the appropriate tools. If sacred objects are necessary for this, he must come into contact with a church or a priest. If the weapon has to be made of a particular wood, then that tree should either grow in the region or have gotten into it in a believable way.